Life savers ?

With the temperature setting at the lowest point, the decades-old heated mattress pad shields me from the cold air radiating from the air-mattress. I’m sleeping so comfortably. (Sleeping so comfortably on the new $117.00 twin-size air mattress.)


So much valuable information at my fingertips. I’ve been frustrated with poor sound from my new flat-screen television. An Internet search directed me to “settings” (on my TV) and I was able to switch speakers to “external” (soundbar). Gratefully, I have a well-worn–but dependable–soundbar (so no new expense).

Ordered a new computer

Correction: I ordered a refurbished computer at 9:50 AM.

Why? I’ve been getting “blue screen(s)” on my “old” laptop computer and I’m afraid the computer will die and I won’t be able to move files to a new (refurbished) computer. It is very, very important to me to save my pictures. The blog is available from any computer but Picasa (for photos) is unavailable (even unavailable from my second [newer] laptop).

Now: The subject I talk about ad nauseam. I’ve received three requests, this month, for help with family history. In my humble opinion, I cannot lose contact with I will be forced to learn “Windows-10” and (quite frankly) “this old lady” does not need all the sophisticated features. I was very happy with Window-7 but it is no longer supported by Microsoft. “They” (Microsoft) remind me daily that my operating system is “no longer supported.”  Hopefully, after February 12th, I’ll be able to upload pictures and the reader will see my new (refurbished) Dell computer on my new table.

Yes, the computer (and accessories) are an additional expense (at a time when I’ve had major expenses)! However, computers and genealogy play a big role in my life so I (sorta) believe the purchase is as necessary as my morning coffee.

A very very very good Friday !!

A sunny (but not very warm) day and I left home to accomplish a couple of tasks. I found the proper office and signed up to vote in Waco. A very nice lady assisted and even stated she would advise Polk County of my relocation. Then I went to the enormous H.E.B.-Plus  for groceries.  Oops! Before H.E.B., I stopped at an enormous Goodwill Outlet. I bought a large red stuffed dog because “red” is the accent color in my living-room dining-room. The Goodwill  clerk was chatty and told me about the Dr. Pepper Museum and other sites of interest. While in the market, I approached a “bank” (in the store) and inquired about opening an account. Another very nice lady was eager to help me and, in my humble opinion, she (the Assistant Manager) walked “the second mile” for me. (I won’t elaborate the details but “over and above” helpful.) Several hours were spent browsing the huge market (close to my new home). While I was checking out, the clerk was chatty and very helpful. She–and the young lady who bagged my groceries–offered to take my groceries to my car and unload them. Honestly, all this kindness and helpfulness is new to me.

**If** I could add pictures to this blog message, I would introduce the reader to “Red.” Furthermore, the title of this blog would have been “Lorraine adopted a dog.” That title would capture the attention of some of my dog-owner friends.

“Thirty days has September…

April, June and November.”

Thirty days in Waco, Texas–but I couldn’t think of any rhyming words to emphasize the occasion. I only enjoyed half a night’s sleep because so many things “to do.”

One item haunts me: Register the car within thirty days. But here are the qualifications: (1) Inspection and get a certificate; (2) current registration; (3) proof of insurance; (4) cash or credit card. “They” won’t take a check that isn’t “local” with my name and address printed on the check.

I’ve only left my new home twice this month. If I drive around I’ll see an inspection station. But where is a Bank? I did a Google search for the Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles and have their address. Google Maps says “fifteen-minutes” drive. That will be a nightmare experience (for me) because of the horrible traffic.

I need to register to vote before February 2nd. (Reregister because I’ve voted consistently in Livingston.) I went on the Internet, found the proper site, and filled in all the required information only to read (at the bottom of the page) that I need to print the form and mail to Elections Administration Office. I don’t have a printer and I seldom need a printer. That office is located “about a fifteen-minute drive.”

**If** the weather had been pleasant, I would have braved the traffic. It just didn’t make sense (to me) to drive in rain, or fog, in an unknown city, in un-Godly traffic.

This illustration comes to my mind: I’m running on a track and I have “hurdles” I need to jump every few feet. Can you picture it in your mind?

Thirty days in Waco….

Happy Thursday


The earlier blog message is documentation of my experiences, not a complaint. Forgive me if the earlier (3:45 AM) message sounds negative. “The old lady”  loves her new home and she is happy to have the mobility and wherewithal to tackle the challenges in her life, in this new community.

Hoppin’ mad !!!

“The old lady”  is up to her earlobes with requests for assistance with their family history. She was reminded of this earlier blog message (below) published on 17 Mar 2019. I have a strong dislike for Ancestry  Member Family Trees. Here’s the link to another message that is amusing. ~~ No time to “blog” but time to search back through old messages while enjoying the second cup of coffee.

Even my relatives can’t accurately document the family!! I arrived at Benjamin Franklin Traxler via a circuitous route. I was climbing a different branch of the tree and found an individual who was buried in the LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery in LaVerne, Los Angeles County, California. So I did a detour to add details about the book I published (1989) with the title LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions. That prompted me to add the information to my grandparents (who [indirectly] prompted me to prepare the publication). While working with Grandma (Traxler) Frantz, my eye caught “Benjamin Franklin Traxler.” I thought: “Hum, that’s not right.”  Her brother was Benjamin Harrison Traxler. I rushed head-long into accurate descriptions. “Descriptions” meant pictures. The sad truth: There were a dozen Ancestry Member Family Trees with the wrong information. “They” copied… and I suspect “they” didn’t even read the details about the individuals. If I had a dollar for every mistake I’ve corrected, I’d be rich!! (LOL)  🙂 


Uncomplicate my life ?!

My possessions clutter the living quarters, porch, yard, carport and storage building. The weather has been too disagreeable to spend time outdoors. (Thick fog yesterday morning, and rain last night. This is a cold, gloomy morning.)

Yesterday I discovered I have an uninvited guest. It may be a GIANT cockroach, or mouse or rat. The rooms were almost dark; the only light was the television as I watched America’s Got Talent Champions. Something moved across the floor: “OMG, what’s that?”  Now I have “Decon” on my grocery list. But the traffic here terrifies me and I’ve neglected grocery shopping and other trips. I need to go to DMV to change the address on my driver’s license. Is it too late to register (here) to vote? I won’t bore you with the TO DO list.

Yes, my head has been in the computer (lol).


“To do or not to do, that is the question.”  I love the computer(s) but they operate on Windows-7 and that operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft. As commented earlier, numerous problems with my “old” laptop. I’m rarely able to upload pictures from my “old” Canon camera. I love taking pictures and adding them to my blog. Do I buy a new computer and a new camera? ~~ Perhaps I’m experiencing a router” problem and I should leave the local provider (Spectrum) and return to Hughes Internet service?

Shame, shame, Lorraine !?

Seven PM and I just shifted from Ancestry to prepare this message. I’ve spent twelve hours searching more information about the Varner family tree. As I said in an earlier blog message, I have a tiger by the tail and I can’t let go!!