86th birthday

Happy Birthday Daddy !! You are forever in our Hearts ♥️! I miss you every Day , The life lesson you taught me are with me all the time , you taught me Nothing is free Hard work pays off , you taught me our lives are not about our selves but the people who are in our lives , you taught me to be kind , giving , honest and always help others I am blessed to be your Daughter Thank you for Being The Best Dad Ever !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Had he lived, this would be his eight-sixth birthday. The daughter he adopted posted that message (yesterday) on Facebook. I remember him very differently. His three biological sons grew up without their father because he deserted them (1964), and a devoted wife of eleven years. He moved 2,500 away from his first family.

Mother sends


(10:30 AM) Do you think divorce doesn’t hurt a child? Read what my sixty-five-year-old number one son wrote yesterday.

Yeah, I’m a cold-hearted son of a bitch …
February 23, 2020 in g’da said 

I can’t be fucked any harder than I already have. The product of mid-fifties promiscuous pregnancy and sixties serial Southern California divorce, my parents didn’t do me, the bastard no one wanted, any favors: abandoned at eight, on my own at twelve, incarcerated at fifteen… I’ve done everything I was ever asked to do, and I’ve been fucked. Stuff your fucking “anxiety” up your ass.

I don’t want to hear any of your candy-assed bullshit.

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