Shame, shame Lorraine !!

Naughty, naughty !!

Naughty !!

A banquet !!

Hey, don't blame me!!

Chewed container lid.

Gnawed the top of the container.

Gnawed the bottom of the container.Because I have “too many irons in the fire”?!?!   While my back was turned, my furry friends got into (in a manner of speaking) “the cookie jar.”  On Friday I bought two more bags of bird seed, parked them on the patio BUT did not put them in their container.  Shame, shame Lorraine!!  Absent minded old lady!! Over the last two years, the squirrels have gnawed through the lids, the edge of the container, and the bottom of the container in an attempt to get to the seed.  They even get into “squirrel proof” bird feeders!!  ~~  Friday afternoon, and all day Saturday, I was concentrating on transplanting plants.  Two Saturdays ago, I bought ten hanging baskets from a fund-raising event for our JAARS youth.  They were spectacularly beautiful plants but wilted within one day; they needed constant watering.  In order to “save my investment” I bought more Miracle Gro planter soil, and more planters.  I separated the plant and transplanted into two pots.  That… plus watering “my other garden” filled the day–and the bird seed was forgotten.

Here’s an excerpt from my earlier blog titled Singing in the Rain.”

Yesterday the youth here at JAARS had their annual plant sale.  They raise money for their mission trip to Haiti.   A nursery donates a hundred, or more, hanging baskets that the youth sell for $7. each or three for $20.  I took a lot of garden things–as a donation–and people could buy and the money went to the youth.  After I delivered… I hauled three hanging baskets home.  The plants are three times larger than those I have purchased at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  I’ve paid $15. and $20. for smaller… at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  ~~  I returned at noon to pick up my things that did not sell.  I bought three more hanging baskets.  Although the sale was over (at noon), because there were still people arriving… I did not take my things.  I went back about 2:00… and the remaining hanging baskets were outside, on the porch, and a donation was all they asked.  I picked up four more baskets–for the (newly acquired) Shepherd’s hooks in the community garden area–and the Carolina Jasmine.

Transplanted from hanging basket.Looks rather pathetic doesn’t it? (A shadow of the former beautiful display.) Better a “transplant” rather than slow root-bound death in a hanging basket!!

One comment on “Shame, shame Lorraine !!

  1. Deb says:

    You need ammo boxes, lol. Maybe galvanized garbage cans? Little varmints!

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