Burned the midnight oil !!

Exhausted this morning!! Good for nothing!!

Same old song: I couldn’t tear myself away from the computer!! I love a challenge, and another challenge found me.

I’m still working on the gift to my grandchildren. Eventually they will be curious about their ancestry and they will be able to effortlessly climb their tree. Yesterday, I encountered duplicate names AGAIN. Two men named Grover Cleveland Blackwell have similar birth and death dates (1889-1965 & 1886-1951). I caught the error when a second wife, and more children, while the first wife was still alive. “No, no, that’s not right.”  One by one, I researched, and documented, the children; lots of sources. One family has deep roots in Mississippi while the other has deep roots in Alabama. (No close relationship [identified] although [perhaps] different branches of the same tree.)

One more time I am going to complain about Ancestry individual Member Family Trees: “Shame, shame, blame, blame!!”  Individuals “copy” another person’s “tree” rather than search for records documenting their person. 

Peculiar Projects #2

Click the red link to read an earlier blog message titled Peculiar Projects. One image is a “print screen” showing numbers 11,111. A short two weeks later reveals one-thousand additional individuals added to my Ancestry database. (Ancestors, their children, and their spouses, of my grandchildren.) Obviously, I pay attention to details?! “Pay[ing] attention to details” is a segue to another item in my research.

The father of my children was born in Mississippi. As I work with the Ware and Blackwell surnames, many duplicate names with similar dates and locations. Some of those “duplicate” individuals have erroneously found  their way into the Ancestry individual Member Family Tree(s). I scrutinize each source for “B” (black) or “W” (white). Too often, individuals clearly identified as “black” and listed on our “white” tree. (Does this make me racist? Is this a taboo subject to write about?) 

When I was a fledgling genealogist, in those years prior to “armchair research,” I adopted the practice of Cite Your Sources.” (A book documenting the professional way to identify the source.) Thirty years later, I am still devoted to documenting, and examination, of sources. (A creature of habit, lol.)

Return to normal ?!

Below find the Sunday evening message published on Monday morning. Without Internet (last night) my efforts were thwarted.

It has been a period of time since pictures of thermometer and flowers?! I’ve been insanely busy “climbing the family tree” but must walk away for awhile. Sometimes twelve to fifteen hours at the computer with very few meals. Two days where I didn’t get out of my pajamas; two days where I didn’t open the door and retrieve food items from the refrigerator in the laundry room. “Insane!!” (Recent rain so I didn’t need to water plants.) I accomplished my goal: I traced my grandchildren’s ancestors as far back as possible. I’ve become very familiar with features on Ancestry.com and used my knowledge to find individuals who might otherwise not be found. Example: My ex-daughter-in-law’s mother and father. We aren’t supposed to find “living” people but I did… and traced their ancestors.  Computer skills were interrupted when the “UPS” (Universal Power Supply) died and I had to switch the cords from computers, backups, and router. ~~ What a joy, this evening, to see all the yellow blooms at the top of the flag pole.



Monday morning message: Spending time on the computer is fraught with challenges!! ~~ Later today, another “thermometer” picture because temperature predicted to reach one-hundred degrees. Hey, it’s mid-September and we’re still experiencing “sauna” weather.

Spelling it out ?!

While working in the Y A R D  this morning, this acrostic came to mind. I prepared a lot of blog messages this way when writing about my veggie garden.  At that time, I was living at the “CARE” Center so an acrostic titled Casual Approach Rejected Entirely was appropriate. ~~ 11:00 AM and “yours truly”  driven indoors because so-o-o  hot and humid.

Yours truly








Truth be told, my disposition dictates “casual approach rejected entirely.”

Weepy woman !!

Finding an additional connection between myself and my “Ware” grand-children is very emotional. The following is the comment I attached (on Ancestry.com) to the record  of William Glover Vestal (1692-1744).

The greatest gift I can leave my grandchildren (imho) is the accurate documentation of their ancestry. I’ve spent days (weeks?) meticulously building their tree one leaf at a time. Yesterday, the name “Vestal” appeared as an ancestor on (“other parent”) tree. I started weeping because I sensed I already had that family in my database. Today, I completed the connection. My sixth great-grandfather is the father of James (1726-1793), my grandchildren’s (Ware) line, and David (1736-1819), my maternal line.

These are our Quaker ancestors–and the Quakers were very thorough with documentation. Their records are interesting reading. ~~ One Ancestry.com Member Family Tree record may have been “tweeked” for bragging rights and “interesting reading.”  It suggested their ancestor was the builder and owner of the Mayflower. Personally, I only document information with reliable sources.