Bluebird blessing ?!

BluebirdFollowers of my blog know I passionately love Bluebirds.

Yesterday, I “thought” I saw a Bluebird–but uncertain. I put mealworms in the feeder. Today (praise the Lord), I saw and photographed my visitor (telephoto lens, through the window).

Bluebird babies.

Bluebird House

Skating rink for Bluebirds

Speaking of Bluebirds

Obsession with Bluebirds

Camera mounted in the Bluebird house

Five little Bluebird eggs in the nest

Bluebirds (I love them)

Perfect gift (I was leaving for a cruise.)

Back in business for Bluebirds

Do Bluebirds migrate?

Wikipedia has a lot to say about Bluebird of Happiness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

robin-with-wormpostscriptMy apology to the Robin (lol). There are dozens of Robins in the field adjacent to my yard. I’m guessing the soggy wet earth forced earthworms near the surface so a feast for the birds.

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