Ill prepared…

… but Lorraine’s gotta do it.

Old age is such a bummer! I don’t have strength in my hands to twist off the nuts (and my plyers weren’t much help either). I don’t have the strength and energy to lift and carry heavy boxes. This move is going to kill me?!


Warp speed ?!


Personally, I think I need the entire month of December to pack things for a move. However, the man who is available to more my possessions says “this week, next week?”  A dear lady-friend stopped by to visit and hear all the details about my trip to Waco.  Her question: “What are you going to do with the propane tank?”  My answer: “Hopefully the company will buy it back.”  Her response: “I’ll buy it.”  I phoned the propane company and they will transfer the tank from my place to lady-friend’s home with “two days notice.”  Things are happening extremely fast (warp speed) and I am rushing to get things packed. (I don’t move at “warp speed”; I think I need the entire month of December!!)

Home again


“Bookends”  (lol)!! Temperature documented just prior to leaving on a one-day trip and just moments after I returned home. In a manner of speaking, I saw the sun come up and I saw the sun go down. Three-hundred sixty-two miles round trip to Waco, Texas. I’m frazzled!! For six years, I’ve limited my trips to fifteen miles round trip to Livingston for groceries. The long drive in unfamiliar territory was a major accomplishment for this old lady.