Green with envy !!

Green with envyFriends have swarms of Hummingbirds at their feeders. My only consolation: Maybe I’ll have more hummingbirds next year!!

Justine captured the first three  scenes:  ~~  ~~

Gary (or Christine) filmed this scene:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This afternoon I figured out how to open the video(s) on my computer–and how to insert them in my blog.  Wow!! (The next best thing to having Hummingbirds at my feeders is watching these scenes over and over!!) Gotta tell ya: This computer/blog challenge was prompted because, yesterday, I sat on Gary and Christine’s porch and actually experienced the awesome spectacle. Thanks, dear friends!!

Almost… but not quite !!

Rubbermaid rocking chair

Rain barrels


While browsing a thrift shop, I saw a Rubbermaid high back rocking chair. “Oh, that would be ideal for my patio!!”  Sadly, it had already been sold. To satisfy my curiosity, I searched the Internet (because I had never previously seen that chair before). OMG; too expensive!! ~~ I’ll spend over $100.00 for a composter and $100.00 (each) for rain barrels but I won’t spend over $100.00 for a plastic patio chair!!

It’s Sunday; I think I’ll rest–on my patio–in a cheap “garage sale” lawn chair. Rest… and read “the good book.”


See what popped up along the side of my computer screen. Google is trolling my messages–and my blog. It has been less than two hours since I originally published this message (about 9 A.M.) and I’m receiving  advertisements. I like that rain barrel, too, but who wants to pay $31.65 shipping?? Not Lorraine!!

I wrote about Google, et al, trolling my messages in a previous blog. Honestly, I enjoy reading my earlier messages. Check this one and laugh.