A “baby step” ?!


A baby step because I was able to upload the picture from my camera to the new computer and later add it to a new blog message.


Two-thirty PM March 3rd and I must report that I’m unable to upload pictures. I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem rests with the Canon camera.

Conspiracy theory !!

Sixty-seven degrees “indoors” (10:30) is misleading. The thermometer was about fifteen feet from the two electric space heaters. Believe me, it was considerably colder in the bedroom! Guess what: I was bundled up in my “Slanket,”  (wearing pajamas and robe), with my mug of hot coffee, but oh so cold. (I was five feet from two space heaters, watching the Today show.) This old lady went back to bed and covered her head!! Perhaps an hour of sleep? But I was forced to leave my hide-away because the backyard neighbor is/was “weed whacking.” (Weed whacking about fifteen feet from the head of my bed!!) ~~ Now I am three feet from a space heater with a fresh mug of coffee. (The previous… was abandoned and got stone-cold!) ~~ Friday morning is the earliest available time for the plumber who was called (by the RV Park owner-manager) to repair the propane leak. Earlier this week, the owner-manager and four other men searched high and low to locate the leak. (High: Indoors looking behind the cookstove and around the furnace. Low: Crawling around under the trailer.) ~~ I’m so grateful for all my new kind, thoughtful, considerate neighbors and the wonderful RV-Park owner-manager. (And the backyard neighbor had no idea his neighbor was in bed at ten-fifteen!!) ~~ On my electric hot-plate, I am preparing a big kettle of old-fashioned oatmeal with raisins. That will be yum-yum good!

Two more baby steps !!

Windows-10 for Seniors & Dummies is helpful. Furthermore, I search for answers (so many questions) on my old (2017) laptop and then, at my fingertips, make corrections. This is my fifth blog message and I’m beginning to “get the hang of it” on the new computer. I haven’t attempted to move information from my old old laptop. I need to be more comfortable with Windows-10 before that intricate move.

Bad news and good news

Bad news first: It is very cold outdoors. The outdoor thermometer, in the sunshine, says sixty degrees but the wind makes it feel much colder. Good news: I started exploring Windows-10 and I’m creating this message on the new computer. I was able to access Picasa and upload my pictures. I hoped to include some pictures but (bad news) the pictures that I uploaded are not here (lost in space?).  😦 😦  Very good news: The monitor is so large, and the print is so large, “the old lady” has an excellent view (with poor vision) of preparation of the blog. “Preparation” is fifty-percent different on Windows-10 so appearance may differ considerably.

BIG maintenance projects pending !!

Yesterday, as I followed the men around while they were attempting to locate the propane leak, I saw the amount of maintenance that awaits my time and attention. “Skirting” around the base of the trailer needs repair; porch railing wood surfaces need paint; wood fence needs paint; holes in the yard need to be filled with dirt and sprinkled with grass seed. (I nearly fell down several times because I stepped in an-obscured-in-the-grass hole.) Yesterday, I discovered so many “yard and garden storage containers” were full of water. I’d moved things out of the carport and parked them (out of sight) at the front and back of the trailer. Our recent rain storms dumped water in my toolbox, etc., etc. Of course, the number one project is the organization of the storage unit. ~~ I’m not complaining; I’m capable!! The projects may help to keep me young? (Eighty-five is the new fifty-eight?)

Donald Trump in Biblical prophesy ?

Suggested reading and suggested viewing.

Stephen E. Stang was recently interviewed on the Eric Metaxas Radio Show (on TBN television).

The program starts with a cartoon. Be patient! FYI: The interview with Stephen Stang started at 11 minutes 45 seconds into the show but the earlier interview is very interesting, too.


I checked my links and question whether the reader will want to go to the trouble of viewing the program. When you click on the link you will go to TBN. Then select “search” followed by (type) Eric Metaxas. Then type 2/23 in the release date. I apologize because I always prefer a direct link to a website. IMHO, the interview is worth the inconvenience it takes to get there.