Air hug

When I see that another Ancestry subscriber copied information in my tree, it’s like a BIG “air hug.” I aim for 200% accuracy so “caring is sharing.”

“Just a janitor”

Imagine the hours required to compare information (in Ancestry) prior to creating a collage. As frequently stated: I aim for 200% accuracy. Imagine more than one hour required to prepare this blog message and have it “picture perfect.”

Truth or consequences

True story: If I didn’t have trees to climb and images for my blog, I would have gone crazy these past two years!! By nature, I am a “social butterfly” (and former Queen of a chapter of the Red Hat Society). I get so lonesome for human companionship!! This morning, residents enjoyed the “first Saturday of the month breakfast” in the Clubhouse. I loved every minute of the fellowship!! I saw next-door neighbors for the first time in many months. ~~ (“Truth” about my endless hours on the computer and my state of mind, and the “consequences” if I didn’t have such an entertaining hobby.) ~~