Saturday marathon !!

Over twelve hours climbing the family tree!!

HClimbing the family treeow things have changed. Twenty-five years ago I visited libraries, and searched books and publications, for details about family members (and collateral lines). I was a subscriber to many genealogy newsletters. My personal library grew as I acquired books of information dedicated to given surnames. My computer was set up at the corner of two long “L” shape tables so I could spread research material to my right, or left. The floor was cluttered, too. ~~ “Family history” the old-fashioned way!!

ArrowsCurrently, I sit at my laptop computer and never touch a piece of paper. I have “open” along with an “open” website copy of my book titled Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. I switch between the two. How remarkable?! We live in a digital age; masses of information at our fingertips. Over the course of a dozen hours, I visited hundreds of individual names, I scrutinized Census records, I documented previously unknown (to me) details.

This past week, three “cousins” contacted me (individually) by email. Sharing information with them was (is) a delight!! Exchanging information with them prompted me to expand details of their branch of the tree in my Ancestry database. In the process… I patiently attempted to correct errors I discovered. In the Frantz genealogy, almost every family has a child named Abraham, Christian, Daniel, David, Elizabeth, Michael, Samuel or Sarah. Families lived in the same communities so dates and details (between cousins, aunts and uncles) were often confused. ~~ I’m not “all-knowing”; a small army of individuals provided their information for my 1996 publication. With the benefit of an excellent genealogy software program I documented details and source.

Check this link for a partial list of my publications. Too bad we can’t access them digitally!!

Yes, I spent the day in my pajamas and robe. Warm and comfortable!! ~~ Read my earlier message Rescue me.


Pencils with erasersPostscript, Sunday, March 1, 2015: All morning working on source material in and for my Ancestry database. As previously stated, I have years of computer experience–and years using genealogy software. Ancestry is quite complicated (IMHO) and that may be why mistakes are rampant.

Cabin fever ?!

Less than one year ago, Patty sold her RV site/home at Rainbow’s End (adjacent to CARE) and moved to Maine. She is in my heart and prayers; I wonder how she is surviving as I view TV news about weather in the New England states. Over one-hundred inches of snow reported for Bangor, Maine!!

Time and temperature at 7 AMThis blog is my journal; lots of details focused on “me,”  “my,” and “I.” But I’m addicted to the TV news and agonize as I watch weather stories. I sympathize with residents in winter-weary states!! I can’t complain: Currently thirty-four degrees (at 7:00 AM) with “a strong northeast wind at 15 mph.” Weather-woman says “feels like…” and the number is four or five degrees below actual number.

Yes, I have “cabin fever.” My living quarters are small, a maximum of 300 square feet (so I like to “live” in my yard).

I ramble; forgive me. The inspiration for this blog is Patty. I haven’t heard from her–maybe lack of electricity and/or WiFi??

Lasco electric heaterPostscript: Thankfully, I have a wonderful electric heater that is moved to locations close to computer or easy chair. ~~ Thankfully, I have two large boxes of whole-grain old-fashioned Quaker oats, and a box of Sun-Maid all natural California raisins, for breakfast, lunch and supper. I’ve given up coffee. This month has been so stressful, my abdominal area has suffered!! I “internalize” problems!!


Febirday !!

comment blankLorraine here: I created a new word: FeBirDay. Definition: Feb for February, Bird for (obviously) bird, and Day for (obviously) day. Isn’t that cute?? During a sleepless night, the word occurred to me for the title of another blog. So many pictures to upload; this will be a work-in-progress. Just wanted you to check back for the total “picture.” ~~ Directly below, pictures I took this morning to show the windows I look out and see the birds. Many of the pictures–during February–were taken through the glass. I apologize for dirty windows; too cold to set up a ladder and clean the glass!! ~~ Too cold to do much of anything other than sit at my computer and work with pictures and blog messages. See you later??

(Click each picture to enlarge. Furthermore, within the displayed picture, click again for more detail.)

Kitchen window view

Dining room window

The windows from outdoors

– – –

Kitchen sink window

Building a nest

Bluebirds behind Ed's RV

– – –

Bluebirds guarding birdhouse


– – –

Two doves

Sunflower seed feeder

Squirrel on sunflower seed feeder

Back on track !!

WordPress says “There’s now an easier way to create on! Switch to the improved posting experience.”

Old lady with computerWhen this old lady finds a way to do something, she stays with the routine!! For several days, I have agonized with “the improved posting experience.” I could not resolve the problem and posted my dilemma on the WordPress forum. There have been several individuals that offered assistance. I followed their instructions… but the problem was never resolved. Finally, a lady named Shawna offered help–and that didn’t work. Another suggestion–and that didn’t work. For a while, we had messages flying back and forth like ping-pong balls. (Small messages–not tennis ball or basketball size, [lol].) Happy computerGratefully, my computer knowledge is broad enough so I could sensibly explain the several steps I tried (and they failed), and could send her screen prints to confirm. ~~ Enough said?! My computer and I are happy!!

Temperature never made it out of the 40’s.