Paraphrasing a quotation

“You can take the girl out of the garden but you can’t take the garden out of girl.”

It’s a soggy Sunday and I can’t work in my “yarden” but I **can** prepare several blog messages about several of my plants. (I can [and did] search for the origin of the quotation.)

Temperature at nine

Temperature at one

Temperature and rain gauge at six

Under the magnifying glass: Poinsettia


Tender love and careConfession: I’ve always been a good speller. I started this message on June 22nd and “spell check” told me I misspelled the name of the flower I was writing about. Really?? So I went to the Internet to get information. Okay, I didn’t spell it correctly but I must be doing something right. The plant remained attractive from December through May. Seemingly overnight, I saw the new growth. ~~ When I added a picture on July 22nd, I questioned (myself) about earlier (earlier) pictures. I did a thorough search December through June and, strangely, no picture of the plant when I received it as a gift. (I take so many pictures of my plants; how did I skip this one? Especially while sitting at my computer, I see it dozens of times a day!!)


Poinsettia in May

Poinsettia in June

Poinsettia in July

Magnifying glass with white stick figure and brown magnifying glass handle


Poinsettia with flash

Poinsettia without flash

Poinsettia in early September


PontsettaFor two months, the Poinsettia has been hidden away “in the basement”–in total darkness. I hoped the leaves would turn red. The plant is healthy but absent of Christmas color. Rereading the instructions re: plant care, crossing-my-fingersI’m encouraged. With the plant indoors, getting daylight, the leaves may change?!

Laughing at myself !!

Ha haAs promised, I’m working on “dumping” or “donating.” It’s amusing the things I’m finding among the boxes recently transported from the mini-storage to my resident site. I have several boxes of “disaster preparedness” and I’ve discovered that they have been packed for many years. Am I prudent or pathetic?? ~~ Remember my earlier message where I was preparing,  locally, for “hurricane preparedness”??


Fifteen year old Trail Mix snack bar**If** I load all my “preparedness” into my KIA, the back two-thirds of my vehicle will be FULL. pumping-gasOne act of preparation I must not ignore: Keep the gas tank full.


Livingston to Lufkin**If** the CARE residents evacuate, we’ll be going about fifty miles to a shelter in Lufkin.