…and it isn’t Christmas!!


I misunderstood the weather forecast; I thought the TV meteorologist’ said a “cold front” was moving in last night. Talking to myself, I said “Get up early and work in the ‘yarden’.”  Somewhat cooler this morning but the “cold front” is due tonight. ~~ This morning, all my plants (and the neighbor’s too) got soaked!! (Pictures of the neighbor’s plants an “afterthought” as I prepared this message. The neighbors are enjoying cool weather in Colorado.)

FYI: My new little tree is a Bluejack Oak. Once I learned the name, I searched Google for information.

Ninety-two degrees at three PM.

Fictitious tree ?!

Strange dreams!! The last two nights, seemingly all night, I’ve been “climbing the family tree.” It’s the same family surname, Brubaker, and I’m methodically adding family members. It’s an assembly line, data moving smoothly from into my Ancestry Member Tree. In fact, it was almost hypnotic as I was skillfully manipulating the information. Funny how our brain works?! “Brubaker” isn’t in my direct lineage, it’s a collateral line. 

“Good for nothing”

Two hours in my “yarden” and I’m “good for nothing.”  Hopefully–indoors for a few hours–I’ll be able to start scanning again. Not right now because “the scanning project” might be considered “a scientific project.” Each step requires careful thought. Eighty-two degrees may appear to be a comfortable temperature; seventy-nine percent humidity is the culprit. See the P.S. on Change of plans.

Just “touching base.”