Ready for “chapter two” !!

My handy traveling companion (on the right, second picture) says we will have rain and a thunder-storm today–and tomorrow.  I don’t want to hitch up in the rain (again) so got a head start.  ~~  I spent the week with “the big guy” (in the corner of the living room) but he gave me “the silent treatment.”  I don’t know what’s happening in the world!!  (Well, I could check the Internet; I have WiFi.)  If it weren’t for my handy traveling companions, I might not know the date, time, or weather!!  The gadget with the white border says it is 76 degrees but “feels like 91.”  It is hot and sultry so a rain shower will cool us off. (I have this lovely weather while friends in Vermont have 21 inches of snow!!)  ~~  Question: Why have that TV antenna and not send a line to the TV in the guest apartment?? Enquiring [sic] minds want to know! But, to answer my question: I needed a quiet atmosphere so I could rest.  I don’t rest at home: I have birds and squirrels to feed; I have “downsizing” projects begging my attention; I have a job. Soon I’ll be working in my garden. Never a dull moment!!

Hitched and ready to go.

Handy traveling companions.

Very large TV.

The antenna.

Florida Winter Wonderland !!

Near I-TEC.

What a difference a week makes!!  At this time last week, I had snow in my yard (in North Carolina).  My indoor-outdoor thermometer says it is currently 73 degrees at 11:00 AM (heading for a high of 78 degrees).  I’m near Ocala, Florida, and it is a bright sunny day.  I’m staying in the garage apartment–as the guest of Jesse Saint and I-TEC.  In a couple of days, I’ll head for a Good Sam Samboree near Palatka, Florida.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow !!

Bruised underarm.The scene of the accident.I’m here to shout the message: Praise God from Whom all blessings flow”!!  I only publish this blog to proclaim my gratitude for protection from an accident that could have sent me to the hospital.  I won’t list all the details; sufficient to say “I took a very bad fall into the tub / shower.”  I have aches and pain but no broken bones.  I’ll be OK!!  Glory to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The fall happened about 6:30 AM.  Much later I decided to take the picture of the tub with curtain and rod exactly where they landed.  ~~  While getting ready to go to bed [early] a little after 7:00 PM, I found the bruises.  It is a challenge to take a picture into a mirror!!  It took about a dozen “tries” to get this image.)


Sunday, Feb. 24th, 2013: Life is fickle!! An accident shortens the life of Christopher Reeve (Superman).  An accident curtails the activities of Steve Saint (Christian ambassador and entrepreneur).  Here I am (an old lady without fame or money) walking around with no obvious health problem.  So I’ll use my voice, and the power of the pen” (power of a blog on the Internet) to express my devotion and gratitude to God (my Heavenly Father).  Saved by grace!!

My “dream” home !!

I want this recreation vehicle!!  This morning I visited the little town of Dunnellon, Florida.  I “fell in love” with this RV the minute I saw it!!  If the price of gasoline weren’t so high, I’d be driving it right now!!  Well, the price of gasoline is a consideration but I’m a few dimes short of $54,000.  I didn’t see the inside but know it must be luxurious from the description. Speaking of gasoline: I’ve spent over $200. since Monday!!  I’m only 500 miles from my apartment.  But I can dream can’t I??

For Sale

Have RV, will travel.

Have RV, will travel.

Have RV, will travel.

Look at the features.

KIA & T@B at Lockport, NYCorrection: I’m completely happy with the God-given tiny T@B trailer!!

Visiting I-TEC

I’ve never been a fan of Disney World, Disney Land, and similar amusement parks.  I get a thrill visiting places like I-TEC near Dunnellon, Florida (near Ocala). I came to visit a friend and help him celebrate his 82nd birthday.  (He’s a volunteer at I-TEC but we met at JAARS.)  Second: I wanted to see “the flying car.”  ~~  Pictures according to content, not by time-stamp.

At the entrance.

The main building.

I-TEC sign on main building.

– – –

Waiting, and watching, for me.

Waiting, and watching, for me.

My "escort."

– – –

"The Flying Car"

"The Flying Car"

Technology beyond our comprehension.

– – –

Look at that propellar.

Subaru engine

Basic black.

– – –

Basic black (and blue).

I-TEC sign at the hanger.

I-TEC's hanger.

– – –

An early (retired) model.

A museum piece.

Used by I-TEC.

– – –

Repaired by I-TEC and for sale.

A medical doctor serving in Eqcudor.


– – –

Portable dental chair / table.

A key player in the drama.

Numerous pictures.

– – –

Numerous pictures.

Newspaper article.