Researching “Intentional Communities”

Two friends have jumped on my Bandwagon (with suggestions). I learned of Zephyr Hills yesterday and studied their website. It looks nice but I’m thinking “too ritzy for this country girl.” Look, not a tree in sight. Probably unlikely I’d attract birds to feeders. I suspect they have CC&R (covenants, conditions & restrictions).

“Time” is on my side. I have a yard sale to prepare, and facilitate. Much “downsizing” before I relocate. Via email, and Internet, I’m following Fellowship of Intentional Community. All suggestions welcome!!  Jump on my Bandwagon??

Another link if the reader is also planning for their future. Yet another link.

Dr. Oz talks about nasty neighbors !!

My situation isn’t quite this severe but I never know when my landlady, or her step-son, will attack me. Watch the Dr. Oz show. “Avoid the situation entirely” according to Dr. Oz.

“Substance abuse” plays a role, in many cases, according to Dr. Oz. That plays a role in my “neighborhood dispute.”  (Truth, not speculation!)

Oops! You may have to search for the video titled What Would You Do If Confronted By a Nasty Neighbor? because an advertisement seems to “hog” the link.

Yucky day !!

Now, the pile of paperwork is skinny but “yours truly” feels overwhelmed with “What do I do with this?” (More decisions tomorrow.) So I escaped into I’m an expert when it comes to “filing” individuals in family trees, on branches. If the weather wasn’t “yucky,”  I would vent my frustration by working in the yard. I’ll spare you a picture of indoor/outdoor thermometer. It is 45 degrees outdoors at 3:00 PM (95 percent humidity) and several more days (predicted) before we have warmer weather. Frankly, being the end of the month, first of the month, I wanted to fertilize the plants (but I’m NOT going outdoors). I hope for lush growth when the plants go on display en route to a new home.

Exploring “Intentional Communities”

Click on the link for an introduction to Intentional Communities. I’m researching… and hope to find my “eventual new home.” At my age (84) life is “too short” to continue to live next door to a nasty landlady!!

What are the different kinds of communities?

Every single day 1,400 people visit the online Communities Directory.
That is about 2 unique individuals every single minute! About 40,000 people per month — About 1/2 million every year!
People are searching for communities to learn about and to be inspired by.
They want to connect to and visit places that have changed the rules and developed their own cultures. They want to find their next home or adventure. They want to find other founders to build community together.
From over 1,000 intentional communities of a variety of types, focuses, philosophies, geographies, and methods, people are finding ways to gain perspective on and to act on sustainability, cooperation, and possibility.

Afterthought: I did my research regarding emissions from cell towers. I don’t want to live a very short distance from a tower.

Patting myself on the back !!

Half a day with limited time on the computer. I took time to prepare a large salad with organic spring greens, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber and bell pepper. I cleaned celery, and carrots. Tasks I neglected because I was (previously) “glued to the computer” ( I emailed messages to folks I had neglected. Returning from the mailbox (snail mail), I picked up armfuls of limbs blown to the ground in recent wind storm. Added another ear of corn to the twister for the squirrels. ~~ A step in the right direction as I accomplish additional projects this afternoon and evening.

A new week, a new day !!

An entire day without time on I feel like I’m half a person!! Compare this to a smoker without a cigarette, an alcoholic without a drink, a drug addict without drugs??



The “help” cartoon is an exaggeration. My pile of paperwork wasn’t quite that high and I don’t need help. I just need to spend less time “climbing the family tree.”