Camera mounted in the Bluebird house !!

hawk-eye300My last night project after yesterday afternoon purchase.  Here is the description from a web site.

Tiny infrared video camera for inside a birdhouse! This is always one of most popular holiday gift items. It makes a wonderful gift for the bird lover.

This tiny Hawk Eye Nature Cam is designed for low-light, outdoor situations such as in a birdhouse.

Mounted inside your birdhouse, it will show everything in the birdhouse in focus. Watch the secret life of your bluebirds and other cavity-nesting birds.

Plug the cord into your TV or computer screen and sit back and watch the show. Or plug it into your VCR and record the action.

Comes with an built-in microphone and 100 feet of cable. (Extensions available.)

The Hawk Eye Nature Cam is easy to use. Audio, video, and power run between camera and your TV or computer. Simply mount the camera, run the cord into your house, and plug it into the TV. See complete instructions, with each unit.

You can also mount it in the open near your bird feeders, and enjoy colorful, close-up views of hummingbirds and other birds feeding.

Watch a demo video.

A year (or more) ago I looked longingly at Bluebird houses with a camera mounted in them.  But, frankly, I wasn’t going to pay almost $200.  As you know (if you have been reading my blog), I have a deluxe Bluebird house that cost about $80.  I’ve considered adding a camera and, suddenly, May 17th was the day to make my purchase ($50.00).  Then, after dark, on my patio, I worked gently with the birdhouse and installed the camera.  It wasn’t “difficult” but I spent time attaching and making adjustments.  I’m eager for “Mama Blue” to lay eggs.


Postscript, Friday, May 24th, 2013: I haven’t been able to properly focus the lens of the tiny camera.  I’ve worked patiently… to no avail (all I have is a blur on my TV screen).  I’ll have to work “under cover of darkness” and I must be extremely careful because last night there were three little eggs in the nest.  I did not “see” the eggs; I explored the bottom of the nest with my curious right hand.


The blurred image on the TV screen.Postscript, Monday, May 27th, 2013: I still haven’t been able to properly focus the lens of the tiny camera!!  Give me an “E” for effort!!  ~~  Now there are four eggs in the nest.


Mama Blue on the nest.Postscript, Tuesday, May 28th, 2013: “Mama Blue” on the nest.  You’ll have to take my word for it because a blur.

One comment on “Camera mounted in the Bluebird house !!

  1. Deb says:

    WOW; that’s going to be awesome!!!

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