Patting myself on the back ?!

Previously, I thought I could not “do” the tarp all by myself. Now I know I can!! At Tractor Supply, I purchased two “anchors.” On this lovely Fall afternoon, I approached the task of securing the tarp for the shelter. I’m so exceedingly grateful for “Bungee” cords and other “tie-down” items. This time around, the shelter doesn’t look as attractive… but (hopefully) it won’t go down in the wind.

Pat on the back

Two anchors

Collapsed tarp

One anchor in the ground

Time and temperature

Partially finished

Chairs cover the anchors

Quite satisfactory

Gratefully, bungee cords

Time and temperature

Morning sunshine on autumn leaves

– – –

The autumn leaves are beautiful on many nearby trees. I’ve been photographing that tree through the seasons.

Exercise in futility !!

Smile!! ~~ It’s a play on words: “Exercise in futility.”

Cartoon charater with remote controlSamsung remoteNo, there isn’t much exercise in manipulating a TV remote control. For the first time since I purchased the 2003 Carriage 5th-wheel trailer, I explored features available with the TV remote control. Time was spent deleting thirty-nine channels. Why? Because it would be “futile” for me to listen to foreign language programming!! ~~ Checking the Internet for list of TV channels in the Houston area, I learned there are over one-hundred available. Prior to my exercise, I had eight-two channels on my TV. ~~ My “over the air” television reception is wonderful!!

Quel dommage !!

That’s French for “What a pity.” I’m chiding myself because two lovely purses were purchased–but never used. I’m trying to organize my wardrobe for the cruise (less than one week away). As I–belatedly–process through things that have been packed for months–or years–I discover items that should have been donated rather than stored. Granted, I did not pay the original retail price for the purses but too bad I didn’t enjoy the purchase. The lesson is “Use it or relinquish it!!”

Oh, what a beautiful purse

Look it's peeling

– – – – – –

Lovely purse

Lovely purse is peeling

– – – – – –

Weather-wise,  it is an extremely beautiful day–after one-and-one-forth inches of rain. Not too hot, not too cold. Perhaps I’ll get a lot of projects accomplished this next week?! One project, this morning: Secure the tarp on the shelter so it doesn’t fly away in the wind. The plants were moved out into the sunshine.

Beautiful autumn day

Time and temperature

Big, bold, & beautiful !!

The television images are beautiful. Barring a heavy wind that topples the TV antenna (like it toppled the supports of my shelter), I hope for many months–or years–of free television viewing. ~~ Dave spent over four hours working with the components. I’m so grateful for his tireless efforts!! Fortunately, the predicted major rain storm held off until seconds before Dave descended from the roof.  Project completed.

Eighty-two channels!! Many Spanish and Asian… but an awesome variety for me. No contract, no monthly bill.  FYI: With three RG-6 cables, the total cost was just short of $200.00. A bargain, IMHO!!

Working with rotator

Close up working on rotator

Checking the instructions

Attaching the preamplifier

Elevating the antenna

Good catch

Assembling the antenna

Working on antenna

Attaching the two sections

Exchanging antennas

Dave working with his antenna

Xtreme Series HD antenna

Three components explained

Picking up Houston

Sincere thanks, Dave

Final hook up


Time and temperature

Direct TV advertisment

Awesome music