“Cold” ?!

Cold outdoors and indoors!! My propane tank is empty!!

“Where’s my electric hot plate?” (So I can make my coffee.) I didn’t get up early enough to see the local TV news so I don’t know the “official” overnight temperature. My indoor-outdoor thermometer read forty degrees. Cloudy today with rain forecast. “Where’s my space heater?”  I’ll need to paw through the disorganized mess in the storage room.

I’m eager for Spring and nice weather!!

Missing piece to the puzzle ?!

Yesterday, I spent the entire day looking for a  “source” that would connect two families. A man is listed as my DNA third or fourth cousin.  A “DNA connection” but he didn’t list his parent’s names on his tree (their information is “private”). I love a challenge (I often refer to myself as “Shirley Holmes”) but this search failed. I was utterly exhausted when I finally walked away from the computer at 10:35. It was a cold, dark, gloomy day with heavy rain almost continuously. A good day for indoor projects but the only activity was “climbing the family tree.” On a positive note (thumbs up): All the names, dates and sources may eventually help another researcher.

Surprise, surprise !!

Amazing?! I walked away from the computer and got a lot done this afternoon and evening. Why? Because I found my “round tuit.” Seriously, I have a “round tuit” (and I found it). It is light brown color leather, about the size of a quarter. Among other things, this evening I unpacked my jewelry and put it in a convenient location. So far, I haven’t left my new home very often but I suspect I’ll “go” more often when the weather improves. Furthermore, I’m attending activities here at the RV Park and going to Church. I plan to wear “dressy” dresses and jewelry. Some of my wardrobe hasn’t been worn for many years. Why? Because I spent most of my time in “grubby” clothes working in the yard. Or “grubby” clothes sitting at the computer!! I was essentially a hermit when I lived in Livingston and that is not going to happen here.