Wimpy woman walking !!

Walking a mile, or more, each morning was a recent resolve. Curiosity prompted me to check how many steps equal one mile. For me, three thousand, two hundred steps. So how many miles have I walked since we started the Walk Across America project twenty-two weeks ago? To my extreme disappointment, I’ve only walked one hundred fourteen miles.Smiley face with one thumbs up and one thumbs down

Last May, our Nurse Practitioner initiated a walking program for CARE residents and interested others in the adjacent Rainbow’s End Escapee RV Park. In total, the group has walked across the United States and up the West coast into the state of Oregon. Pretty impressive, IMHO, but sad to realize how small my contribution.

So-o-o-o-o much pleasure !!

Four bird feeders

Five bird feeders

Squirrel visitorPlenty of things need “doing” in my yard but it is so much fun to “do” in the neighbor’s yard!! All is subject to her approval and rearrangement. The planters and Shepherd’s Hooks do not interfere with the path of the riding lawn mower.


Spray painted plant holdersAlthough hot and humid, I had a compelling desire to “freshen” the two plant holders. They “were” a sad, neglected shade of white–and I already had a can of white spray paint just begging to be used. A perfect marriage??

Count your blessings I’m counting my blessings that I can do yard work!! My neighbor has serious problems with her legs and back (which limit her range of activities).

“Oh, what a beautiful morning; oh, what a beautiful day !!”

Temperature at three

Smiley face female singingA day devoted to my yard–and the neighbor’s yard. The morning was delightful–in the 80’s. I made the long-overdue trip into Livingston for birdseed. While at Tractor Supply, I saw a very tall Shepherd’s Hook and it was better than the one I’ve designed and planned to have built at a local welding shop. I need an exceptionally tall one so I can see the feeders from my “opposite side” windows. Feeders will also be enjoyed by my new next door neighbor. I got carried away because I purchased three Shepherd’s Hooks!! I have at least two dozen bird feeders (although some are in storage), but I saw two new ones to compliment the new “side yard” project. (Pictures at a later date.)

Next stop, Lowe’s, to see if any mark-down plants I might want. None!! I purchased several plants at retail price.  There were several trellis’ on sale so I purchased three!! (I only needed one–for the “side yard”–but the price was right!!) I did not want to leave plants in a hot car–while grocery shopping–so came home. Home at eleven… and I’ve spent several hours working in the yard. Remarkably, I was able to spend time in the garden because no humidity. This is only a brief respite; miserable heat will be with us until October. ~~ I won’t transplant until Fall; I doubt the plants would survive the shock.

Hopefully, I have not aggravated my shoulder problem. I’ve been in severe pain for about a week and attribute it to pulling a muscle while recently pulling weeds. Aspercreme and Aleve provide temporary relief. Furthermore, I did not lift the fifty pound bag of bird seed; I asked a big, strong, healthy man for help. ~~ Birds are happy!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two Shepherd's Hooks and feeders

Work in progress

‘Tis “later.” (8:00 PM)


Smiley faces

Sometimes I don’t feel like smiling. But “Smiley Faces” put a grin on my face. We can’t help loving the expressions?! I like adding “Have a Great Day” to my email messages. I **love** to include Smiley Faces on my blog messages!! ~~ This is only a small number of Smiley images from my clip art library.
Smiley face female with laptop computer

Smiley face

Smiley face have a nice day

Smiley face with wink


Smiley face female with sunglasses

Smiley face big smile with sunglasses

Smiley face with glasses

Smiley face with book

Smiley face with nose in book

Smiley face girl with pink glasses


Smiley face bashful

Smiley face with big laugh

Smiley face with big laugh (good one)


Smiley face with rainbow colors

Smiley face pink

Smiley face blue


Smiley face with mouth contorted

Smiley face praying

Smiley face horrified


Smiley face hugs

Smiley face female with big hug


Smiley face with magnifying glass

Smiley face with megaphone

Smiley face with question mark over head


Never too old to learn ?!

Family Tree (cropped and edited) with almost three thousand

Wow!! A new feature tried and something interesting learned. I haven’t known how to work with “screen print.” (I’ve been using computers for almost forty years and “never too old to learn” something new.) In truth, I wanted to discover “how” so I could post an image when I reach 3,000 individuals on my Family Tree. We’ll settle for this image; is that okay?

Climbing the family tree in black and whiteTrue story: I subscribed to Ancestry a couple of years ago and NEVER did much (a waste of money). I’m up for renewal and decided to be involved rather than cancel. That explains my recent obsessive/compulsive addiction to “climbing the family tree.”  (Furthermore, it has been too hot to work in my garden!! Thus, hours at the computer.)


Tree hugger with stick figureMany years ago I was using the Roots3 genealogy software program. I had more than forty thousand (40,000) individuals well documented–and prepared and published Frantz Families–Kith & Kin (1996). My computer crashed…; yes, I had “tape backups” but was never able to restore the database. I’ve only “dabbled” with genealogy since… but still have a fondness for it. Will my Ancestry database reach forty thousand?  It’s possible; I have enough extended family, collateral lines, for a forest.

Research is very fascinating !!

Smiley face with magnifying glassAt least four hours were spent trying to resolve a problem I observed with this individual on my family tree. Can you see it?? My record is on the right; another researchers data on the left. I’m obsessive for accuracy!! I resolved… to my satisfaction. I deleted this woman from my family tree and posted comments on my individuals (and on “the other guys” record).

Eliza Jane Hume on Ancestry


The following (below) is a comment I posted with Eliza “Jane” Hume (1853-1879). I had a problem with the name similarity and birth dates. I’ve checked and double-checked and feel my conclusion is accurate. I post my thoughts here in hopes other researchers will correct their database. I cannot locate the source for middle name “Jane.”

Dear Hume Researcher: I’m trying to accurately document this family (with my ancestor Melissa Jane Hume). Today (8/25/15) I believe Eliza “Jane” Hume never existed. I believe she is Elizabeth A. ~~ In the many records of Elizabeth and Isaac Gore, she (Elizabeth) is called Eliza, ~~ The source of death date 7 Jan 1879, for Eliza Jane, is limited to ten (yes, 10) family tree(s). I’ll search Wellington, Sumner Co., Kansas, for documentation. ~~ There are two official sources that indicate Eliza Ann Hume Gore died in Wellington, Kansas.

I find it alarming that Eliza A. Hume appears in twelve family trees and two “trees” have her death date listed as 1879 but proceed to list her husband and eight children. ~~ In my humble opinion, Elizabeth Ann Hume was married to Isaac “Ike” Gore. The children’s names and birth dates support my opinion. ~~ I will remove Eliza A./Eliza “Jane” (1853-1879) from my family of Joel P. Hume and Nancy E. Vernon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Smiley face detectivePlaying detective is so much fun!!

The finish line

Walking ladyEighty-six hours!!

Quaker oatsWalked a mile–between 6:45 and 7:15–before the sun came up. Seventy-five degrees in the shade but heading for high nineties (with “feels like” temperatures over one-hundred).

It’s 7:30 and Quaker Oats are very slowly cooking (from cold water) so will be creamy and delicious. No milk, just oats and some agave nectar (natural sweetener).

Feeling good!!

Time and temperature at twelve-thirtyPostscript: 12:50, after lunch. In the CARE dining room: BBQ chicken, potato salad and baked beans. Those might be “too heavy” for my system?! But I had limited portions. No fresh salad, no bread, no dessert. ~~ I’m keeping a journal to analyse how my body reacts to certain foods. I’ll evaluate salads, and fruit, on another day.

Look, 101 degrees when I returned from lunch. The “feels like” temperature is 113 (per the Internet).

Seventy hours and counting

Number seventySeventy hours resonates (to me) as an admirable milepost.

Here’s a rundown of my day: Awake at 6:38 but did not get up until 7:06. Jumped into my clothes and out the door at 7:24; walked for fifty minutes, 1.11 mile, 3542 steps.  (Those steps are worth noting because, last week, there were days when I had less than 100 steps all day!!) It was 75 degrees when I left my home and 77 degrees when I returned.

Temperature at tenTen o’clock (86 degrees) and too hot and humid to work in the yard. Furthermore, a couple of days ago I pulled so many weeds I created pain in my right shoulder. After being sedentary for several weeks (due to extreme heat) my legs and hips are aching. That old saying: “Use it or lose it.” If one does not continue to exercise on a regular basis, the body deteriorates!!

Lots of water; lots of herb tea. Coffee would taste so good?!

One o’clock: I have a headache but, gratefully, do not feel hungry. I should go shopping for bird seed–and food for myself. I should have juice but am relying on the small GoGo packages of juice (from the CARE Center). Frankly, I don’t have any energy to drive into Livingston and shop.

Temperature at two

Temperature at three

Temperature at four


Publishing this blog at four-thirty. Almost three full days….

Number eight in black and whiteNext goal: More than eighty hours!!

Quaker oatsI plan to prepare old-fashioned rolled oats for breakfast tomorrow (24th). Then I’ll cautiously introduce food back into my diet–and evaluate my reaction to it. I believe my “fast” experiment proves my abdominal distress is/was food related. I’m suspicious; coffee may have been my nemesis??



No coffee