Heavy burden off my shoulders ?!

My driver’s license was expiring on my birthday–in March. In February, I booked an appointment and this is the date they gave me: April 23rd at 10:31 AM. Their email reminder said to “come early.” I left home at nine o’clock. Prior to my appointment, I had to answer questions on a two-page form (in tiny print). Gratefully, I took a magnifying glass with me!! ~~ Then I drove to downtown Waco to renew the KIA license. It was cold and windy, and we had to stand in line (six feet apart) for a frustrating length of time. I was under the impression I’d have to show “a valid driver’s license”… thus the delay renewing the expired  KIA license. While there, I successfully changed the title ownership for my trailer home. Remember, the purchase was in December 2019?! ~~ Believe me when I tell you I was terrified by the traffic; I was in a “public place” for (only) the fourth or fifth time in fourteen months. The H.E.B. market was the destination on those other outings. ~~ I’m ashamed to admit that I “got lost” going to both locations. Extra miles, extra stress!!





While “lost” and trying to find my way home, I saw Cracker Barrel. I almost never go into a nice “sit down” restaurant to dine alone. This was an exception!! I didn’t even look at the prices before I ordered!! “Fish” would be a treat.


Praise God, I got through the procrastinated paperwork, and home, before extremely heavy rain. It’s 3:40 PM as I publish this message and extremely heavy rain.”


PS and PSS: It got worse!! I’m not complaining!! Central Texas needs the rain.


OMG, a clap of thunder at 4:15 that really scared me. It sounded like it was in my yard. Could lightning strike twice in the same yard?? Remember, a tree in my yard was struck by lightning before I moved here. I created an actual “bottle tree.” A recent windstorm blew down the tree.

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