Negative fifteen !!

Minus fifteenWhite stick figure on a blue stool depressed


On a scale of one to twelve, one being best, I’m a FIFTEEN!! I’m so depressed, I just want to find a deep hole and crawl in. It has been almost a month since the air-conditioner was installed and David hasn’t been back to wire the thermostat. There’s a l-o-n-g- story but I won’t bore you with all the details. I’ve contacted three individuals in an effort to get someone else to finish the job. Three declined. I’m waiting for another contractor to call. I have several names and I’ll process through the list.

The heat and humidity is back with a vengeance. I can’t work off my frustration (depression) in my “yarden.” I can’t get interested in blog messages (so you know I’m not in a good space).

Check in
Just checking in!!

Night Blooming Cereus

Night Blooming Cereus getting special attention on Saturday, August 27, 2016. ~~ See my earlier blog message titled Pity Poor Cereus?!.

Posing the Cereus

Night Blooming Cereus


Cereus is lost in the crowdAn interested individual phoned requesting “Cereus”–and a Boston Fern. I rushed to take pictures. See why I needed a plain background? With so many plants, some of mine get “lost in the crowd.”Smiley face waving goodbye

An amusing observation: Advertise FREE plants and I’ve captured their attention. When I advertised I was “just the ‘foster parent’ eager for folks to adopt…” nobody responded. (LOL)

Yard Sale

Yard sale signSeveral of the following “Under the magnifying glass” blog messages were prompted because I’ve advertised the plants “for sale.” Currently, it takes a couple of hours to water all my plants! Planning ahead, it will take an hour (or more) to cover all my plants when we have a frost and freeze warning. ~~ Smiley face loveI’ll be honest, I’m sentimental about my plants and want to document their role in my “senior” life experience.

Truth be told, perhaps I’m the only person interested in these plants and they’ll remain in my yard.

Frost cover January 2016

South side April 2016

Under the magnifying glass: Mexican Petunia

Mexican Petunia June 2015 (1)

Mexican Petunia June 2015 (2)


Humble beginnings!! A simple planter with a clump of Mexican Petunia. (The plant was a gift from a resident in the adjacent Rainbow’s End RV Park.) I searched my pictures and came to the conclusion the plant had been in my garden for more than six months before I recorded its presence. Didn’t impress me, huh?

Mexican Petunia October 2015 (1)

Mexican Petunia October 2015 (2)


Magnifying glass with white stick figure and green plant

From smaller to larger planter November 2015


Cape Honeysuckle August 2016

Turk's Cap August 2016


Mexican Petunia bloomThe blooms are difficult to see in the other pictures. They are a deep purple blossom that appears in the early morning, lingers throughout the day, and dies mid-afternoon. Strangely, the next morning, the cycle repeats.

Grateful for CARE volunteers !!

CARE volunteerFailed to tell you that I’ve had a continuing problem with air-conditioner breaker “tripping” off. It’s a long story, I’ll spare you the details. This afternoon a CARE volunteer checked the electric panel and pulled the weak breaker. I made a late afternoon mad dash into Livingston for a new breaker. “Third times a charm!!” Yes, I was finally able to get the replacement at the third shop.

Bad breaker**IF** I had replaced the $18.00 breaker a month ago, I would have saved the expense of a $1,000.00 new air-conditioner (and the stress waiting for David to install the thermostat).

Foster parent says “goodbye”…

…to several….

Asparagus Fern

Boston Fern

Elephant EarSmiley face waving goodbyeWishing you a happy life with your new family!!

If you (the reader) have followed my blog, you know I love my garden. My situation is similar to “the old lady who lived in a shoe” but I have “so many plants I don’t know what to do.” Our rainy days are numbered; I’ll return to daily ritual of two hours early morning watering plants!! Time to downsize!!