A very good morning !!

I’d need to check my blog messages to see the previous occasion when I spent time in the carport, and yard, working on projects. Last night, wide awake, a little voice said “Do the black box today.”  Sooo I did the black box today.

Lorraine’s “believe it or not”

I don’t Twitter  and I don’t tweet. I’m not on Facebook! However, I have a famous “cousin” making news for his role on Twitter. Elon Reeves Musk is my ninth cousin“believe it or not”!! One of my other cousins surprised me with this gold nugget of information. Collecting information about this cousin has been fascinating. I suggest the reader do a Google search and read about this unique man.


Panning for gold

Frequently, I comment that obituaries are “a gold mine”  of information. Click on this link and read the obituary. I was able to document the parents, husband, and ten children and their spouses. I was able to stretch beyond the immediate family to grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Gratefully, a cousin has subscriptions to newspapers and funeral homes and can promptly share valuable information. Otherwise, it might be many years before Ancestry publishes the information.

I am wealthy because I constantly find “gold” nuggets.

Ancestry overload !!

Honestly, sincerely, indubitably, etc, etc, I want to walk away!! However, requests greet mefirst thing in the morningwhen I check my email messages.



One thing leads to another. Documenting the ancestry of a “cousin” brought me face-to-face with another error in Ancestry. Obviously, it was imperative that I correct those errors?!

Invading my database ?

I’m aware that Ancestry scans my data and sends “hints” with additional information. “They” are getting to a point where “they” are sending me information that needs repair. More “just a janitor” stuff!! I was still struggling with Tiner/Tyner information when I “took a breather” and checked my email.


Ancestry was telling me that a cousin had added several more folks to his databaseincluding Funk. I have Funk in my ancestry so quickly followed the link Immediately, I saw that the individual had been duplicated in his tree. Then I saw several duplications in my tree. I can’t complain because “it’s a good thing” when errors are brought to my attention. I guess Ancestry will continue to invade my database and I am destined to be a janitor cleaning up messes.