People are funny !!

Most of my readers are too young to remember Art Linkletter and People Are Funny. The expression came to mind as I glanced at an obituary before deleting it. The obituary arrived late last night, via email, and captured my attention first thing this morning. All I did (“first thing this morning”) was copy the written text and proceed to document it with the individual in my family tree. I seldom look at the supplementary information sent along with the obituaries. I do not know “why” I glanced at it… before deleting it. “OMG!! That’s funny.”  (That’s a copy of my information….)

Today, I went “far and wide” (as I usually do) documenting additional information regarding the extended family. I created an image that illustrates familial ancestry as I saw it today. I spent about two hours researching to correct misinformation. ~~~~ (It’s my medicine.)

Hodge podge

Recently, three statements have caught my attention. Last one first: “Possessed by our possessions”  from the lips of one of my favorite television pastors (7:05 AM, 16 May 2022). Second: “Sitting is the new smoking”  by Jesse Watters, a favorite FOX television host (7:00 PM, 10 May 2022). Third: “If something is hurting, something’s wrong”  by the chiropractor, Dr. Scott Hannen, on TBN Christian TV “Praise” (13 May 2022). (Yes, they were so arresting, I wrote them down.)

God, my Heavenly Father, was speaking to me through Dr. Scott Hannen!! “OK, OK, I’ll try to take care of my health.”  In less than twenty-four hours my experiences went from bad to worse; from cramps and pain in the legs, and fatigue, to pain so severe I could hardly move. (Dr. Google suggests Pericarditis.)

This morning, this is the scene that greeted me. I believe there is “a message” but I haven’t the revelation (yet). “Murderer?”

Red letter day !!

One of my granddaughters phoned yesterday and we had a long conversation. Oh boy, oh joy!! I’m pretending that I am “in the picture” with my son and his grandchildren.


Prepared on Saturday and scheduled for Sunday.

Saturday soliloquy

Yesterday, I received email messages requesting information. I responded indicating I had nothing new to expand on the information I shared in September 2021. In my database, I recognize that (at that earlier date) I shared an abundance of information… and developed our “cousin connection.” Out of curiosity (this morning), I clicked on a link to his tree and was met with disappointment. Mysteriously, my “note” appeared (and I didn’t remember that I had a “private” note). ~~ My mind and body is moving slowly these days!! I had an invitation to ride to Walmart (this morning) with a neighbor but had to decline because I haven’t a teaspoon of energy.

Somebody’s gotta do it !!

Not a “dirty job” but Lorraine’s gotta do it!!


I don’t have an answer to my refrigerator problem. The freeze performs a contradiction: (1) It builds up water and creates an ever-larger block of ice in the bottom. (2) Almost every night, water seeps out and a small puddle in front of the refrigeratorfreezer (and it is destroying the floor).

Friday frustration

The website for the Waco Library says “contact us.”   I sent them a thoroughly detailed email messageand have not received a reply. “They” have my phone number and email address. ~~ Boxes of poem books have been in the car–ready for deliverysince May 4th. Other boxes of books are ready to load. **If** I decided to go shopping for groceries, there is no space for purchases. ~~ “Frustrating,” because, with limited energy, I work on projects with limited results.