My funny Valentine !!

Ever buy gifts for yourself?? I do!! My newest… is all set up and (hopefully) beginning the work miracles with garbage scraps.

Ready to open the box

Ready to unpack the box

"Compost Tea" container in place

Depositing previously collected scraps

Comments about "compost tea."



Postscript, 5:00 PM: I just saw my first Robin (in Texas). There are a lot of birds visiting my yard and feeders!! Well, the Robin was in the yard but not at a feeder. 

3 comments on “My funny Valentine !!

  1. Deb says:

    I don’t know whether people add it to compost or not, but a lot of flowers and plants like coffee grounds…bet you can get them in abundance there! Your present looks good! (You had mentioned Amazon said it was just the box damaged).

    • The item was deeply discounted and identified as “used.” I “speculated” the packaging was damaged. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine someone returning a “used” composter!! ~~ At this time, I don’t plan to add coffee grounds to the mixture; I’ll add coffee grounds to specific plants. Yes, at CARE, a small mountain of coffee grounds are thrown away every day!!

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