Daymare at Concord Estates

In the cool of the morning, I’ve been working in the storage unit and carport. TOO MUCH STUFF!! Some… is “too heavy” and I can only drag boxes, examine the contents, toss items into my trash container, or add to donations already in my KIA. ~~ 9:20 AM and I’m on a muchneeded coffee break. Stop the Merry Go Round, I want to get off.

After dark activities

Confession (1): I moved things to the shelter “after dark” because I didn’t want to be observed by neighbors. I don’t like to talk about my fall and the need for a cane. Yes, I had my cane with me. Confession (2): Recently, I removed the dehydrated food packets from sturdy plastic totes so I could use the totes for another purpose. Confession (3): This “procrastinator” never revisited and revised the cemetery book published in 1989.

Confusion ?

My body says “no”  but my head says “go.”  There are projects I want to tacklein the carport and in the storage room. But it is just too hot to work outdoors. Gratefully, I accomplished some… this morning before “too hot.” The weatherman predicted temperature in the nineties.


With extreme care, I can now walk without the cane. To be on the safe side, the cane is never out of sight

My goal: A place for everything


I dragged three boxes to my carboxes of things for the thrift shop. Alsoas far as the porchone extremely large and heavy plastic bag full of clothes. It awaits a much stronger person to carry it to the trunk of my KIA. “Inch by inch it’s a cinch”?