Sans laptop !!

Cruise shipIf all goes well–when you read this–I’ll be en route to the cruise ship–or on-board. I anticipate a week of fun!! I’m leaving the laptop computer at home. I’m considering leaving the two cell phones behind!! I’m due for a change of scenery, and a change of pace.

Thanks Stanley !!

Woman with mop pailStanley was a BIG help today as we vacuumed my 2003 Carriage 5th-wheel trailer home. Yours truly also mopped and dusted. I’m able to leave with a clear conscience. My trailer–and my patio–have been cluttered the entire duration of my residency. Several days ago, I organized the patio and the small storage building. I’ve been embarrassed to invite guests into my home. I’m making a “November resolution”: Keep things tidy!!

Perfect gift !!


Bluebird close-upOh joy!! This morning, I saw a Bluebird for the first time in months. It flew by the area where a feeder formerly hung. I was so excited, I quickly went to the storage shed for the feeder–and dried mealworms. I hung them… and watched (off and on) all day. I was rewarded–at 3:08–with this picture. My perfect “going away” present. I love Bluebirds!!

Watching the parade !!

Cruise floatWith the awesome new antenna components, I’m able to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade!!

I’m ready to “climb aboard” a cruise ship (Saturday) for a trip to the Caribbean. The suitcase has been zipped shut; the address tag was updated.

Ate too much !!

Shirley and Becky


Mary at dessert table

Lorraine in her fancy apron

Helen and Nina

Handsome George

CARE residents

– – –

CornicopiaCloseup of LorraineShame, shame on Lorraine!! So many delicious potluck dishes!! Couldn’t resist sampling!! BUT, unforgivable, the battery was almost dead on the camera. An excellent opportunity for pictures. The group picture of several CARE residents.

Attitude of Gratitude !!

Wheelbarrow of fall produceThanks givingGiving THANKS for my many blessings!! Primary: My good health. I live in a community with individuals suffering many issues. How can one be indifferent, or complacent, when (with reasonably good vision) I see my blind neighbor with her seeing-eye dog? My next-door neighbors come-and-go with electric wheelchairs.

I complained about the heat and humidity during the Summer but our Texas Fall and Winter weather is preferable to deep snow, and flooding (like current conditions in Buffalo, New York). Miserable weather in many states!!

Abandoned by my biological family, I’m grateful for the extended family at CARE. ~~ Yes, it required roof repairs but I’m thankful for the 2003 Carriage 5th-wheel trailer. ~~ My old KIA continues to provide reliable transportation. ~~ A thoughtful, considerate, conscientious young man (short-term visitor/volunteer) spent hours establishing my television reception. ~~ The list goes on-and-on: A lady-friend, in Florida, faithfully exchanges email messages. ~~ Time and space preclude full documentation.

Smiley face gratitude

Patting myself on the back ?!

Previously, I thought I could not “do” the tarp all by myself. Now I know I can!! At Tractor Supply, I purchased two “anchors.” On this lovely Fall afternoon, I approached the task of securing the tarp for the shelter. I’m so exceedingly grateful for “Bungee” cords and other “tie-down” items. This time around, the shelter doesn’t look as attractive… but (hopefully) it won’t go down in the wind.

Pat on the back

Two anchors

Collapsed tarp

One anchor in the ground

Time and temperature

Partially finished

Chairs cover the anchors

Quite satisfactory

Gratefully, bungee cords

Time and temperature

Morning sunshine on autumn leaves

– – –

The autumn leaves are beautiful on many nearby trees. I’ve been photographing that tree through the seasons.

Exercise in futility !!

Smile!! ~~ It’s a play on words: “Exercise in futility.”

Cartoon charater with remote controlSamsung remoteNo, there isn’t much exercise in manipulating a TV remote control. For the first time since I purchased the 2003 Carriage 5th-wheel trailer, I explored features available with the TV remote control. Time was spent deleting thirty-nine channels. Why? Because it would be “futile” for me to listen to foreign language programming!! ~~ Checking the Internet for list of TV channels in the Houston area, I learned there are over one-hundred available. Prior to my exercise, I had eight-two channels on my TV. ~~ My “over the air” television reception is wonderful!!