Revival !!


The air-conditioner seems to be working efficiently this morning. It’s nine o’clock as I write this and I’m wearing a jacket because it feels so cold inside my trailer home. Frankly, I call it a miracle that the air-conditioner is functioning after yesterday’s seeming melt-down.

Thinking about “resurrected life,” it was a good time to take pictures of plants that I believed were dead–but, gratefully, are blooming and/or producing veggies.

Pepper plant

Zuchinni plant

Cucumber plant

Tomato plants

Bird feeders

Temperature at eight


After filling bird feeders, watering plants, and fresh water in the fountain/bird bath, I was forced indoors due to the humidity. Atmospheric conditions play havoc with television reception. That message appears frequently on my TV screen. I can live without television; I cannot survive without air-conditioning. I have no explanation for non-function of A/C yesterday afternoon. Quite simply: Just too hot outdoors; it couldn’t compete??? ~~ No relief from the heat (according to meteorologist’); this afternoon may be a re-run.

Humidity at eight


Air-conditioner in the ceiling

Question mark with figure scratching head

In this heat, almost (almost “almost”) want to become a nudist (inside my home). Too much information?? Furthermore, I’m suffering with a cold because of the yo-yo temperatures. Almost naked last night, jacket this morning!!!!

Wednesday’s Chronicle

Feels like 101

Forecast for the week

Temperature at one-fourteen

Temperature at four-twenty


Remember the saying “Houston, we have a problem”?? ~~ Well, eighty miles from Houston (more or less), “Lorraine, you have a problem.”

I spent the afternoon in the CARE Center with a good book and a very informative seminar with our wonderful nurse practitioner. I came “home” to check the temperature–and will promptly return to the air-conditioned CARE Center.


Actual temp at five-fifteen

Feels like 109 at five-fifteen


Door wide openClose up of thermometerTrue story: I lived on the Mojave Desert of Southern California for over forty years. I never suffered from the heat the way I suffer in Texas.


90 degrees at eight-thirtyBy opening the door, there was perceived relief–in some small measure. The inside of my trailer home felt like a sauna!!


MidnightIt’s a miracle!! When I went to bed–about ten–the trailer was “an oven.” I honestly believed the air-conditioner was defunct. What a wonderful surprise!! 


IBM PC JrTelevision commercials are advertising Windows 10. “No, thank you; I’ll stay with Windows 7.” Briefly, I had Windows 8 (with my brand-new [threes years ago] laptop) but it was “driving me crazy” (I don’t “swipe”). I returned the purchase and looked for Windows 7. ~~ I’ve been using computers for decades; I started… prior to the introduction of Windows 3.0. I’m truly an “old-timer.” My first computer was an IBM-PC Jr.

Smiley face with bookI don’t have a “smart phone“; I have an old-fashioned simple cell flip phone. I don’t own a Kindle or IOS device. I sit with a magazine, or book, when I want to read. Well, in the interest of full disclosure: I read a lot of information–from the Internet–on my laptop computer screen. (I had to search for details about IOS devices and smart phone.)

Smiley face female with laptop computerOnly recently, I joined the Facebook community because I want to support the Escapees CARE Facebook page. I don’t Twitter, text, and all those things that fill the hours for many individuals. I garden (just follow my blog); I love to spend time on my laptop computer preparing blog messages (about my garden and/or the weather). Family history still fascinates me (check my website Frantz Families–Kith & Kin). ~~ Smiley face symbol with LOLI’m a bird watcher; the birds eat better than I do!!

Rhetorical question*

Indoor-outdoor at eighty degrees

Outdoors is eighty-five

Eighty-two indoors and outdoors

Eighty-eight outdoors

JustSmiley face with question mark over head curious!!

Totally unrelated: Where are the Hummingbirds?? There are flowers in my garden, and fresh nectar in the feeder, but no Hummingbirds. ~~ Dozens of other birds….
*Rhetorical question.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temperature outdoors at three-thirty

Indoor-outdoor at three-thirty

Oscillating fanWhere do you want to spend Eternity?


Feels like temperature
In my humble opinion, avoid “the alternative” at all costs!!

Climbing the family tree

Climbing the family treeSmiley face female with laptop computerA “cousin” contacted me…

and I spent Sunday afternoon at the computer, on, trying to graft his branch to my Frantz tree.

Smiley face BOOK with magnifying glassIt was a beastly HOT afternoon and the best way to spend my time was sitting virtually motionless in front of an oscillating fan. Air-conditioner was laboring… but no match for the 99 and 100 degrees outdoors and 87-88 degrees indoors. The “feels like” temperature was over 100 degrees. (Forgive me, I’m repeating myself. I’ve bored you to death with blogs about the heat.)

eXperiment ?!

Live and learn?!

Temperature early morning

Temperature about six-thirty

Temperature at six-forty

Condensation on window

Condensation and angel
Smiley face with one thumbs up one down

I’ll report back to let you know whether my trailer home remained cooler…. I’m curious!! Will extremely cold interior (overnight) translate to cooler temperature indoors later in the day?? Maybe our triple digit temperature is just an overload for a “recreation vehicle” air-conditioner??

Temperature at eleven

Temperature at twelve

Temperature at three

Temperature at four

Temperature at five

Indoor and outdoor at fiveThe conclusion; the answer to my experiment: Very cold, inside, at night, does not guarantee inside will be cool in the afternoon.Smiley face disappointed

Outdoor temperature at eight

Indoor outdoor temperature at eight-fifteen

Freezing indoors at three-thirtyPostscript, Sunday morning, July 26th: This borders on insanity?! The trailer is freezing cold; I am wearing a jacket and fuzzy slippers. Punishment at all hours of the day: Freezing in the morning and baking in the afternoon!!

FYI: I “upped” the thermostat, went back to bed, and covered up with a blanket!!

Eighty degrees indoors and outdoors