Goof up !!

As I prepared to drive into Livingston (10:00 AM) for necessary business, discovered the cell phone was dead. To paraphrase a TV commercial (American Express) “Don’t leave home without it.”  So-o-o (while phone is charging), I’m back on the computer to comment on a couple of interesting things. (1) An email message from indicated a comment posted on one of my ancestors. The individual challenged my data. So I explored further and found my “sources” were wrong. Actually, “sources” were correct but attached to the wrong person. I’m obsessive-compulsive about sources, and accuracy!! So, I must be even more diligent!! (2) Interesting segment on the NBC-Today Show about It’s in the Genes (click inside link to view video). (3) Valuable information about Sore Back Solutions. (“Sore Back Solutions” grabbed my attention because it accurately described my relationship to the computer.) To repeat something I wrote in an earlier blog; I don’t sit and watch TV, I listen while working at the computer. I confess to turning my chair to “watch” a segment that grabs my attention. ~~ Weather is “pleasant” but severe cold predicted for the weekend.

Productive Thursday afternoon

Went to Livingston and (thankfully) able to mark some “must do”  off the “to do”  list. New battery in my watch–but no haircut. Arrived home about 2:40 and quickly took the picture of indoor and outdoor temperature. I was rushing to cover the plants while so delightfully warm and pleasant. Difficult to comprehend the predicted drop in temperature Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. >>>> Check my blog message for 17 January 2018. That deep freeze killed half my plants. So soon after eviction from the Escapees CARE Center, I was ill prepared to provide plant protection.

Four my amusement !!

“No”  not a spelling error; intentional use of number “four.” For my amusement, four squirrels alternating between the six bird feeders just outside my front door (patio area). One squirrel on the “twister” (front yard) but the corn has been consumed so he’s frustrated.

Music to my ears ?

“Yes,”  exactly what I needed to hear: Our Daily Bread for January 16th. My vision has gotten so bad, I turned to the Internet to read the devotion. Most books, magazines, etc., have such small print, I can’t read….  With the computer, I can “punch up” (control & plus-sign) and read websites. Perhaps you’ve noticed that my blog messages are in large bold print?

Tea time ?!

Watching the Dr. Oz show (love, love, love, Dr. Oz) and he introduced the viewers to uses from tea. He said something like “You received tea for Christmas and don’t know what to do with it.”  I did (receive tea) but I know what to do (traditionally): “Drink tea.” ~~ I love the idea of making “tea broth” or adding tea to other types of broth, or oatmeal.

Give Tea Broth a Try

Ditch the traditional chicken, beef, and vegetable broths. Tea broth can be used in their place when you’re boiling pasta, rice, grains, and oatmeal, but without the added calories. This can be created with virtually any tea of your choosing, as long as it is a lightly brewed tea. To create the broth, steep your tea in water or milk to infuse the flavor. Don’t skip out on vegetables and herbs, but instead use the tea broth as a way to give your dish a delightful aroma and taste. Try infusing your milk with oolong tea before you make oatmeal, or steeping green tea in your chicken soup for added body and a fresh new flavor.

Serious business ?!

On a day when “too cold” to work outdoors, I “dug in” to some of the kitchen cupboards to locate items  to donate. Guess what I returned to one cupboard: Serving containers for veggies, or cookies. “Too few” social events (potlucks, etc.) but “I may need them some day.”  However, now, extra space for storage containers, and canned goods. ~~ A friend is challenging me to spend time every week “downsizing.” No more procrastination! Have you noticed? According to the  news media, “downsizing”  is the new “in” thing.