2016 rehash of 2015 air-conditioner problem

Air-conditioner arrivedGrin and bear it





Grin and bear it!! This morning I learned I’ll have to wait several more days for installation of new air-conditioner. Gratefully, my “sick” A/C is providing some comfort.


Confusion?! July 14, 2015

A year ago, I was apparently too polite to write about a repairman that “stood me up.” He promised… but never returned. No blog message addressing that topic. Lots of messages about the heat and the garden if you choose to read July 2015. As my A/C situation became more unbearable, I remembered an acquaintance from square dancing (a former RV-repairman) and he (David) arrived July 31st.

“Did you read the book?” July 16, 2015

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R-E-L-I-E-F- from the heat!! July 31, 2015

Rare and unusual August 1, 2015


Mary’s garden

When people admire my garden, I’m thrilled!! A soon-to-be-new-CARE-resident bubbled with enthusiasm about my “yarden.” She hopes to attract Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Bees to her yard. I have “extra” plants (designed to be gifts) and Mary’s are waiting for her to scoop them up and take them home. I assured her that planters–and other garden paraphernalia–are hers for the taking.

Plants for Mary's garden

Smiley face with plant in hands

Mary’s vine

Watermelon vineCheck my earlier blogs Unscheduled and Saga of the watermelon vine.

Lots of blooms but I can’t find any little watermelons. This “Mary” was an earlier CARE resident who resumed travels with her husband. (Many nice ladies named “Mary” in my life.)


Temperature and humidity

Temperature at ten-twenty-fiveCoincidentally, the eighty-four degrees temperature is identical between Sunday, May first, and today. I didn’t plan the pictures; I noticed… as I linked to the Unscheduled blog.

Under the magnifying glass: Fig tree

This “gift” fig tree ¬†has been neglected for over a month. In my mind’s eye, the project would take too much time and I just didn’t have the time–and energy!! Well, frankly, I still didn’t have the time and energy **BUT** knew the little tree needed to be transplanted. With a somewhat cooler evening (after a brief rain), I drilled holes in the bottom of a large container. Then I cut up and cubed a Styrofoam container. First thing this morning, I drove to the farm store and purchased planter soil (and fifty pound bag of bird seed). Note: The farm store provides the large containers “free” so I buy from them.

Fig tree arrived

Magnifying glass with white stick figure and magnifying glass with blue handle (2)


Holes drilled and Styrofoam cubed

Temperature at seven PM

Ready for planter soil

Ready to transplant fig tree


Temporary location

Temperature at ten

Future location

Temperature at one

Umbrella and white stick figureJust before noon, the heavens opened up and we enjoyed a cloud-burst!! After lunch I planned to take a picture of the water in the rain gauge. Oops, dropped and spilled. But more than one inch in about one hours time.Hallelujah

Life’s “little” pleasures !!

Who are you?

Frog in the bird house


Eighty inches from patio

The bigger picture


HummingbirdI was planning to sit in my rocking lawn chair, with a glass of iced tea, and enjoy the crisp clean, cool air. I heard a strange sound and looked around. Finally spotted something in the bird house. “Who are you?” I dashed indoors for my camera and started snapping pictures. “OMG, a frog in a bird house.” Next, I got the tape measure from my tool box and (remarkable) eighty inches from the cement patio. Compensates for tripping…, falling…, overturning three planters…!! I get so much joy from my garden!! (I’m OK, just a few scrapes and bruises.)

FYI: That bird house was my first purchase in North Carolina. It made sense to me to buy something from recycled plastic containers. It would last forever!! I became hopelessly “in love” with Bluebirds and did a lot of research. I learned a bird house should be made of wood so it can “breathe”; plastic is a coffin for the babies. I’ve always had a large plastic container stuffed inside… to discourage a bird from building a nest. That bird house is simply an ornament on top of the planter. “Froggy” was seated on top of the container “talking” to me.