Woe be gone !!

That’s my prayer: “Woe be gone.” It’s a tiny bit after two in the morning and I’m wide awake. An old saying: “Too soon old, too late smart” applies to yours truly. The previous night, I lost sleep because of the odor of propane and suspected the tank was almost empty. “Yes” the tank was empty and I have not had the benefit of the furnace. Well the nasty odor still lingers and it is particularly strong in my bedroom because that location is directly above the tank. “Too late smart”: I went outdoors at two o’clock and turned off the regulator.  Why didn’t I do that yesterday?? Even though the tank is empty, the odor lingers (and I am so sensitive to odors!!). ~~ Gratefully, the “deep freeze” is behind us and we can look forward to warmer temperatures. ~~ Wide awake, with a headache!!

Remember “Dopey”  from The Seven Dwarfs? The odor has made me sick (dopey). Oh, how I long for warm days so I can be outdoors breathing fresh air!! ~~ Time to get out and set up the diffuser and waft the odor of Thieves essential oil throughout my home?!

Smells so good!!

Hard at work ?!

This recent purchase is getting a workout. It was a “mark down” at Walmart and I decided a valuable addition to my “stuff.” The $5.00 vacuum from CARE Thrift ‘n Gift Shop wasn’t very efficient. I’m tickled pink with this cordless Electrolux vacuum. Confession: This is the first time in many months with this much open space in living room/dining room/kitchen. Feels good!

Propane tank is empty !!

“Seventy degrees by the weekend” was the parting comment by Houston TV meteorologist at 6:57 AM. Millions of people will be so grateful when the arctic temperatures are history. My propane tank is empty–so my trailer home lacks the comfortable warmth I enjoyed for a few days. As soon as I publish this message, I’ll wrap up in my Slanket and watch the NBC Today show. (Wearing a coat right now!!)

Washed those dishes last evening after water was restored. Shoulda put them away before taking the picture?! ~~ Only one electric appliance at a time: (1) Electric hot plate to heat water for coffee. (2) “Heat Strip” mounted in the air-conditioner but less effective during extremely cold weather. (In the past, I made the mistake of trying both… at the same time and tripped the breaker.)

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

In a few days, I may work in the yard and find sixty-nine degrees absolutely delightful?!


Fourteen degrees !!

TV meteorologist says this is coldest morning since January 8, 1996.  ~~ “Feels like”  in single digits?! This old lady shivers just watching friends and neighbors walking their dogs!! One humorous scene: Owner drives his golf cart while dog runs along beside. ~~ My water line is still frozen and I may be without water for a couple of days!! Because the trailer is under the roof, no sunshine to help thaw the hose.


Grateful for hand sanitizer (from my purse).  When I was traveling… I had HandiWipes and “bath” wipes. I’m not prepared for this experience!! ~~ Plus another tidbit of information from TV meteorologist: “Wind chill, feels like”  is twelve degrees below number on thermometer.

Correction: I have an over-abundance of emergency supplies BUT they are unavailable in the frustrating jumble of possessions in the cargo trailer. This move has turned my life upside down!!