Going crazy (no fooling) !!

Twenty-eight children fathered by Samuel Frantz Kinzie. I was attempting to correct misinformation in my database and stumbled on this can of worms. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but “the hurrier I go the behinder I get.”  Another saying: “How do you eat an elephant?”  Answer: “One bite at a time.”    (BIG elephant.)

For several days, I worked with information regarding the extended family of an eighth cousin. That blog message will be published on August 22nd. That was a challenge and it led to this “Gotta correct those errors!”

Just to let you know I’m still alive but “going crazy”  with frustration regarding careless mistakes by folks casually preparing their family tree.

Sunday praise and worship !!

Just barely six o’clock in the morning (when I started this message). I was wide awake at 5:55 and hopped out of bed. How strange!! I usually hate to get out of bed because still so extremely tired. I’d been awake for awhile thanking God for my many blessings. This praise is especially poignant because I’m off “staycation” and “climbing the family tree.”

Yesterday, I encountered a situation that broke my heart–and now prompts my praise. I become “invested” in the families I’m documenting. The reader may get confused by this story but I’ll try to keep it simple. First: Why was the daughter with the grandparents in the 1920  and 1930 Federal Census? Her mother was alive according to 1920 Federal Census. “When in doubt, check it out.”  I looked at the original 1920 Census record and “Lizzie” (mother) was an “inmate” at State Homeopathic Hospital for the Insane. In 1930 Census quite possibly the same facility but identified as Allentown State Hospital for the Insane. Likewise, the same hospital in 1940 Federal Census. She died at that facility, age forty-eight (in 1943). There’s more to the story, I’m sure, but few of us will ever know the details. “Reuben” and “Lizzie” were always listed as “married” (in Census) but never in the same household. How admirable: Reuben never divorced Lizzie, to remarry.

This is my third genealogy experience with women living in a mental institution. Here is one brief reference. (I document… but don’t keep a record so I can revisit the individual.)

“Yours truly”  has been accused of being “crazy.” I confess to marching to a different drummer.”  I’m grateful for the freedom to express myself with the garden, “bottle trees,” genealogy, blog messages and the occasional story for Mennonite Family History. (Just last week I sent another story to MFH but don’t know how to attach here. My mental acuity is slipping [but I don’t need an institution].)


Raking leaves ??

Leaves are beginning to fall. Quite likely, the extreme heat prompts trees to start shedding their leaves. That isn’t scientific, that’s just my speculation. I watched leaves falling as I enjoyed coffee while “rocking” on my patio. I’d watered the plants and started a fire in the burn barrel. Any time I have a fire, I have the garden hose nearby, and “old lady” keeping a watchful eye. The TV meteorologist’ are commenting that slightly cooler weather is on the horizon. ~~ Blame my mood on the heat(??) but I’m weary of “independent living”!! I’ve begun an Internet search for an apartment in some far-away city. (Livingston, Texas, is definitely NOT a favorable option.) ~~ FYI: “Owner” was making too many demands so “the lot” I looked at, and wrote about, and displayed pictures, is history. What? Why? He wanted a “quickie” deal and a handshake which my lady-friend-lawyer advised against.

“Hot” topic


The cell phone tower is still our “hot” topic but “protestor”  (yours truly) wanted the reader to see the thermometer imitates the conversations in our community. ~~ “Feels like”  temperature is higher, and controversy elevated, too!!