Learn something new every day !!

Today, I shared my “bottle mania” with two artist friends (real paint brush artists). I told them of my trip to Livingston in search of red, green, and blue bottles/vases. They told me how to paint the inside of clear glass bottles/vases. Duh, why didn’t I think of that? Mary Alice mentioned the small, inexpensive paint in the artist’s supply section of Walmart. I chimed in: “I have some; I bought a small container so I could paint my name (and Shirley’s) on our ladders.” The project is so simple!! Now I know how to accomplish “cobalt blue” for future patriotic display.

Clear glass vase and paint container

One painted vase

Two painted vases


Postscript/afterthought: I added a small amount of water to the paint container and shook violently. That little $2.00 container goes a long way!! After the paint dried, I did a second coat. Honestly, the container isn’t empty.

Humidity all night !!

Temperature at two AM

Temperature at seven AM

Temperature from Accu Weather at seven-thirty“Summer” doesn’t want to let go of Texas. (Unusually high temperatures elsewhere, also.)  For a couple of weeks, I’ve been able to leave the door open all night. The air-conditioner was valuable last night!! Extremely high humidity all night.

More bottle mania !!

One-dollar vasesDid you read Bottle mania?

Red and green vasesI’m planning ahead for Christmas and speculate that red and green will look attractive. Today, I started my search at the local Senior Citizens Thrift Shop and concluded my shopping at Dollar Tree. I’ll search for blue bottles and/or vases for display near Memorial Day and Independence Day. In your mind’s eye, can you see red, white and blue bottles and/or vases for patriotic holidays? ~~ I won’t go to the expense of an Internet purchase of cobalt blue bottles. Hopefully, I’ll find more fifty-cent (or one dollar) blue vases from thrift shops?! (Yes, that blue vase came from the thrift shop.)

See unique bottle designs on these web sites: Bottle Fence, and Using Glass Bottles in the Garden,

Fall decorations

Trick or Treat, witches, black cats, etc., isn’t “my thing.” But I contribute to “Fall” decorations. The extremely large, brand-new, flannel-back plastic tablecloth was one-dollar at the thrift shop. Very nice quality and probably ten times more expensive at Walmart. I know it is “too nice” to be flapping in the wind. Today, in lieu of  being “practical,” I’m exercising creative license. (LOL)  🙂   (BTW: The scarecrow decorated my yard in North Carolina; not a recent purchase. Likewise, the garden flag is from my North Carolina garden.)

Fall tablecloth close-up

Fall tablecloth


Garden flag

Ad nauseam !!

hershey-kissesThe television viewer is forced to watch details regarding the election ad nauseam. This morning, I see where we, likewise, will be subjected to “Christmas” commercials–in October. I saw the Hershey Kisses bell ringers.

I accept the fact that my readers probably think my garden, and weather station, pictures continue ad nauseam. Get used to it; I’m a garden kind of gal!!

Example of ad nauseam ?!

Temperature at ten AMMagnificent morning!! However “Fall” weather won’t arrive for another few days. I was forced indoors about 10:30. I was able to upload my pictures to Picasa, and personalize them, BUT no WiFi connection. Off, and on, I’ve struggled for hours to get the connection to the CARE Center. There is a problem with my three-year old, Windows 7, laptop computer. Temperature at threeThat should be my next major expense: A new computer?! It’s 3:00 PM and I finally have WiFi.


Pepper plant

Pepper and tomato planters

Tomato planters moved

Where to move clay planters and bench

'Tis the season

Hallelujah no clutter


Believe it or not, I “worked” this morning. With our heat, the plants still demand water!! I shuffled planters; I swept the sidewalk; I cut “dead heads.” With my faithful Canon, I documented the explosion of seed pods on the Yellow Butterfly Vine, and large number of purple blooms on the Mexican Petunia. I admired the vivid colors of new leaves on the Coleus. (Oops, too many “perpendicular pronoun.”)

Yellow Butterfly seed pods

Beautiful Mexican Petunia



Helen's Coleus



GingerNext year “yours truly” may be able to harvest Lavender, Ginger root, and Turmeric root.



Temperature at four-twenty-five


music-to-my-earsAt 4:25 PM, Houston TV meteorologist said “We many never see ninety degrees again this year.” That’s music to my ears!!

Almost… but not quite !!

Temperature at one PM

Temperature at three PM

Accu-weather at three PM“Yours truly” is so tired she is cross-eyed (almost). Not too tired to sit at the computer, in the air-conditioned trailer, and prepare this blog message.



Clutter removed

Where to put planters

What to do with theseYesterday and today, very productive!! Confession: I can “live” with clutter in my crowded trailer home but I dislike clutter in my “yarden.”



Lorraine has a plan

Two of four

Four of four

Trellis attached

Trellis plus tarp

Behind trellis and tarp

Adding planters

View from the North

Tight squeeze

Unable to remove the root

Stepping stones

All cleaned up, looking good


Now I can encourage folks to come and visit. This past week, with all the clutter, I was constantly apologizing!! “Almost… but not quite” because more less dramatic projects awaiting my time and attention.