Expect the unexpected !!

Time & temperature

Time & temperatureThe pictures were uploaded after 11:57 and I’m ready to start this blog message after 12:33. (Look at time and temperature.) I’m instructed to stay indoors because the men (washing my big trailer) say they are using “powerful chemicals.” Yippes!! ~~ One-thirty and I can smell “the chemicals” from inside my trailer!! ~~ Two-ten and the scrubbing project is completed. Now I need to finish tasks in the yard.


Cement for under dolly wheel

Wood for under wheels

Tab add-a-room & awning

Tab add-a-room & awning (2)

Add-a-room & awning under the bed (1)

Add-a-room & awning under the bed (2)

Under the bed (3)

"Vintage to go with TaB to Elkhart

Items under bench seat


Getting ready for a bath (2)

Storage box

Shifting things around

Cleaned the area

Table has to go bye-byeThe pictures are not in consecutive order (according to time) because I did a few things in, and with, the T@B and then in, and with, the yard. “Expect the unexpected!!” It was too hot to spend time in the T@B. Due to the cleaning of the Carriage, I forced myself to make some unscheduled changes in the yard.


They moved my plants

Yes, they moved my plants

Tarp covering tomato plant

Awning out

Starting with the roof“They” said they would be here between nine and eleven. It was almost twelve…. Then they insisted my plants had to be moved!! Yippes!! ~~ It’s 1:37 and 84 degrees inside; 87 degrees outside. They are cleaning the awning right now. It is/was in BAD shape!! Rain had accumulated… and the fabric is/was rotting.


Time & temperature

Squeeky cleanThe pictures have been uploaded from Canon camera to Picasa, Picasa to blog. Time to add some dialog. It’s 5: 20 and I am exhausted. I should sleep well tonight!! This time last night I did not have any idea I would make major changes. Today I decided the big table has to go bye-bye. The storage boxes next to the trailer will be great for yard and garden items. First the big storage container. Oh, I’ll add the other two… so I need cement blocks…. A total of five very, very heavy cement blocks were moved via my hand truck, and positioned. Changed my mind, I’ll bring the T@B items, too, and the extra chairs.

It’s all “a work in progress.”

Ronnie has a bad back.

Scrubbing the front window

Front view, clean Carriage

Back view, clean Carriage

Ready to move storage box

No table; making changes

Storage box

Three storage boxes

Third cement block added

T@B storage containers added

Five cement blocks

Tired woman


Coiled garden hose

Folded tarpsTwo tasks required my attention: coil the garden hose, and fold two tarps. ~~ Now I’m going to settle back in my easy chair and watch Field of Dreams (on VHS-tape).

One comment on “Expect the unexpected !!

  1. Paul Dennis says:

    Hi there!
    I stumbled upon your site in my efforts to locate a T@B add-a-room. I noticed your photo of the unused one and wondered if you would ever consider selling it. I am a new T@B owner in Canada and we would love to purchase one, but they are hard to find. This is a sincere inquiry begging a sincere response. Thank you.


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