Praise God from Whom all blessings flow !!

Bruised underarm.The scene of the accident.I’m here to shout the message: Praise God from Whom all blessings flow”!!  I only publish this blog to proclaim my gratitude for protection from an accident that could have sent me to the hospital.  I won’t list all the details; sufficient to say “I took a very bad fall into the tub / shower.”  I have aches and pain but no broken bones.  I’ll be OK!!  Glory to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The fall happened about 6:30 AM.  Much later I decided to take the picture of the tub with curtain and rod exactly where they landed.  ~~  While getting ready to go to bed [early] a little after 7:00 PM, I found the bruises.  It is a challenge to take a picture into a mirror!!  It took about a dozen “tries” to get this image.)


Sunday, Feb. 24th, 2013: Life is fickle!! An accident shortens the life of Christopher Reeve (Superman).  An accident curtails the activities of Steve Saint (Christian ambassador and entrepreneur).  Here I am (an old lady without fame or money) walking around with no obvious health problem.  So I’ll use my voice, and the power of the pen” (power of a blog on the Internet) to express my devotion and gratitude to God (my Heavenly Father).  Saved by grace!!

6 comments on “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow !!

  1. Were you holding on to the shower curtain and pull it down with you??? You were lucky – there must have been a guardian angel looking out for you for sure.

  2. sadaemon says:

    I hope you went to the doctor, and will follow his/her advice. I’m glad it was not worse!

  3. Deb says:

    Ice helps lessen bruising, but maybe only if it’s applied sooner. Still, it can’t do anything but help with pain and swelling. Perhaps you should let someone know who might want to put safety (nonskid) strips in the tub. So glad it’s not even worse…but that’s bad enough.

  4. Sincere THANKS for the comments here and directed to my e-mail account. With the force of the fall, I could have split my head wide open. The whip-lash might have broken my neck!! It’s a miracle I don’t have broken bones. The bruises are black and ugly. But, with some “taking it easy” time I expect to recover nicely.

  5. OK, OK, here are the details as I wrote them to one of my sympathizers (and I bury them here where very few people will read it):

    Hello Eric,

    No, I didn’t go to the doctor. I follow “holistic health” and haven’t been to a doctor since a broken arm many years ago. We don’t “know” one another so I feel I have the freedom to share the details of my fall. I won’t tell family and friends the specifics. But if I can give someone a smile, or a laugh, it is worth sharing.

    You can have a BIG belly laugh over this: I had just taken a shower, dried off, and was standing one legged (like a stork) starting to put on a pair of panties. I lost my balance and fell backwards into the tub. No, I didn’t have time to grab the shower curtain. The curtain and rod came crashing down on me. Imagine my legs outside the tub, my buttock in the bottom of the tub; my head crashing against the tile of the back wall. Perhaps I hit the faucet because the bruise under my right arm might be the result of hitting it. The water started running… and I was sitting there dazed. I was in such an awkward position and asked myself: “How do I get up?”. First I swung my legs into the tub, then turned around so I could get to my knees and crawl out of the tub. There isn’t anything to grab hold of!! (At my apartment, at home, in my shower, we have safety bars—for old folks like me.)

    Oh, I could have had broken bones and a concussion. Carl was to pick me up at 7 to go to breakfast. I wouldn’t have been isolated from help for very long but I was embarrassed just thinking of Carl finding me naked in the tub. (Are you laughing??)

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