Ready for “chapter two” !!

My handy traveling companion (on the right, second picture) says we will have rain and a thunder-storm today–and tomorrow.  I don’t want to hitch up in the rain (again) so got a head start.  ~~  I spent the week with “the big guy” (in the corner of the living room) but he gave me “the silent treatment.”  I don’t know what’s happening in the world!!  (Well, I could check the Internet; I have WiFi.)  If it weren’t for my handy traveling companions, I might not know the date, time, or weather!!  The gadget with the white border says it is 76 degrees but “feels like 91.”  It is hot and sultry so a rain shower will cool us off. (I have this lovely weather while friends in Vermont have 21 inches of snow!!)  ~~  Question: Why have that TV antenna and not send a line to the TV in the guest apartment?? Enquiring [sic] minds want to know! But, to answer my question: I needed a quiet atmosphere so I could rest.  I don’t rest at home: I have birds and squirrels to feed; I have “downsizing” projects begging my attention; I have a job. Soon I’ll be working in my garden. Never a dull moment!!

Hitched and ready to go.

Handy traveling companions.

Very large TV.

The antenna.

Florida Winter Wonderland !!

Near I-TEC.

What a difference a week makes!!  At this time last week, I had snow in my yard (in North Carolina).  My indoor-outdoor thermometer says it is currently 73 degrees at 11:00 AM (heading for a high of 78 degrees).  I’m near Ocala, Florida, and it is a bright sunny day.  I’m staying in the garage apartment–as the guest of Jesse Saint and I-TEC.  In a couple of days, I’ll head for a Good Sam Samboree near Palatka, Florida.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow !!

Bruised underarm.The scene of the accident.I’m here to shout the message: Praise God from Whom all blessings flow”!!  I only publish this blog to proclaim my gratitude for protection from an accident that could have sent me to the hospital.  I won’t list all the details; sufficient to say “I took a very bad fall into the tub / shower.”  I have aches and pain but no broken bones.  I’ll be OK!!  Glory to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The fall happened about 6:30 AM.  Much later I decided to take the picture of the tub with curtain and rod exactly where they landed.  ~~  While getting ready to go to bed [early] a little after 7:00 PM, I found the bruises.  It is a challenge to take a picture into a mirror!!  It took about a dozen “tries” to get this image.)


Sunday, Feb. 24th, 2013: Life is fickle!! An accident shortens the life of Christopher Reeve (Superman).  An accident curtails the activities of Steve Saint (Christian ambassador and entrepreneur).  Here I am (an old lady without fame or money) walking around with no obvious health problem.  So I’ll use my voice, and the power of the pen” (power of a blog on the Internet) to express my devotion and gratitude to God (my Heavenly Father).  Saved by grace!!

My “dream” home !!

I want this recreation vehicle!!  This morning I visited the little town of Dunnellon, Florida.  I “fell in love” with this RV the minute I saw it!!  If the price of gasoline weren’t so high, I’d be driving it right now!!  Well, the price of gasoline is a consideration but I’m a few dimes short of $54,000.  I didn’t see the inside but know it must be luxurious from the description. Speaking of gasoline: I’ve spent over $200. since Monday!!  I’m only 500 miles from my apartment.  But I can dream can’t I??

For Sale

Have RV, will travel.

Have RV, will travel.

Have RV, will travel.

Look at the features.

KIA & T@B at Lockport, NYCorrection: I’m completely happy with the God-given tiny T@B trailer!!

Visiting I-TEC

I’ve never been a fan of Disney World, Disney Land, and similar amusement parks.  I get a thrill visiting places like I-TEC near Dunnellon, Florida (near Ocala). I came to visit a friend and help him celebrate his 82nd birthday.  (He’s a volunteer at I-TEC but we met at JAARS.)  Second: I wanted to see “the flying car.”  ~~  Pictures according to content, not by time-stamp.

At the entrance.

The main building.

I-TEC sign on main building.

– – –

Waiting, and watching, for me.

Waiting, and watching, for me.

My "escort."

– – –

"The Flying Car"

"The Flying Car"

Technology beyond our comprehension.

– – –

Look at that propellar.

Subaru engine

Basic black.

– – –

Basic black (and blue).

I-TEC sign at the hanger.

I-TEC's hanger.

– – –

An early (retired) model.

A museum piece.

Used by I-TEC.

– – –

Repaired by I-TEC and for sale.

A medical doctor serving in Eqcudor.


– – –

Portable dental chair / table.

A key player in the drama.

Numerous pictures.

– – –

Numerous pictures.

Newspaper article.

Happy Birthday Carl !!

Jesse SaintMutual admiration society!! Carl loves the children; the children love Carl!!  I “cropped” the first picture (below); it’s my favorite.  ~~  We had been invited to the home of Jesse Saint to continue the birthday celebration.  The children made the crown.  They “smothered” Carl with love!! They were affectionate with this first-time visitor.  I loved every minute of the evening!!  We enjoyed hot fudge cake with ice cream.  (The children had fun with my camera!! Not all are displayed here.)


The oldest and the youngest!

All but Daddy.

The cat that ate the canary!!  (See that smile??)

Carl Smithson with 2 of 7 children.

Hot fudge cake and ice cream.

Hot fudge cake and ice cream.

The children had fun with my camera.

The children had fun with my camera.

The children had fun with my camera.

The children had fun with my camera.

The children had fun with my camera.

Mother of seven, and she home schools.  A backyard full of animals.  Paradise!!

Mother of seven, and she home schools. A backyard full of animals. Paradise!!

Carl has a new puppy !!

SN852795Actually Monday, Feb. 25th, 2013, and appropriate for this blog to follow the others regarding my visit to I-TEC and celebration of Carl’s 82nd birthday. This weekend Carl found this little long hair Chihuahua that captured his heart. Isn’t that the cutest face?  Easy to fall in love with him!! (The puppy!  Carl is a curmudgeon.   Don’t tell him I said that.  He never reads my blogs so he’ll never know.)

Heading toward a warmer climate !!

I was cold and wet when I pulled out of the JAARS RV Park at 10:30 Tuesday morning. It rained all day and I was exhausted when I stopped at a Walmart in Georgia, not far from Florida.  I was in my sleeping bag before 8:00 PM.  I didn’t sleep well because I was cold!!  It was too cold to get up and find the second sleeping bag for “sleeping bag inside a sleeping bag.”  Fifty-two degrees when I hastily dressed–at 5:30 AM Wednesday–and drove to the nearby MacDonald’s.

Ready to leave the JAARS RV Park.

Walmart parking lot.

Walmart parking lot near the garden center.