Silence is golden ?

All is silent in my trailer home. I had to turn off the TV because the news about the devastation from Hurricane Ian has me in tears.


POSTSCRIPT: I was drawn back to checking (watching) the latest information. Pictures like this really really touch my heart.


No end in sight !!

Twelve noon and I’ve been researching since eight o’clock. I received the email message (top portion of the image) and consulted my Ancestry database. There were new names to add… and existing names to connect with. As I’ve often stated, I strive for 200% accuracy in my database. Mine wasn’t wrong but I took this opportunity to reinforce the existing information. Helping other researchers? Second to “climbing the family tree,” I love (1) clipart, and (2) creating collages. Fact: This morning, I created several other collages that were attached to the individuals but I won’t display them here.


POSTSCRIPT @ 6:30 PM: Still “at it” because “no end in sight.” FYI: There was an explanation at the location where I saved the information regarding two women named Frances.

Can you hear me ?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been a selfimposed hermit for two and onehalf years. I don’t have a soapbox, pulpit or megaphone. I LOVE AMERICA!! The flag of the United States of Americaand the Christian flagare on display on the street side of my yard seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.


Gift for Lorraine

I am notorious for procrastination. This evening was an exception. I saw the TV advertisement for the “Eye Candy” magnifier and immediately grabbed my credit card and went to the website. I am giving myself a very useful gift. I use the old-fashioned magnifying glass more than a hundred times a day.

Request for family tree assistance

This old lady has confessed to addiction to “climbing the family tree.” When a request for help arrives in my email box, I hasten to find answers. After I completed my research (and delivered response messages), I checked for our “cousin” relationship. That was a BIG SURPRISE because it is via my maternal branch of the tree. Usually, requests are for Frantz information and collateral lines (my paternal lineage).


POSTSCRIPT: Being altruistic has its perks. Conservatively, six hours have been spent “helping” the Ancestry subscriber with her request. In the process, I have added information to my tree and reinforced the information I have about her branch of the tree.

Current affairs

I’ve prayed for cooler weather (in Central Texas). This morning, I am cold and I’m wearing a sweater. I’m not complaining because residents in Florida are facing the wrath of Hurricane Ian. Join me in prayer for Florida residents?!