Repeat: “One-track-mind”

Because my attention was focused on ancestry, I neglected a blog message about our super delicious, wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. It is less than one hour since I downloaded the pictures from my camera. Thanksgiving revisited on a drab Tuesday.

In good company ?

A list of famous descendants of John Alden. A dear friend contacted me with details about her ancestryand sent the link to a list of famous descendants of John Alden. This topic started with Thanksgiving greetings from a cousin and was discussed in the blog message titled Surprise ancestry information. ~~~~ This winter, residents of the United States may have to experience an austere Pilgrim (or pioneer) lifestyle. Shortages of heating products, etc, etc, but I won’t begin a conversation about political situations. Sincerely, from my heart, “make America great again”  is my prayer and not a political statement.

History lesson

The chart, and interesting information, arrived before Thanksgiving. Before I forget…, today I prepared the collage and saved it with my personal information in Ancestry. I work with so many surnames, I easily forget “whom” I documented a week ago.


This “taste” of history prompted me to review a booklet I prepared thirty years ago. It is titled 1992 Coffin Family Reunion & Our Island Ancestors. Reading it… held my attention all afternoon. Now this lament: I found an error. I am obsessive-compulsive about accuracy. I “proof” time and time again so mistakes don’t find their way into print.

POSTSCRIPT to share an Email message that makes me extremely happy.

Clear sky for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade…

…but torrential rain in Waco, Texas (8:30 AM).

I’ll watch the parade and hope the rain stops before the potluck Thanksgiving dinner here in the RV Park. I don’t know how I’d juggle the crock pot with green beans (seasoned with bacon and onion), a pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and chocolate brownie pie.

Postscript @ 12 noon: I confess to being “an old fogie.”  The parade was a big disappointment to me. I didn’t enjoy the music–or the dancing. ~~~~ When the rain stopped, briefly, I took the pies to the clubhouse. Later, I’ll take the crock pot with green beans (and the RediWhip). Dinner is scheduled for 2:00 PM and twenty-five residents have expressed their intention to be there. (Only approximately half of the residents.)

Trivia: “Macy”  is a family in my family tree. I’ve visited that store. I’ve also visited Nantucket (twice) where the President is spending the holiday. Macy, Folgers, Sears, and other familiar surnames all had a beginning on Nantucketand I’m related to all of them.

Surprise ancestry information…

…received from a cousin.

A long detailed email message that required four screenprints “patched” into a collage. Ina Bird Smith Showalter is my maternal grandmother.

Information is documented in each dot but I was unable to read itor enlarge it. I include it because “cousin” sent it. Hint: Click on the chart (with dots) several times and it will enlarge the image. Perhaps you can read the information too small for this senior citizen’s eyes. ~~~ Oops, “enlarge” worked one time but failed  (me) thereafter.  ~~~ Maybe this link will work?

Autogenerated-Vandiver-John Alden 14.pdf
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