One narrow track mind !!

I’m obsessive-compulsive; I can’t walk away from the computer. I went to bed at 1:05 this morn and up at 7:30. I’m extremely tired!! The “cousin” continues to send obituary notices and I’m adding all the children, sisters, brothers, inlaws, etc, to my “Frantz family” database. The “cousin” had a lament with a recent email message. “We’re losing all our genealogists.”  Yes, dear “old” folks whom I’ve known, and shared with, are no longer with us. That forces me to work harder to have my information expanded and thoroughly accurate. (Parenthetical: I find so many errors when I compare my information with another Ancestry member information. One person went so far as to add a “screenshot” of a page from my book [Frantz Families–Kith & Kin] but it was the wrong “Anna Frantz.”) To my credit(?), I “know” theses families “by heart.” I recognize the surnames of the family “they” marry into. I know the locations because I visited the area for “old-fashioned” research (years ago). Forgive me for saying this: Fellow folks on Ancestry may just add names of ancestors they know nothing about. The sad thing: “Hints” and sources are available but they “copy” one another and therefore “copy” one another’s errors.

Forty-three years ago…

…on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, in the gardens of Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California, this blogger married Donald Dean Edwards.

On this Sunday evening (Memorial Day weekend), I’ve walked away from two computers and I’m relaxing in front of the television. CBS is showing Titanic and I confess “better late than never.”

Never ending circle !!

I’ve said it previously and I’ll repeat it now “There is a ‘Frantz’ wife in every surname.”   That is “in every Old German Baptist Brethren list of surnames.” This was a pleasant surprise. Remember, a few hours earlier I came across another surprise connection.

FYI: Martha Ann Frantz is my second-cousin-three-times-removed.

Won’t complain !!

Lorraine won’t complain about the pain. I checked the Internet and the wasp/hornet sting won’t kill me (praise the Lord). But it sure does itch!!! My arm up to my elbow is bright pink.

I’ve been climbing the Brubaker family treewoven into my Frantz family tree. “Brubaker” led to “Fisher” and then SURPRISE, SURPRISE I was looking at Samuel Frantz–my fourth-great-uncle. I have stumbled on information that may take hours to document. (OMG, I can’t believe it is ten PM. Time flies when we’re having fun!)


My “hiding place”

Decades ago, Corrie ten Boom told her story in a book titled The Hiding Place. Before that, we had Anne Frank and her Diary. Lorraine’s “hiding place” is spacious by comparison. My new (used) trailer is four times larger than the 5th-wheel trailer I lived in for six years. During this Coronavirus pandemic, I’m so grateful for my own washer and dryer so I don’t need to use a public laundry facility. God is so good!! I have a large fenced yard that requires very little maintenance. I have a large supply of “emergency food” purchased several years ago “in case” we experience another hurricane. ~~~ While I was praying and thanking my Heavenly Father for His provisions, I saw the similarity between my documentation during isolation and that of Corrie ten Boom and Anne Frank. My blog has very few readers (this is my “diary”) and my words won’t garner worldwide attention. Humor me?! I felt prompted to publish my praise for my Father God who has been providing for me. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, before this enforced isolation, He led me to a place where I have Godly neighbors. I could expand the list but “little is much when God is in it.”

Coining a new word ?

mounme  = most unusual message

Yesterday, a flying insect bit me!! Wasp or hornet, I don’t know. I can verify that the sting was extremely painful!! I suffered in silence; I didn’t tell my neighbors when they came to offer “another pair of hands” with the patriotic bottle display (pabodi). The bite is on my right hand near the thumb but (as you can see) I’m not letting it keep me from typing. I spent hours on the computer yesterday. This morning, my hand and arm are “itchy” and I can’t stop scratching!! An anti-itch cream doesn’t seem to be effective!! Worse today and if this persists I won’t be spending time on the computer.

“Most unusual message” intended to put a smile on your face!!