Mission accomplished !?

Wide awake at 3:00 AM; “up” before 4:00. There are so-o many thoughts spinning around in my brain, it is difficult to sleep!! Before I headed to the computer I formulated one or two blog messages. THIS message entirely new and previously not planned. I’ve mentioned recent research project and I can’t get it out of my brain!! “How can I provide the correct data to dozens of researchers? Should I contact each (on Ancestry) individually?” The answer: Prepare an Open Letter to Frantz Family Researchers and attach to the several men with disputed information. That will reach new researchers but some folks may never revisit the person in their database. I suspect I’ll contact… one-by-one.

7:00 AM, 50 degrees outdoors. Mission(s) accomplished. ~~ Post published but the link (to “Open Letter…”) did not open. Oh well, of limited interest to my readers.

Mid-morning musing

Currently, there are many statements about, and interviews with, Kathie Lee Gifford. Shortly after nine AM, on the third hour of NBC Today show, the hosts were talking with Kathie, and about her many quotes. On and on, then this comment: “If you don’t do something artistic, you die on the vine.”  I quickly wrote it down so I could put it in a blog message. “She’s talking about me!!”  That’s what I was thinking. That is why I write a blog (to be artistic), that’s why I take pictures (because I’m an amateur photographer), that’s why I made (and display) “bottle trees,” etc, etc., ad infinitum. More than once, in my blog messages I tell the reader: “I march to the tune of a different drummer.”  I love, love, love the challenge of the computer, and research on Ancestry.com. I hope, and pray, (like Kathie Lee) I will be involved in something “artistic” on the day I die.

I can’t claim “success”  but I put my heart, mind, and soul into even the smallest acts.

P.S. I don’t “watch” television, I “listen” while “doing”  computer and/or other tasks.

“Naughty” but nice ??

The old lady did not venture outdoors to “re”cover the plants. Two continuous days in her pajamas and robe. Attempting to ignore the pain in arm, shoulder, and neck, she was engaged in a search project on Ancestry. Two freezing nights!! ~~ This morning, TV news showing images of deadly snow storm, and damage, in North and South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. ~~ In 2013, I published this blog message about one of my snow experiences in North Carolina. Note December 18, 2008 date on snow picture–almost exactly ten years ago. ~~ “Nice” to report I’m looking at frost, not snow!!

TaB & KIA & snow in Shelby

Distractions unlimited !!

“Yours truly”  planned to “wrap up”  documentation (today) of recent research project. However, with Ancestry.com, there is never a stopping point!! The name Schwartz/Swartz was familiar, and the location identical, so that prompted a search to see if the two families were connected. (Siblings?) At this hour, twelve noon, it’s still a mystery.

Remarkable warm up; I should get dressed and attack some outdoor projects!!