Oh, my aching back !!


I’ve made a tiny bit of progress but my back and shoulders are suffering. Time to take an Aleve? I’m finding too many things that I don’t want to part with. My gardening information, and paraphrenia, tempt me to start a veggie garden. (But I don’t have “time” for all the things I want to do. Clone me!!) Sadly, I doubt I can make the pressure cooker recipe books usable. When the pages are dry, they may stick to one another?! ~~ Right now (2:20), I’m multi-tasking (ha): (1) Resting my back and shoulders while (2) preparing this blog message and (3) watching/listening to Dr. Oz.

Funny, ha ha !!

Yes, I’m hard at work on the downsizing project. First, the things that got wet in the recent rainstorm. Above is an 8″x12″ sheet of cardboard with an old,  old message. Obviously a message for the folks who are faced with disposing of my boxes of genealogy. Perhaps, this time around, I will “downsize” completely?!

Confession: Some “research” documentation is so valuable, I’ll need to review it and enter most of the details into my Ancestry.com family tree. Some of the photocopied handwritten documents need to be scanned and added to Digitized Library of Family History. Question: Should I purchase another scanner? Remember, my scanner went into the dumpster because ants built a home in it.

Pleasant surprise !!

For some unknown reason, I visited some web locations this morning and saw this site. True story: I had no idea… How nice to know my thirty-four years of genealogical research will remain long after I am gone!! ~~~ PS: OMG, a search of my name reveals a library of information. Repeat: I had no idea…

A day of rest ?!

That little Hummingbird sat, motionless, for several minutes. It is rare to see them “sitting”and even rarer to capture an image. Today was my “day of rest.” I watchedand listenedto TV church. Tomorrow I return to the downsizing project (because we have beautiful weather). “Climbing the family tree”  must wait for inclement weather?!


Never leave home without it. That’s my (borrowed) statement and I’m sticking to it. After my nightmare driving experience a couple of days ago, I knew it was time to bring out the Garmin GPS and put it on the dashboard of my KIA. First, I wanted to update the maps because “that old thing” wouldn’t have details about the horrible Interstate construction. Frankly, I cannot accurately describe the horrible traffic problems due to construction on I-35 in Waco, Texas. On the road to the update, I had a unique experience I suspect was a scam.

I did a Google search for “Garmin GPS updates” and clicked on the one at the top of the list. I immediately had an individual ready to “chat.” Next, the request for my phone number so we could “talk.” On my Smartphone, with the speaker on, a young man worked diligently in an effort to assist me. My desktop computer seemed to have “a mind of its own” and I could never get to a place where the young man had access to my computer. How do I know he was “a young man”? In conversation, I told him I am eighty-six and he said I’m older than his grandparents “back in India.” The problems I encountered: (1) My internet WiFi stopped working, (2) the computer wouldn’t recognize the Garmin. I tried changing USB ports; I tried everything imaginable and I couldn’t get to the place where the young man could access my computer. Finally, we established an appointment for Monday at noon.

I repeatedly told the young man I’m so embarrassed because I’m usually skilled at navigating a computer. I apologized because “I hate to be a bother.”  He said it was not a bother and he was glad to help. After we hung up, I started thinking: “Why did he need access to my computer? The previous time I updated… it was an automatic thing.”  On another Google search, I chose a website identified as a Garmin website. It wasn’t miraculously simple but after a few attempts, I was able to update my GPSwithout human assistance.

Angel on my shoulder? My desktop computer “with a mind of its own”? Quite possibly, I was not the victim of a scam.

Peace of mind !!

Such a relief to finally have a valid driver’s license, and registration on the seldom-driven KIA. Because of my age, I couldn’t renew my driver’s license online. Because I moved from Polk County to McLennon County, I couldn’t renew the KIA tag online. As we all know, the Coronavirus played havoc with all business establishments. “Peace of mind”  to also, belatedly, title my Waco trailer-home in my name. You’ve heard me say it time and time again: I’ve been a “scaredy-cat” to leave the RV Park. Today, I applied the new sticker to the lower-left corner of the KIA windshield. I carefully filed all of yesterday’s paperwork in their appropriate place. I updated the checkbook register after yesterday’s major expenses.

Downsizing made simple ?!


Frankly, I hate to throw things away. I don’t think I’m a hoarder; I just keep things because “I might need it someday.”   OR, my recent intention to give away genealogy and household miscellaneous. With a few exceptions, I think a lot of things will end up in the trash.


Nice, new “padded mailers” are soaking wet!!

Heavy burden off my shoulders ?!

My driver’s license was expiring on my birthday–in March. In February, I booked an appointment and this is the date they gave me: April 23rd at 10:31 AM. Their email reminder said to “come early.” I left home at nine o’clock. Prior to my appointment, I had to answer questions on a two-page form (in tiny print). Gratefully, I took a magnifying glass with me!! ~~ Then I drove to downtown Waco to renew the KIA license. It was cold and windy, and we had to stand in line (six feet apart) for a frustrating length of time. I was under the impression I’d have to show “a valid driver’s license”… thus the delay renewing the expired  KIA license. While there, I successfully changed the title ownership for my trailer home. Remember, the purchase was in December 2019?! ~~ Believe me when I tell you I was terrified by the traffic; I was in a “public place” for (only) the fourth or fifth time in fourteen months. The H.E.B. market was the destination on those other outings. ~~ I’m ashamed to admit that I “got lost” going to both locations. Extra miles, extra stress!!





While “lost” and trying to find my way home, I saw Cracker Barrel. I almost never go into a nice “sit down” restaurant to dine alone. This was an exception!! I didn’t even look at the prices before I ordered!! “Fish” would be a treat.


Praise God, I got through the procrastinated paperwork, and home, before extremely heavy rain. It’s 3:40 PM as I publish this message and extremely heavy rain.”


PS and PSS: It got worse!! I’m not complaining!! Central Texas needs the rain.


OMG, a clap of thunder at 4:15 that really scared me. It sounded like it was in my yard. Could lightning strike twice in the same yard?? Remember, a tree in my yard was struck by lightning before I moved here. I created an actual “bottle tree.” A recent windstorm blew down the tree.