“Haste makes waste”

An oft-repeated expression by my mother and probably by her mother. I grew up with quotes and aphorisms (my husband hated them).

Yesterday I approached a sidelined scanning project. I loved the content(s); I hated to scan and discard the “camera ready” pages. Perhaps you would enjoy reading about my trip to Nantucket Island in 1992?

Yesterday, I scanned; I paid a lot of attention to details because I was working with 219 pages. No, I didn’t scan all at one time; I did in sections. Then I combined… and (when double-checking) found four pages error.

I checked all the “help” features in PaperPort (software) for adding pages. But the instructions didn’t match features available on my computer screen. I searched… but never found a satisfying solution.

Last night, and hours today, trying to “cut” sections and “paste” them into a new document.

Bottom line: I could have accomplished the project in less time if I’d started over from the beginning. But it was a challenge and I love computer challenges. It made me sad to throw away pages destined to be copies for great-grandchildren. What’s a gal to do?? I cannot continue to store all these boxes!!


Check back later; I’ll have a link so you can read the book. This afternoon, weary and cautious, I postponed merging the sections for fear I’d duplicate yesterday’s blunder.

Black & white picture of reunion crowd showing Lorraine in the crowd.

Changing the subject: It is 93 degrees outdoors as I publish this at 6:20 PM. Add ten or twelve degrees for “feels like” temperature. Weatherman just said tomorrow we will have “feels like” of 115.

New wrinkle ?!

For decades, I’ve been a good “touch typist.” Overnight, my left thumb gave me pain, and is swollen. Can’t type!! I’m “picking” the letters for this message. This is a reminder of the unsung valuable of the thumb when typing.

Hopelessly addicted !!


Oops!! A couple of letters were lost in the scanning process!! Somewhat like the situation of the blogger?! She’s lost “R” (reason), and “S” (sensibility). I am so hopelessly addicted to Ancestry.com, I cannot walk away from my computer. I skip meals….

I had an enforced “break” when we experienced another extreme thunderstorm. I relaxed (briefly)… but was startled several times by nearby lightning strikes and deafening thunder. At almost six PM, the outdoor temperature has dropped to seventy-three degrees. Wonderful cool air; a rest for my air-conditioner!!

My Ancestry Member Tree currently has six-thousand-six-hundred-eighty-one intertwined individuals.

Exhausted !!

The reader is undoubtedly weary of my complaint about being exhausted. Well, this is my “journal” and I write about what’s on my mind. During the day, I dream about getting a good night’s sleep. At night, I’m wide awake because my mind is thinking about the computer projects. I need to be twins so I can accomplish all the tasks awaiting my time and attention!! ~~ This morning, I took pictures of the clutter (lots of boxes) and admit I’m ashamed to publish the images. 


As curious as it may seem, searching for clip art, and preparing a blog message, is relaxing (somewhat relaxing). For a few minutes, it takes my mind off “the elephant in the room.” ~~ Gardening is a joy but that is limited to a couple of hours, early morning. The heat and humidity is depressing!! Perhaps my imagination but I think worse this summer.