Exercise and fresh air !!

Two Aleve  kind of day. My yard is looking much better after several hours attention. Then I took a nap on the lounge chair. ~~ My day started when I dug out sweat pants and a sweater (because it was chilly). Now–at 3:30–I have both air-conditioners cooling my trailer home. ~~ The weather is absolutely perfect!!

“Too soon old…

too late smart.”  Today, I was washing rocks AGAIN. I wanted to “put them away clean.”  I “hosed” the skirting around the porch and the sidewalk in front of the porch. After a stab at “making the yard beautiful,” I remembered a costly mistake. About one month ago, the grass in the yard was turning brown. For the first time, I set up the sprinkler and watered the grass. Day and night, the sprinkler delivered water to the brown grass. I used 18,000 gallons of water last month!! Mr. Red–owner-manager of the RV Park–came to me concerned that I had a water leak. “No, everything’s fine.” I’m allowed 2,000 gallons per month and the “overage” is terribly, terribly expensive. I haven’t received the bill yet–but several hundred dollars!! How quickly I forgot that I must curtail my water projects.

Who’s counting ?

Lorraine’s not perfect but she strives for perfection in her Ancestry database. Errors like this are among “pet peeves”!! It took approximately four hours to “get it right” and perhaps one-hundred individuals added to the database. Oops, I should have highlighted Mary (who?) Nebre/Nehre/Lehr in the first image (below). She had been confused with another “Mary” and it was important to accurately document the two women (both “Mary Neher” are very distant cousins).


Fresh air and exercise !!

‘Thot I had a “before” picture of the unsightly clutter in front, and side, of my trailer home.


When I got started working in the yard, I couldn’t stop. I was tired but happy to see a remarkable improvement in the appearance of my yard.

“Boy toy” ?

It’s a dreary, gloomy day. This blogger (who stopped using the term “this old lady”) had a sleepless night and cramps in her legs. She was virtually motionless until a text message saying a delivery in twenty minutes. It was amazing how fast she got out of her pajamas!! She started singing and dancing around the house!! Honestly, she didn’t expect that BIG truck!!

The pictures tell the story: A resident lifted the Jeep Fire Pit out of the box and removed the box. “Mr. Red”–the RV Park owner-manager–loves the Jeep Fire Pit. Soon (and very soon), I’ll rush to the market to buy Hershey bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows so we can make Smores.

Please click this link to see my earlier blog message regarding the Jeep Fire Pit.

Wine & roses

Yesterday was “The day…”  but I didn’t have enough “hands” to accomplish everything. Only two (2) hands but dozens of bottles. Yesterday, I put beautiful wine bottles on the recently relocated bottle tree. I trimmed dead branches off the rose bush.



Roses in my yard, a few days ago. No, I didn’t drink the wine in those pretty bottles!!

Crazy-maker ?!

The recent documentation of the “Frantz” cousin was “a piece of cake.” But I had “unfinished business” with the “Cripe family” and returned to hopefully complete that documentation. As mentioned in an earlier blog message, the individuals married their cousingeneration after generation married their cousin. I’m confident that other researchers were confused but I question why “they” didn’t question Aaron’s supposed marriage at age fifteen. ~~ Documenting this family has been a “crazy-maker”; my brain is spinning.

Oh no, oh no !!

The TV news said the wildfire is threatening the town of Pearblossom, California. I know it well. I was a resident in the high desert of Los Angeles County for more than forty years. My heart is aching for ALL victims of the fires but especially when so close to home. A few weeks ago (or was it a few days ago?) the fire was threatening Lake Hughes, California, and I have (had?) dear, dear friends there.
(I said “had” because I moved and lost contact with friends. Those Christian friends may be sitting at Jesus’ feet, in Heaven, right now. So many folks my ageand youngerhave passed away.)

“A little corner of heaven”

I’m quick to tell folks that I’m living in “a little corner of heaven.”  Yesterday, we had mild rain all day; likewise mild rain today. However, between episodes, I rode the “three-wheeler” (because I need the exercise). A neighbor met me with a gift. It is no secret that I have lots of bottles. The neighbor, “Bill,” gave me a “one-of-a-kind” bottle. He fashioned the bottle from a piece of wood, on his lathe!! So thoughtful (of Bill) and so beautiful (for Lorraine). ~~ The “three-wheeler” is a gift from the owner-manager of this RV Park. The bike “gets me out of the house” for much-needed exercise!!


News travels fast: Four residents have inquired about my new bottle. I’m so delighted to show it to my neighbors.