“Mayuary” weather

Houston TV meteorologist’ say we are experiencing “Mayuary” weather. No, I didn’t make a spelling error; it’s a combination of May and February. Last night, all night, door and windows open; I slept comfortably under a sheet.

Temperature at four AM

Temperature at seven AM

Here in Southeast Texas, we enjoy the pleasant weather at odd times of the year. In a few months, miserable humid, hot temperatures!!


“Left side” of Tuesday !!

Propane tank leakNumber One: I am extremely sensitive to odors!! While I worked on the earlier blog, and thereafter, I’ve had a monster headache. Again (as I said in the earlier blog), the door was open all night. When I went outdoors–about ten-fifteen–I quickly detected the strong odor of propane. I picked up the end of the hose, felt the pressure of escaping propane, and then (foolishly) put the end near my nose. I didn’t bother with a phone call; I rushed to the office to report the situation. Moments later, a maintenance man arrived and explained “faulty regulator.” ~~ The “big tank” had been removed about nine, and transported to be refilled. See the small tank (in the picture)? I’m waiting for my handyman, Jim, to take it for re-certification and refilling (tag expired three years ago). Number Two: I’m sick!! Over an hour inhaling fumes. As soon as I “publish” this, I’m heading for the shower. Quite possibly, I have the propane odor clinging to my nostrils, hair, and clothes?!



“Right side” of Tuesday !!

Washing dishes, glanced out my kitchen window and saw the Bluebird couple on the bird house, and later in a nearby tree. I rushed out to take pictures–and set up a new mealworm feeder just for my new tenants. I checked… and several eggs in the nest.

Outside view of kitchen window

Bluebird house, Bluebird nest

Closeup of Bluebird house

New feeder added


Female Bluebird

Male Bluebird

Bluebird couple

Male Bluebird


Perhaps my new-observation Bluebird couple was photographed, earlier, on the “always available” feeder? ~~ My oft-repeated statement: I love Bluebirds.”


Chosen !!

Plaque on storage building door

Broad view of door

I’ve been in the doldrums lately  (but mum’s the word). I cannot overemphasize my pleasure when the CARE maintenance supervisor arrived and installed the plaque on the door of my storage building. Ron and Janet Pagotto made a sizable donation to CARE and they chose my site for their “thank you” plaque. ~~ Brightened my day considerably!!


To scan or not to scan, …

…that is the question.

That’s my paraphrase of William Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be, that is the question.”

smiley-face-female-with-laptop-computerI spent hours attempting to gather the needed information. Some sites good, some sites appeared to be an advertisement for their paid services. I’m uncertain whether I’ve learned a substantive answer to my question.

First one read:  Resolution Rules of Thumb for Scanning Old Family Photos and Documents

Spend money, take an instructional course: Digitize Your Family History

This link about scanning photos: Genealogy Weekend Warrior Project 4: Find, Scan, and Save Your Photos

This link possibly the best information for me at this time: Sort, Scan, Share: How to NOT Drown in Family Memorabilia/

No, no, this one is even better: Your Personal Archiving Project: Where Do You Start?


My favorite meal !!

New England Boiled Dinner.

st-patricks-day-shamrockNot long ago, a friend invited me to dinner–and it was my favorite: Corned Beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage. I was too polite to say “This doesn’t satisfy my craving for corned beef.” (I didn’t ask for a “doggie bag.”) Saint Patrick’s Day is a couple of weeks away; I’ll celebrate early!!

This morning, I grocery shopped–and spent more than $83.00. I “dwaddled” about two hours in the market because I read labels, etc., etc. I probably buy the most expensive items because I look for non-GMO, organic, whole wheat, etc. lol-green-and-yellowI don’t shop at Walmart; I go to a less-known store that my neighbors swear is “much more expensive.” Well, I’m worth it (lol)!! I’d like to think that I “paid it forward”–half my lifetime–conscientious about nutrition.

Smells delicious

Looks good

Plate full of food




Eleven white vasesEn route home (it was right on my way), I stopped at the SPCA thrift shop looking for bottles and/or vases. I especially need white, and red, for patriotic “tree” displays. My search was rewarded; I came home with eleven slender white (simulated milk glass) vases. I just have to continue to double-check Dollar Tree for red vases. “Patriotic” for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.


Red, white and blue vases and bottles

Blue bottles tree


“Eleven” is exactly how many I need for this bottle tree display. Thirty-two branches; three colors. Pictured (above left): A display that has been up since November voting, and Veteran’s Day.