Obituaries are a “gold mine” of information !!

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: “Obituaries are a ‘gold mine’ of information.” Here is an illustration: Eva Nannie Garber was already documented in my Ancestry database. There were no sources that indicated she had children. I just received the obituary for Galen L. Myers which lists Eva and Harold as his parents. Galen is my 7th cousin one-time removed and “yes,” there is “Frantz” in his ancestry.

Never a dull moment

My morning started shortly after 5:00 AM when I read the “Never a dull moment”  email message from a cousin. Here is his message followed by my message. “Attached is a news article about a fourth cousin, 3x.”
Leland, my “never a dull moment” had to do with the old photographs I received earlier this month and scanned (at Walmart) several days ago. The identification of one woman was questionable (long story). At the suggestion of the man who sent the pictures, I studied every inch of the folder and finally found the name. I searched my Ancestry database and the entire Ancestry database–without success. Now “Myrtle Blickenstaff” is a solo name and picture on Ancestry waiting for someone to identify her. “Moments” turned into hours.

As I see it…

This old lady’s vision is poor but “as I see it,” the image of “Myrtle Blickenstaff” does not match the images of Martha “Mattie” Burgard Blickenstaff. In Ancestry’s  “comments,” I verbalized that skepticism a couple of days ago (when I published the earlier blog message). I strive for an Ancestry database that is 200% accurate. The “long story” made short: Remove her…

Why the confusion? The “kind, considerate man” who sent the pictures read the name as “Mattie Blickenstaff.” When I found the name (after viewing the folder in both lamplight and sunlight, with a magnifying glass), I saw “Myrtle Blickenstaff.”

Wore me out !!

I didn’t go to Walmart by choice, I went from a necessity. While there, I browsed many aisles and, truthfully, picked up some items I haven’t seen at my favorite H.E.B. market. Back home at 2:15 PM“bone-weary”!! Finally, at about 4:50 PM, I have the energy to prepare and publish this message.

Paying it forward

Remember my mention of pictures received on March 10th, 2022?? I believe the old photographs need to be displayed in Ancestry. A thoughtful, considerate gentleman living in Hammond, Indiana, purchased the pictures…, researched Ancestry, and found me. After he contacted me via Ancestry messaging, he spent more money to mail the photographs to me. Because I don’t have a scanner, the Photo Department, in Walmart, got my business.


Repeat: Springing forward ?!

Gratefully, I’m getting a few things accomplished. Perhaps the nice weather? Perhaps due to the prayers of friends and neighbors? Most recently, TV viewing is TBN Christian programming (not the war on Ukraine). Very limited excursion into

Feels like Summer


Some exercise–rode the three-wheeler. ~~ It is uncomfortably HOT in my trailer home but, IMHO, too early to start using the air-conditioner. Here’s a bit of humor(?): For several hours this morning, I was wearing a warm winter jacket.