Revival !!


The air-conditioner seems to be working efficiently this morning. It’s nine o’clock as I write this and I’m wearing a jacket because it feels so cold inside my trailer home. Frankly, I call it a miracle that the air-conditioner is functioning after yesterday’s seeming melt-down.

Thinking about “resurrected life,” it was a good time to take pictures of plants that I believed were dead–but, gratefully, are blooming and/or producing veggies.

Pepper plant

Zuchinni plant

Cucumber plant

Tomato plants

Bird feeders

Temperature at eight


After filling bird feeders, watering plants, and fresh water in the fountain/bird bath, I was forced indoors due to the humidity. Atmospheric conditions play havoc with television reception. That message appears frequently on my TV screen. I can live without television; I cannot survive without air-conditioning. I have no explanation for non-function of A/C yesterday afternoon. Quite simply: Just too hot outdoors; it couldn’t compete??? ~~ No relief from the heat (according to meteorologist’); this afternoon may be a re-run.

Humidity at eight


Air-conditioner in the ceiling

Question mark with figure scratching head

In this heat, almost (almost “almost”) want to become a nudist (inside my home). Too much information?? Furthermore, I’m suffering with a cold because of the yo-yo temperatures. Almost naked last night, jacket this morning!!!!

Wednesday’s Chronicle

Feels like 101

Forecast for the week

Temperature at one-fourteen

Temperature at four-twenty


Remember the saying “Houston, we have a problem”?? ~~ Well, eighty miles from Houston (more or less), “Lorraine, you have a problem.”

I spent the afternoon in the CARE Center with a good book and a very informative seminar with our wonderful nurse practitioner. I came “home” to check the temperature–and will promptly return to the air-conditioned CARE Center.


Actual temp at five-fifteen

Feels like 109 at five-fifteen


Door wide openClose up of thermometerTrue story: I lived on the Mojave Desert of Southern California for over forty years. I never suffered from the heat the way I suffer in Texas.


90 degrees at eight-thirtyBy opening the door, there was perceived relief–in some small measure. The inside of my trailer home felt like a sauna!!


MidnightIt’s a miracle!! When I went to bed–about ten–the trailer was “an oven.” I honestly believed the air-conditioner was defunct. What a wonderful surprise!! 


IBM PC JrTelevision commercials are advertising Windows 10. “No, thank you; I’ll stay with Windows 7.” Briefly, I had Windows 8 (with my brand-new [threes years ago] laptop) but it was “driving me crazy” (I don’t “swipe”). I returned the purchase and looked for Windows 7. ~~ I’ve been using computers for decades; I started… prior to the introduction of Windows 3.0. I’m truly an “old-timer.” My first computer was an IBM-PC Jr.

Smiley face with bookI don’t have a “smart phone“; I have an old-fashioned simple cell flip phone. I don’t own a Kindle or IOS device. I sit with a magazine, or book, when I want to read. Well, in the interest of full disclosure: I read a lot of information–from the Internet–on my laptop computer screen. (I had to search for details about IOS devices and smart phone.)

Smiley face female with laptop computerOnly recently, I joined the Facebook community because I want to support the Escapees CARE Facebook page. I don’t Twitter, text, and all those things that fill the hours for many individuals. I garden (just follow my blog); I love to spend time on my laptop computer preparing blog messages (about my garden and/or the weather). Family history still fascinates me (check my website Frantz Families–Kith & Kin). ~~ Smiley face symbol with LOLI’m a bird watcher; the birds eat better than I do!!

Rhetorical question*

Indoor-outdoor at eighty degrees

Outdoors is eighty-five

Eighty-two indoors and outdoors

Eighty-eight outdoors

JustSmiley face with question mark over head curious!!

Totally unrelated: Where are the Hummingbirds?? There are flowers in my garden, and fresh nectar in the feeder, but no Hummingbirds. ~~ Dozens of other birds….
*Rhetorical question.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temperature outdoors at three-thirty

Indoor-outdoor at three-thirty

Oscillating fanWhere do you want to spend Eternity?


Feels like temperature
In my humble opinion, avoid “the alternative” at all costs!!