Uncomplicate my life ?!

My possessions clutter the living quarters, porch, yard, carport and storage building. The weather has been too disagreeable to spend time outdoors. (Thick fog yesterday morning, and rain last night. This is a cold, gloomy morning.)

Yesterday I discovered I have an uninvited guest. It may be a GIANT cockroach, or mouse or rat. The rooms were almost dark; the only light was the television as I watched America’s Got Talent Champions. Something moved across the floor: “OMG, what’s that?”  Now I have “Decon” on my grocery list. But the traffic here terrifies me and I’ve neglected grocery shopping and other trips. I need to go to DMV to change the address on my driver’s license. Is it too late to register (here) to vote? I won’t bore you with the TO DO list.

Yes, my head has been in the computer (lol).


“To do or not to do, that is the question.”  I love the computer(s) but they operate on Windows-7 and that operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft. As commented earlier, numerous problems with my “old” laptop. I’m rarely able to upload pictures from my “old” Canon camera. I love taking pictures and adding them to my blog. Do I buy a new computer and a new camera? ~~ Perhaps I’m experiencing a router” problem and I should leave the local provider (Spectrum) and return to Hughes Internet service?

Shame, shame, Lorraine !?

Seven PM and I just shifted from Ancestry to prepare this message. I’ve spent twelve hours searching more information about the Varner family tree. As I said in an earlier blog message, I have a tiger by the tail and I can’t let go!!

Very obsessive-compulsive !!

With my new table, with plenty of space for two laptop computers, I’ve spent two days trying to find one elusive man. (Two additional days.) I’m trying to resolve the questions asked of me by a DNA cousin.” Searches are tons easier when I can work between two computers!!

It is three o’clock as I prepare this message and the indoor-outdoor thermometer says eighty-two degrees outdoors in my sunny front yard. I was so engrossed “climbing the family tree,”  I completely failed to notice the beautiful weather!!

Tale of Two Knights

Just kidding (lol) because it’s a story about two nights. Night-before-last, I slept cold. Last night I awaken because I was too hot!! “Off” switch was pushed on the electric mattress pad; the goose down sleeping bag was quickly removed from the bed. To further complicate a good night’s sleep, a terrible cramp in my leg!! I take magnesium tablets to stave off leg cramps but “magnesium”  didn’t do its job? I’m wide awake and decided to prepare this message (at one in the morning). My “old” laptop computer, “old faithful” stopped working and I switched to the newer laptop (now that I have a large table to work on). I’m beginning to suspect my computer problems are a “router problem.” The local TV-WiFi service (recommended by my new neighbors) does not compare to the DISH-TV and Hughes WiFi I enjoyed previously. (I’ve called Spectrum several times about my TV reception.) ~~ I’m not complaining; I’m just documenting the events in my life twenty-five days after the relocation from Livingston to Waco.


Better sleep ?!


The air mattress is comfortable BUT “cold” underneith me. Gratefully, I found the electric mattress pad (in the storage building) and appreciate that I won’t sleep “cold” and uncomfortable again.


Somewhere in the storage building, I have blankets. When weather permits–and I have a hired helper–the storage building will be organized. Meanwhile, I’m grateful for the wonderful, extremely-warm goose-down sleeping bag. The fabric reminds me of silk or satin because it is so smooth. Hence, it easily slides off the bed. Therefore, “necessity is the mother of invention”  so  I created two weights. (FYI: An attractive RV sleeping bag remained in the 5th-wheel trailer because it “matched” the bedroom.)

The location of surplus bedding is still a mystery. I found the quilt that has sentimental value. My mother had a closet full of polyester dresses!! After she went to our Heavenly Home, I took the dresses to my Old German Baptist Brethren “cousins” in Modesto, California. Dear, dear family members lovingly prepared this quilt. My mother went to be with Jesus on 29 Sep 1994. After all these years, I can still “see” my mother in various dresses.

P.S.S.  I stand corrected: It is a “comforter” and not a quilt.

Better water ?!

In my new home, in a new location, I’m forced to buy water. Now I realize how fortunate I was to have delicious “well water” for two years. There were only eight or nine residents on that well and (as I said) I failed to appreciate the excellent taste. Here in Waco, in this RV Park, the water tastes awful!! My expensive TuraPür filter doesn’t enhance the flavor. A new neighbor introduced me to The Water Tree and I’m enjoying their product.

Better business ??

I’ve come to the conclusion that Wayfair  needs “better business.” Several weeks ago, I ordered a TV stand and a folding table from Wayfair. The TV stand arrived promptly but there was a delay for the table. Wayfair  has harassed me for ten days requesting confirmations that the table could/would be delivered on Friday, Jan. 24th, between ten and two o’clock. I can’t “confirm” on my “dumb phone.” I called… and told the customer service representative that I would be home; I was confirming! Email messages and phone text messages came several times every day. At two o’clock (today) a text message arrived saying my order was complete. That message forced me to phone Wayfair  and complain about “no table.” Enough said (?) because the delivery finally arrived (about four). ~~ Now I’m experiencing a problem with the pictures. Strangely, I can only attach the pictures in the “thumbnail” size. Click each picture to enlarge for better viewing.