Between nine and two….

Sandwiched between nine and two, before I was too weary to travel, I drove into Livingston for some much-needed groceries. Also a stop at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a ceiling fan. My nasty landlady accused me of “stealing the light” in the laundry room. “No,”  I hired a man to repair the fan and he never completed the task. Hence, a replacement fixture. Landlady’s son-in-law said he would install if I purchased another….




“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not on your own understanding….” My Heavenly Father is so good to me!! A new/used garden hose at my doorstep when I arrived home. Only yesterday, the old garden hose disintegrated where attached to the faucet. Facing a move, and selling all my lawn and garden… I didn’t want to buy a new hose. Miraculously, a replacement!!

A very dear lady-friend, former neighbor (before I was evicted from the CARE Center) is now in a convalescent home. Her family requested I retrieve the “bottle tree”  I set up in her yard (facing the heavily traveled street). She loved it–especially at Christmas!! No imposition.


If I weren’t so very tired…

…I’d drive into Livingston for some “comfort food.”

I’m pushing myself to get lots of things done while we have nice weather. Another cold, rainy, week predicted. Today I raked leaves, swept patio and carport, and hosed patio and carport. Always “shifting” items to the yard sale area. There are two areas with lots of free items

Sweetheart deal

The numerous plants received a gift of love: A nutritious serving of plant food. The Azalea bushes show promise (albeit “tiny” promise) of prolific blooms. My primary intent: Luscious growth on plants, in planters, so they look attractive to potential buyers.




Truthfully, I don’t have a rose-bush in my garden; this is not an Azalea bloom. “Love” covers a multitude of (editor) mistakes?

Waste not, want not !!

Have you heard that old saying? When our electricity was off for an hour, I started cutting cardboard for signs, and printing descriptions of future yard sale items. Yes, I “save” Kleenex boxes for cardboard and, occasionally, for the pretty print on front. Some prices may seem high but I can always drop the price after a week or two. Yes, I plan to continue the sale over a period of weeks. Honestly, even if price seems “high,” the potential buyer could not create same for less. Example: Bluebird house cost $80.00, “baffle” cost $35.00, planter cost $65.00. There’s a large cement base supporting the metal unit. The fountain-birdbath sells for more than $100.00 at Lowe’s and the “bird” ornament cost $50.00. For several years, I displayed an attractive “yarden.”  My pleasure, my joy, and eventually, my loss!!