In transition !!

Usually, I turn on the television as soon as I walk from my bedroom to the kitchen. TV and coffee!! Well, DISH now has my service on “pause.” I probably told them “the 30th” because I thought I’d be gone by then.  There is such an eerie silence without the NBC Today show. Hughes may put my Internet on “pause” at any moment so I’ll close with “see you next year.”

Thunderstorm came and went

No Internet for a few minutes. In the near future, I will not have any Internet service because I’m leaving “Hughes”  in Livingston for yet unknown service in Waco. The lights flickered briefly but DISH  TV continued with CBS Sunday Morning.

There are several pre-prepared blog messages scheduled for the next several days.

“Dashing through the rain…

…follow old Lorraine.”  Where? She drove to the laundry room in Rainbow’s End RV Park. Her “kind, thoughtful, considerate” landlady locked her out of the laundry room where they/she live(s). Three loads of laundry–and two hours later–another task could be checked off the list.