Ordered a new computer

Correction: I ordered a refurbished computer at 9:50 AM.

Why? I’ve been getting “blue screen(s)” on my “old” laptop computer and I’m afraid the computer will die and I won’t be able to move files to a new (refurbished) computer. It is very, very important to me to save my pictures. The blog is available from any computer but Picasa (for photos) is unavailable (even unavailable from my second [newer] laptop).

Now: The subject I talk about ad nauseam. I’ve received three requests, this month, for help with family history. In my humble opinion, I cannot lose contact with Ancestry.com. I will be forced to learn “Windows-10” and (quite frankly) “this old lady” does not need all the sophisticated features. I was very happy with Window-7 but it is no longer supported by Microsoft. “They” (Microsoft) remind me daily that my operating system is “no longer supported.”  Hopefully, after February 12th, I’ll be able to upload pictures and the reader will see my new (refurbished) Dell computer on my new table.

Yes, the computer (and accessories) are an additional expense (at a time when I’ve had major expenses)! However, computers and genealogy play a big role in my life so I (sorta) believe the purchase is as necessary as my morning coffee.

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