Weather comment

Gratefully, the wind has stopped!! I didn’t expect thirty-six degrees overnight. Hopefully my tender plants will survive?! I’m feeling “puny” after spending time, yesterday, in the wind and cold.

Temperature about two AM

Temperature before seven AM

S.O.S. & OMG !!

Sleepless Old Senior and Oh my goodness!!

The wind was relentless; I could not sleep. Gratefully, the wind has subsided (8:00 AM). Look: Consider the force of the wind that toppled a planter full of wet soil.

Toppled planter

Awning is torn

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cold and wind-blown, I’m back again at twelve-thirty. The wind has less force than yesterday but very disagreeable to work in!! **BUT** there were tasks demanding attention. As I approached one “must do,” I found another project, or two.

Temperature at noon

Replanted pepper

Gallons of water

Rain water was dipped out

Water is gone

Drying small planters

Wet marigold seeds

Planted marigold seeds

Fan drying soaked area

Two inches of rain


Air drying the planters

Mid-afternoon, I hoped to accomplish a few more task in the yard. I was limited to separating the planters. It is too disagreeable outdoors!!

Ouch !!

Do not judge others (poster)


This poster was copied from a friend’s Facebook page. It really “speaks” to me because I’ve been frustrated with a friend/acquaintance that is a nasty, ornery, disagreeable, ungrateful, inconsiderate man!! I keep thinking “How dare he treat me this way when I’ve been so kind to him?” He hasn’t another friend in this world; his family is (likewise) frustrated!! His application was turned down–to join our little community here at CARE. This time next week, he will be in an assisted living facility and it will inevitably kill him. (He is a “loner”; a nasty, ornery, disagreeable, ungrateful, inconsiderate man incapable of sustained independent living.) ~~ See how I’ve judged him?? But how do we stop making comparisons?? How do we “turn the other cheek” when used and abused?? How: Agape love!!

Five gallons a minute !!

Bailing water

Torn awning


Too much water for Money MossAfter many weeks without rain, we were drenched!! Sunday night/Monday morning we had a gentle rain (one inch) and I could “keep up” with the accumulation in the blue bucket. This morning, I could not “bail” water fast enough!! I COVET RAIN WATER (my plants love it)!! My rain barrels were empty and all that beautiful water would be lost if I didn’t “catch” it. Unfortunately, the awning tore in the last major wind storm so water pours off the awning at an inconvenient location (and I can’t/won’t move the rain barrels). Planters were swamped!! I’m surrounded by what I affectionately call Lake Lorraine.” ~~ Today’s “bailing” (water) and “shifting” (plants) is mild compared to my “work” the next few days: PULLING WEEDS!! ~~ FYI: “Deflappers” were ordered last week and I hope/pray they secure the corner of the awning so run-off into the rain barrel.

Almost ten AM as I publish this. The rain has stopped, the sky is clearing and I think there is a hint of sunshine.

My cold is better; I’m on-the-mend!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, same day, three-forty PM: The wind is relentlessly whipping the awning; my trailer is rockin ‘n rollin!! I wanted to work in the yard but “too cold” (even with a coat). ~~ A CARE resident lady-friend phoned to offer me some plants before she tossed them in the trash. I walked to her trailer–with a planter–and rescued a large clump of unknown perennial. BUT before the trip to her home, I found the drenching rain had invaded my tarp-shelter. I dumped copious amounts of water out of  starter planters. There is, conservatively, thirty gallons of water sagging the tarp on the back side. “Too cold,” and I’d need to borrow a ladder, so that task will wait until tomorrow.

 Livingston, TX (77351) Weather

Observed at 3:25 pm CST
62°F  Feels Like 60°

Cloudy / Wind

Wind:  W 20 mph

Humidity  66%

Dew Point  51°F

Pressure  29.57 in

Visibility  9.0 mi

UV Index  1 of 10

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript: The 5:00 PM evening TV news meteorologist said the wind gusts are thirty-five to thirty-nine miles per hour!! ~~ I’m not going out to measure but I suspect the awning has torn another three or four inches. 😦

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript: The 10:00 PM TV news meteorologist confirmed the wind has been gusting between thirty-five and thirty-nine miles per hour!! He said “…and thirty-nine is ‘tropical force’.” Overnight, temperatures will drop into the thirties (and my plants are vulnerable). ~~ Much damage in Louisiana and other southern states from this storm. Severe damage in an RV Park, deaths at another location. 

S.O.S. !!

Sick Old Senior.

Cold suffererA “cold” has slowed me down!! Actually, it brought me to a standstill. Beautiful weather; so much to do in the yard!! The weeds are growing exponentially and need to be annihilated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript @ 4:00 PM: I went back to bed at nine o’clock but was on my feet, and dressed, by nine-thirty. Too much to do; I didn’t  stop until approximately four PM. Lettuce seedlings are in the Garden Tower. Green onions, radishes, and Redina lettuce seeds sown in “starter.” More details on my other blog.

Tomato plants getting morning sunshire

Tomato plants getting afternoon sunshine

Temperature at eleven-eleven

Transplanting lettuce

Ready to start over

A little Jiffy mix on top of each

Three more items

Soaking seeds

Temperature at four

Cucumber and bell pepper transplanted


The cucumber seedling, and bell pepper seedlings, were the first transplanted this morning but late afternoon before I thought to take a picture.

Spunky Old Senior??


“Too soon old, too late smart!” Seventeen hours later (postscript) and I realize I goofed when I planted radish and green onions. They are root vegetables and should be planted in a different phase of the moon. I’m “trying” for a successful garden; I’m studying Old Farmer’s Almanac (on-line) but mindlessly prepared the cubes and planted the seeds!!

Eighty-one reasons to use apple cider vinegar !!

Raw apple cider vinegar has been a staple in my cupboard for decades. Today I read this article on the Internet and rushed to gargle for my sore throat. I’d been gargling with salt water. Perhaps I’ve “caught a cold”?

ACV First Aid: Sore Throat

Most of the time a sore throat is nothing serious—and if caught early enough a common sense remedy like ACV can save you hours of time wasted at the doctor’s office—and a hefty co-pay IF you have insurance!

In cases of viral infection, antibiotics don’t help—but that doesn’t keep doctors from over-prescribing unnecessary medication that could make matters worse.


• 1/4 cup ACV
• 1/4 cup filtered water

At first sign of sore throat
Mix ACV with water
Gargle with this solution for at least 30 seconds
Rinse with Water
Repeat several times

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cold–or no cold–I didn’t let it slow me down!! I completed a garden project; see my earlier blog titled Planter project for neighbor.

Honestly, I also accomplished a dozen other projects. No pictures. Now it is time to “sit down and relax.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Transplanted tomatoes

Tomato plants in shopping cart

Time and temperatureLate afternoon project: Transplanted the four little pots into the previously prepared planter (in shopping cart).

Productive morning !!

One more Mandevilla to plant!! The “free” container (from recent delivery of trees to CARE) is stabilized with a 2 x 4, and screwed to the fence post. If the several Mandevilla survive, and thrive, the Hummingbirds will be very happy!! Alternating with planter project, I was mixing more coconut fiber (coir) with not-so-old soil. ~~ Believe it or not, I’ve used my large collection of “pebbles for planters” (friends and neighbors were so generous with vitamin and prescription plastic containers). For the bottom of third container (for my neighbor-lady-friend), I cut up a couple of Styrofoam containers. They will be drainage when I get “a round tuit.” (I’m too pooped to do it today!!) ~~ It’s cooler today but still extremely nice and a great day to work in the yard. Seventy-three degrees (outdoors) as I type this at two-twenty. (I’m indoors for a brief rest and cold water.) ~~ I transplanted a number of  pink Chi Chi Ruellia into planters with purple Mexican Petunia. They are the same “family” but Mexican Petunia are tall and Ruellia are small. (Forgot to take pictures; too tired.)

Styrofoam peanuts

Nasty old stump

Hummingbirds love Mandevilla

Old soil

Empty of old soil

Empty of coconut fiber

Cutting Styrofoam

Lots of Styrofoam cubes

Bleaching the fountain

Too much exercise ?!

Beautiful “Spring” weather (although, officially, still thirty-six days until Spring) and I spent almost every minute outdoors on projects. Mixing the planter soil is no small task: Add soil to coir, mix, add more, and mix!!

Change of plans (again). I intended to prepare the two large black containers–with plants–in front of the Thrift ‘n Gift Shop. “No,” they would interfere with the riding lawnmower!! I decided to swap the Mandevilla plants from the gray planters. (No more huge planters for me!! Too much work and too much soil!!) I hydrated coconut fiber (coir) and carefully added the soil from planter. That soil–and more–because the black containers are about twice the size of the gray planters.

Soil for tomato plants

Tomato planter

Mandevilla (left)

Two large black containers

Mandevilla (right)

Two large gray planters

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No more leaksGratefully, my friend, David Wolfe, used his “know how,” and strength, to stop my water leaks!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mandevilla from indoorsThis plant has quite a history: Mandevilla experiment, and Indoor project.


Tape measure of vine

Long, long vine