More “goodies” !!

All the two dollar stuff
Jack-O-Lantern garden flagI can’t resist a yard sale!! Especially one almost in my back yard. Today, Thrift ‘n Gift is so anxious to get rid of all the extra stuff, they dropped the price to $2.00 a bag. My “treasures” include (obviously) more clear glass vases, a sturdy Christmas Tree base,and “gizmos” to support plants (so they don’t droop), Two “garden flags” were begging for a home, and “Jack” was immediately put on display (“yes” a bit faded but ’tis the season).

The CARE maintenance staff is cutting down the trees across the field from my trailer home. I plan to find a two-inch limb and strip it down so I have a tree trunk. Then I’ll attach the braces for branches and bottles/vases. (Watch for pictures of the finished product,)

Christmas tree base

Tree base and branches

Hidden from sight, between the two garden flags, there is a black bag. I can (and will) use it for more “evacuation” items. I’ve collected more (for evacuation) and need another bag to transport all. Let’s hope, and pray, we never need to evacuate!!

The red & white flannel-back tablecloth will serve as another cover for my plants when/if we have freezing temperatures. I have lots of old sheets but one more cover may come in handy?!

Shopping spree !!

So much fun, I forgot my aches and pains!!

Habitat ReStore purchases

Branches for an eventual tree







From Habitat for Humanity Resale store.


Base for gazing globe (1)

Base for gazing globe (2)

CARE's fifty cent sale

Seven dollar purchase

Lovely crystal vases

Spiky thing for bottle weeds

Imagine their eventual transformation

Twenty-five vases

Dollar Tree vases



You’ll agree with me that I have an adequate inventory of vases for all my “bottle tree” projects?! ~~ Today’s “treasures” for less than $15.00.

Savvy American Shopper (SAS)

SAS shoesHa haA play on words!! At the Senior Citizen’s thrift shop, I found and purchased a pair of SAS shoes–for $1.00. See the identical shoes on the SAS website–for $157.00. I know the brand; I knew I was blessed to find them in my size. Frankly, I had worn out all my “work” shoes and was seriously in need of shoes for Fall and Winter. Maybe these are “too nice” for yard work?

carnival-glass-pitcherSame thrift shop, same day, I purchased a Carnival Glass Pitcher identical to the one pictured at the left. I’m confident the Thrift Shop had no idea it was an antique. On-the-other-hand, maybe they were just glad for the $2.00 sale?? I searched eBay and found the pitcher priced from $19.99 to $45.00. Several vendors wanted more for shipping than they were asking for the item. Imagine?! ~~ I promptly donated the pitcher to the CARE Thrift ‘n Gift shop (and it may sell for $20.00 or more).

Learn something new every day !!

Today, I shared my “bottle mania” with two artist friends (real paint brush artists). I told them of my trip to Livingston in search of red, green, and blue bottles/vases. They told me how to paint the inside of clear glass bottles/vases. Duh, why didn’t I think of that? Mary Alice mentioned the small, inexpensive paint in the artist’s supply section of Walmart. I chimed in: “I have some; I bought a small container so I could paint my name (and Shirley’s) on our ladders.” The project is so simple!! Now I know how to accomplish “cobalt blue” for future patriotic display.

Clear glass vase and paint container

One painted vase

Two painted vases


Postscript/afterthought: I added a small amount of water to the paint container and shook violently. That little $2.00 container goes a long way!! After the paint dried, I did a second coat. Honestly, the container isn’t empty.

Operation Christmas Child

Yesterday, I was reminded of Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. Several years ago, all year-long, I collected items for shoe boxes. While in Dollar Tree, yesterday, I recognized that another shopper was buying for shoe boxes. It’s obvious when there are a dozen boxes of Crayons,  small toys, combs, socks, barefoot sandals, etc. I stopped to visit with the lady and compliment her for her endeavor. I told her Operation Christmas Child had been an all year project for me. Today I looked back at my earlier blog messages on the subject. (Since I left volunteer service with Wycliffe Bible Translators, [regrettably] I drifted away from the worthy project.)

Three 2011 messages on my previous blog site regarding Operation Christmas Child.

Four messages on this site:

Christmas only six months away, July 8, 2012

Be a part of reaching 100 million children, Oct. 11, 2012

My contribution to Operation Christmas Child, Nov. 4, 2012

Little things make me happy, Nov 13, 2012: “Yesterday, I delivered the fifteen shoe boxes to a nearby Operation Christmas Child collection center.  I’m preparing several more shoe boxes, and plan to work at the nearby collection center this next Saturday.”

Serendipity (and Sadness)!! Nov. 17, 2012