An evening out

Twenty CARE residents, staff and guests went to a restaurant on the shore of Lake Livingston (adjacent to the KOA). Some of us sat outside on the deck overlooking the lake; some sat in the extremely cold air-conditioned building. ~~ Look at my hair; humidity makes it curl. My hair has always been straight as a string, baby-fine, but now it is curly. ~~ I’ve been at CARE for almost eight months and this is the first time I’ve joined an outing. Good food; great fellowship!! ~~ (Believe it or not [in the picture]: I was servings as cane (or crutch) for Butch. For some unknown reason… the walkers and wheel chairs were never off-loaded from the bus.)

Helen heading into restaurant

Leaving the bus

Ordering dinner

Nina and Bert

Butch & George


Butch & Lorraine

More FYI:


It isn’t convenient for me to run to the CARE dining room to use free WiFi. My Verizon “Hot Spot” won’t “refresh” until June 9th; I’ve exhausted ninety percent of this months allocation. I’m on a budget; I don’t want to pay for more gigabytes. 

It continues to rain and (as of 2:00 PM Friday, May 30th) I have seventeen containers with rain water.

Saving rain water…

…for my plants.

Time & temperature

Water off awning

Containers with rain water

Rain off awning (2)

Truck stuck (1)

Truck stuck (2)


Containers of water

Rain soaked Calibrachoa

Standing water (1)

Standing water (2)

Time & temperature


Rain gauge (1)

Rain gauge (2)

Eight containers


Plants thrive on rain water. I have enough saved… to quench their thirst for a week or two. ~~ Rain stopped for several hours but returned full force. I pulled more containers from the storage building so (at 3:00 PM) there are eleven. ~~ Click each picture for details, and to enlarge.

Prior to more rain

More rain from eave.

Rain drops on containers

Tarp covering mattress

Twelve containers






At last count, twelve containers!! I think I can find a couple more containers because rain is forecast all week and over the weekend.

Mold in T@B — part six

Thieves Oil in TaBThis blog may be published at a later date but it is 3:00 PM, Monday, May 26th, 2014 (Memorial Day Holiday). I have been searching the web again for additional information regarding mold facts and Thieves Oil. I believe my health is well worth extensive research and additional expense if necessary. I suspect I should have included Thieves Household Cleaner with my original order?! ~~ I’ve been “diffusing” for several days (off and on), in the T@B trailer. Tomorrow I’ll return to the project after activities that took me away from my home and garden.

Request: If you decide to order Essential Oils from Young Living, please indicate that you learned from Lorraine Edwards member #1824917. Frankly, I “joined” because I could purchase the items I needed at a discounted price. I’m on a budget!!

Actually, I’ll publish… and return later with additional information.

Did you read Rome wasn’t built in a dayMold in T@B–part one,  Mold in T@B–part two, Mold in T@B–part three, Mold in T@B– part four and Mold in T@B–part five??

Free WiFi @ CARE Center

Time & temperatureMandevilla  is bloomingTouching base on this Memorial Day Holiday Monday. (I disapprove! We should honor the true date.) So far today, cool and pleasant; overcast. ~~ I have a new helper; his name is Stanley. (Large Halo vacuum will be donated to Habitat thrift shop; CARE Health Fair did not want it for their Silent Auction.) ~~ I gave “Ivy” some tender loving care because she misses her former home (owner couldn’t take her [and three other plants] across the Canadian border en route to Alaska). ~~ I hammered two long pieces of metal into the ground to support the planter with Calibrachoa, and tied planter to metal. ~~ I’ve been diffusing Thieves Oil in the T@B to kill any remaining mold.  ~~ Almost all day Saturday occupied helping with a Memorial Service for former resident. ~~ Sunday (almost all day) to and from Houston to visit a Staff member friend in the hospital after a vehicle accident on Saturday.



Stanley in storage box

Halo vacuum cleaner with ultra-violet cleaning


Reinforced planter (front)

Reinforced planter (back)

Reinforced planter

Thieves Oil in TaB


Definitely **NOT** a terribly exciting day. It’s 5:00 PM and I’ve been in the CARE Center all day working on blog messages, uploading pictures, researching on the Internet, and checking my Bank statement on-line. I’m told it has begun to rain and is terribly humid outside. I’ll go home in a few minutes and prepare a nice BIG salad. Hot dogs and hamburgers were served (here) at noon. I ate potato salad and watermelon!! ~~ Hope you enjoyed a pleasant holiday!!


Seventy-five percent of my Verizon “Hot Spot” 5-gig was used in twelve days. I’ll need to go to the CARE Center for WiFi–upload pictures and prepare a blog. That really isn’t convenient!! It is more enjoyable when I can sit in my trailer, in my pajamas, hair uncombed, etc., or come into the trailer for iced tea between tasks.

For a smile: It’s eight o’clock and I haven’t been up very long. I looked out… and a friend’s dog had escaped her leash and was running through the area. I called Sam (her owner) and then went outdoors–in my pink pajamas–to catch her. Can you see it? Pink pajamas, hair uncombed??

The Thieves Oil arrived in the mail yesterday, and I’ve read the literature. Maybe today I’ll get it going in the little trailer.

Yesterday was an “Impulsive / Compulsive” day; I just couldn’t stop working on projects in the yard!! I took lots of pictures, too, but due to restraints it may be awhile before I get them in the blog.

Best wishes to all!!


Obsessive / compulsive !!

“Life’s all about my garden.”

Mattress is airing

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

Big storage container


Small storage container

Time & temperatureToday I worked in the yard; I was compelled… I couldn’t stop!! ~~ I received the package with Thieves’ Oil, and other essential oils. I’ve read their literature. ~~ I hung flags to celebrate Memorial Day and draped flag patio lights on a “tree” trellis. ~~ I’m a “plant sitter” so several pictures taken to send to the owner to show they are surviving, and thriving. ~~ Isn’t my Asian Lily pretty?


Burlap for a project

Less clutter

Planter  soil, river rock, etc.

Two flags plus lights

Flags on tree trellis


Close up of illuminated flags

After dark, illuminated flags

Package from Young Living

Asian Lily

The hand truck is helpful

Verbena needs more sunshine

Attractive plant

Ivy is not doing well

Plant doing well

Aloe Vera is doing great

Another garden flag