People are funny !!

Most of my readers are too young to remember Art Linkletter and People Are Funny. The expression came to mind as I glanced at an obituary before deleting it. The obituary arrived late last night, via email, and captured my attention first thing this morning. All I did (“first thing this morning”) was copy the written text and proceed to document it with the individual in my family tree. I seldom look at the supplementary information sent along with the obituaries. I do not know “why” I glanced at it… before deleting it. “OMG!! That’s funny.”  (That’s a copy of my information….)

Today, I went “far and wide” (as I usually do) documenting additional information regarding the extended family. I created an image that illustrates familial ancestry as I saw it today. I spent about two hours researching to correct misinformation. ~~~~ (It’s my medicine.)

Hodge podge

Recently, three statements have caught my attention. Last one first: “Possessed by our possessions”  from the lips of one of my favorite television pastors (7:05 AM, 16 May 2022). Second: “Sitting is the new smoking”  by Jesse Watters, a favorite FOX television host (7:00 PM, 10 May 2022). Third: “If something is hurting, something’s wrong”  by the chiropractor, Dr. Scott Hannen, on TBN Christian TV “Praise” (13 May 2022). (Yes, they were so arresting, I wrote them down.)

God, my Heavenly Father, was speaking to me through Dr. Scott Hannen!! “OK, OK, I’ll try to take care of my health.”  In less than twenty-four hours my experiences went from bad to worse; from cramps and pain in the legs, and fatigue, to pain so severe I could hardly move. (Dr. Google suggests Pericarditis.)

This morning, this is the scene that greeted me. I believe there is “a message” but I haven’t the revelation (yet). “Murderer?”

Red letter day !!

One of my granddaughters phoned yesterday and we had a long conversation. Oh boy, oh joy!! I’m pretending that I am “in the picture” with my son and his grandchildren.


Prepared on Saturday and scheduled for Sunday.

Saturday soliloquy

Yesterday, I received email messages requesting information. I responded indicating I had nothing new to expand on the information I shared in September 2021. In my database, I recognize that (at that earlier date) I shared an abundance of information… and developed our “cousin connection.” Out of curiosity (this morning), I clicked on a link to his tree and was met with disappointment. Mysteriously, my “note” appeared (and I didn’t remember that I had a “private” note). ~~ My mind and body is moving slowly these days!! I had an invitation to ride to Walmart (this morning) with a neighbor but had to decline because I haven’t a teaspoon of energy.

Somebody’s gotta do it !!

Not a “dirty job” but Lorraine’s gotta do it!!


I don’t have an answer to my refrigerator problem. The freeze performs a contradiction: (1) It builds up water and creates an ever-larger block of ice in the bottom. (2) Almost every night, water seeps out and a small puddle in front of the refrigeratorfreezer (and it is destroying the floor).

Friday frustration

The website for the Waco Library says “contact us.”   I sent them a thoroughly detailed email messageand have not received a reply. “They” have my phone number and email address. ~~ Boxes of poem books have been in the car–ready for deliverysince May 4th. Other boxes of books are ready to load. **If** I decided to go shopping for groceries, there is no space for purchases. ~~ “Frustrating,” because, with limited energy, I work on projects with limited results.



Thoroughly Thankful Thursday

For approximately one hour, on Monday morning, I reverted to my old habit of genealogy while enjoying my first mug of coffee. (One week without Ancestry was torture.) For Father’s Day, I’d like to give “Mr. Red” the answers regarding his third-great-grandfather. During the night of May 3rd, the dream was so vivid, I arose and quickly scribbled the details (so I wouldn’t “forget”). That scribbled note, at my computer, had been tempting me to “climb the family tree.” On Monday, the search was effortlessand I documented the process with several images. The completed image (below) was attached to several individuals. Here is the comment I added:  One can dream, can’t one? I hoped for valuable new information… The name “James Richard Tiner” was previously unknown to me. Our brain is a miraculous computer and my brain might have “seen” information that I missed.


Furthermore: During the process, I had my first experience with the newly released 1950 Federal Census. ~~~ I suspect the reader is sayingor thinkingthe word spoken by one of my neighbors: “Boring, boring.”   (Yes, he said it twice.)



I may not get “a good night’s sleep” (most nights) but I won’t complain about a busy brain.