An out of ordinary day !!

Insulated bagpink-ribbonBelow, see the flyer that advertised an event (today) at CARE. To attract attention, I dressed very “loud” and wore a hat. I was the individual selling the raffle tickets. ~~ During the afternoon session, I won a very nice door prize (which will be added to my hurricane evacuation preparedness).

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Breast Cancer Awareness Day
Date: September 28, 2016
Location: CARE Dining Room
Time: All Day Event

Special recognition for survivors
Door Prizes – Goody Bags – Raffle Drawings – Refreshments
9:30am Relay for Life Walk – Inside/Outside

Inside – Dining Room and or Multi-Purpose Rm

Outside – Around Center and or Garden (weather permit)


********Stories from “Gordy” the Dog********
2:00pm Ladies ONLY – Informative talk by –
“Dusty” Frances Peterson F.N.P

*****Individual Survivor Stories*****

Door Prizes will include a “Breast Cancer Support Ribbon” pen custom crafted by Bruce Horton

Survivors, please call ahead if you plan to attend!
Barbara Dxxxxx – 614-xxx-xxxx or Linda Hxxxxx – 409-xxx-xxxx

Sponsored by CARE Inc.

936-327-4256 Ext. 101
Escapees CARE Inc.

An “out of ordinary” day because not a single minute spent in my “yarden.”

Decision magazine 2016 Election Special

decision-september-20162016 Election Special

Decision magazine arrives in my mailbox because I’m a subscriber.

On this Sunday afternoon, I read the articles page by page.

In my humble opinion, this information is so valuable I want to share it with every person I can touch!! I’m limited because I have one copy. I checked the Internet to see if articles are available. One by one, I found them. I encourage you to read them.

Two Visions, Two Americas by Jerry Pierce

Christian Civic Duty by Billy Graham

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime by Franklin Graham

A Supreme Decision by Cathy Ruse

Religious Liberty in Grave Peril by Bob Paulson

Checkmate for Judeo-Christian Values? by Mat Staver

A Life or Death Decision by Charmaine Yoest

Party Platforms, Where They Stand On The Issues compiled by Decision staff

Terrorism & Defense, Restraining Evil by Jerry Boykin

Casting a Vote for Religious Freedom Q&A with David Jeremiah

The Case for Christians in Public Office by Joy Allmond

This is not a time to stand on the sidelines by Charles Chandler

A Bonhoeffer Moment Q&A with Eric Metaxas

Two visions, two Americas by Carol Clements

Pray, Fast, Vote


Why You Should NOT Rake Leaves But Mulch Them

Why You Should NOT Rake Leaves But Mulch Them

Boy, do I need that message!! Oops, not the answer I wanted!! I don’t own a “mulching mower.” When I saw that title, I thought I’d find a reprieve from raking leaves.

Other options

Depending on how many hardwoods you or your neighbors have, you can use leaf blowers to blow leaves into landscaped beds or use a lawn vacuum to vacuum up leaves. Leaf vacuums will produce finely chopped leaves that are excellent for placing in flower or vegetable beds. When spreading leaves in garden beds, be careful not to smother ground covers.

Whatever you do, don’t let fall leaves get away. Use them somewhere in your landscape!


cartoon-lady-raking-leavesLeaf vacuum, what’s that? I checked the Internet and found those I could afford and numerous I can’t afford. No “impulse purchase” today; I’ll “sleep on it.” This WORKX would certainly take the strain off “yours truly” but, in light of recent major expenses, I may forgo the purchase.

Love my garden !!

Cape Honeysuckle close up

Cape Honeysuckle large bush

Cypress vine red blooms high in treeThe Hummingbird-Cypress Vine has climbed high up in the tree. In morning sunshine, I can see the bright red blooms. I have not observed Hummingbirds at the blooms so I won’t plant the Cypress Vine again. Frankly, I’m disappointed the Hummingbird-Trumpet Vine has not bloomed!! That, too, may be curtailed next year. The Cape Honeysuckle has been a great success!!


Butterfly Vine




Bottle Bush

Bottle Bush out of the box

Branches spread

Bottles added to Bottle Bush


Bottle Bush with plain backgroundIt’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?! Yesterday, a friend brought me several pretty bottles (yellow, blue, & green). Recently I purchased a pretty pink vase. However, the gift, and purchases, weren’t the thing that prompted me to set up the Bottle Bush. (I “thought” I ordered a Bottle “Tree). See that extremely heavy metal garden umbrella base? It has been “out of sight” in my tarp shelter. This morning, I recognized that I could use that as a secure base for the Bottle Bush. I had planned to buy a large bag of Quikrete concrete (at Lowe’s) and prepare a heavy base (that would then reside in an attractive planter). Here’s another illustration where I’m using items on hand. (I turned a bed frame into a trellis, a chest-of-drawers into a trellis, etc., etc.)

Vinegar and olive oil containersAfterthought: You may have attractive bottles in your cupboard?! Here’s an example from my cupboard: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Balsamic Vinegar (for my salads).