Not on my diet !!


A television advertisement for Klondike ice cream bars has me salivating!! It’s time for breakfast–and ice cream is strictly an occasional treat. But image me starting my day, starting my week, with a laugh and big smile.

Whew !!


“Yes,” time spent in the yard. When I grabbed the garden hose to wash an area of the driveway, NO WATER. I checked for kinks in the hose and found none; I came into the trailer to double-check. NO WATER (several properties are on a well) . So I made a cup of coffee (from my filtered water supply), fixed a bowl of cereal and started this message. Earlier, I took down yard sale signs and removed evidence of a yard sale. More preparation for eventual planters shuffle. ~~ Hey, seventy-eight degrees doesn’t appear hot but look at the ninety percent humidity!!

Pleasant surprise !!

Working in my “front” yard, I enjoyed the pleasant smell of flowers. I attributed it to the Memosa trees in two neighboring yards. ~~ Kept moving from one unscheduled project to another. I was trimming sucker growth from base of a tree before launching into another “trimming” project.


Trimming the dead tree was near the bottom of my “to do” list. (It was inconspicuous among the trees.) Eventually I would eliminate the dead branches. It’s a beastly humid morning and anyone in her right mind would be enjoying air-conditioning.  “Yours truly” created a legitimate “bottle tree.”


My “pleasant surprise” was discovery of the Gardenia bush blooming at the edge of the carport. I was smelling the Gardenia and not Memosa.

Only one-quarter inch of rain in the gauge but everything is soaking wet and humidity is still high.


Versus “illegitimate”  bottle tree.

Five months–and counting !!

Five months since I was evicted from the CARE Center. My yard is looking better every day. However (imho)  it will never rival the beauty of my “yarden”  at the CARE Center. I have much less energy–and heart–for a “show place.” My aim–for now–is a neat, clean, attractive yard. A limited number of garden items sold during my several yard sales. I’ve moved planters, etc., from the carport (sales area) to opposite side of my trailer home. In due season, I may plant and regain an interest in nurturing a vegetable garden. I’m hesitant to “jump in” again because I’m counting the months until my lease expires. I know I shouldn’t “borrow trouble”  but I might be told–in November–that I have to move.

Texas Lilac revisited

Details about (1) Texas Lilac, (2) Texas Lilac. I did a Google search looking for the specific information copied here (below). I’m relocating my planter and wanted to reaffirm that it loves full sunshine.

Vitex grows best when planted in full sun and in a location that drains well. It will grow well in all areas of Texas, in both acid and alkaline soils. It prospers in hot and dry environments. The Texas Department of Transportation recognizes its toughness, and plants Vitex in highway medians. It is a spectacular butterfly-attracting plant and is deer resistant in that deer will not eat it….

Honestly, I never schedule a yard sale on a Sunday. The “other resident” advertised for Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I planned accordingly. Not one single customer (as of two o’clock) but one new acquaintance who stopped by and we talked “genealogy.”  I did more “shuffle” in the yard but I’m at a standstill until some strong young man to help me move the cement bird bath, Texas Lilac and Yellow Butterfly Vine.

Forced indoors due to the heat and humidity. Obviously, the air-conditioner was quickly turned on so I could approach preparation of this blog (and Google search) in comfort. Check my earlier blog regarding my Texas Lilac.


The two Yellow Butterfly Vine planters will be moved. Many of my plants did not survive the hard freeze in January. The “good” plants will move to a more conspicuous location in my yard.


Saturday yard sale information

No traffic on the street; few folks walking their dog(s); an eerie silence. Perhaps folks are still watching TV coverage of the royal wedding or “sleeping in” on the weekend? No sales.

So far, only a couple of individuals who didn’t see anything they need. Again I say, “an eerie silence” today in Rainbow’s End RV Park.

Couldn’t stop!! The projects in the yard drew me like a magnet. But, oh so hot!!  Three o”clock break for some sun ice tea.



This chair/planter, and its companion, were an attractive part of my “yarden.”   However, “beauty in the eye of the beholder.”   Absolutely no interest by visitors to my yard sale. Therefore, I put them in my “shade garden.” ~~ If/when I have to move, I’ll probably donate items that cannot accompany me.

“Hot” and tired!! I’ve been “up” for thirteen hours. In fact, not much sleep prior to three-thirty AM.