Super Saturday

Have you noticed?? I’m working on a theme of positive thinking!! This summer, I suffered more from the heat and humidity. I suspect my blog messages revealed a negative disposition? So little was accomplished for several months: “Yardin” was neglected; “scanning” was abandoned.

Propensity for the peculiar ?!

Lorraine here–from “the other computer.”

Seems (to me) it has been weeks since I’ve logged in and used “the (March 2017) new computer.” This one was purchased for the scanning project, ample hard drive storage, new website, etc., etc.  When I wrote about my addiction to–and proposed to break the habit–I turned (returned) exclusively to “old faithful.” On that 2014 laptop computer, all my creative energy blog preparation and picture storage. (Clip art, too, lol.)

Today I ventured into the realms of the unknown; I set up a 3.0 flash drive and ReadyBoost. “Why?” Because the scanning project really added an enormous amount of information to this computer and, ofttimes, the operating system would become annoyingly slow. Weeks ago (on the Internet) I read about speeding up a computer using a flash drive. A week ago (on an irregular shopping trip), I purchased SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive, 128 GB. Today (for some unknown reason), I decided to attempt the set up. Here is the web link. I’ve been using computers since “the dark ages” but I get apprehensive when going into unknown areas (behind the scenes) of a computer. Gratefully, everything worked well and I’ll wait to see if I experience an improvement.

All this because I must (repeat: I must) return to the scanning project!! I am so weary of boxes cluttering my tiny living room/dining room/kitchen, and boxes under the blue tarp, on the patio, next to my door. ~~ (Putting “procrastination” in my rear view mirror?!)

Tremendous Thursday?!

Woeful woman !!

Apology: Emotional distress regarding Hurricane José,  Hurricane Maria, and earthquake in Mexico.  Furthermore: Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. ~~ I was exuberant because a wonderful day, in Livingston, for Lorraine.