The week in review

Zero energy. While in pain, “slow lane” Lorraine leaned on her cane and drove to the clinic. I did not want to go to the hospital but was convinced when I accepted the seriousness of my heart problem. I don’t want to be an invalid due to a stroke.

I’ve been healthy all my life. Being a patient in a hospital was extraordinary and I hated every minute. Everyone was so kind and thoughtful while I was confined to a bed with tubes and wires attached to my body. Now I’m home and beginning to feel like a new woman. Won’t it be nice when I have enough energy to resume my downsizing projects?

Seriously, the heat was/is gratefully accepted because it was so-o-o-o  cold in the hospital. My dear friend, “Mr. Red,” (owner of the RV Park) picked me up at the hospital and I was home at noon on Saturday (two prescriptions in hand).

SINCERE THANKS to Mr. Red, and the friends who worried about me, and sent “get well” wishes.

POSTSCRIPT @ 9:30 AM: I confess to spending time “climbing the family tree” since I got home. There was an email message advising me of a “new DNA cousin” and I was curious. It required a lot of “strange name” research before I located the possible common ancestor. During the process, I stumbled on a “surprise cousin” (not the DNA cousin) and passed another milestone.

Guardian Angels

New to me: Guardian Angels by Naomi and Wynonna Judd.

In an email message, a dear friend sent the link to the song. My friend said it’s a good song for genealogists. I won’t get on my soapbox and dispute some of the sentences. I know where I’m going, Heaven, and “I’m sure where I come from.”