A piece of my mind !!

Four-forty-four in the morning and time to put my thoughts into writing?! Could not sleep; blog content spinning in my mind.

ABC-TV program 20/20 spent three hours last night describing “Unfaithfully Yours”—the television ministry of Jim and Tammy Bakker. I was never “a follower”; I didn’t contribute to their ministry. “A piece of my mind”  because “the media”  loves a sensational story. ABC resurrected a decades-old scandal. Anything to paint the Christian community in a bad light? Viewers might think all TV evangelist’ are unethical? Contributions might lessen for Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing and the 700 Club, or the world-wide ministry of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Franklin Graham fosters Operation Christmas Child and Samaritan’s Purse. For several years, I was a volunteer with Wycliffe Associates. (Still a heartfelt supporter of Wycliff Bible Translators.)

Forgive me, I digressed. I have my own interesting experience with Jim and Tammy Bakker’s Heritage USA. I was working at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina. They regularly presented conferences regarding health and nutrition; attendees came from across the Nation. (Originally, I made the trip from Lancaster, California.) Several times, I allowed a single woman, attendee, to spend several nights with me, in my apartment (rather than expense of a hotel/motel). One such occasion: My car, my time, a trip to the Charlotte airport to pick up a guest. First thing the lady demanded: “I want to go to Heritage USA.”  I was new to North Carolina; Shelby was “north” but Heritage USA was “south” (South Carolina). I didn’t own a GPS at that time; I had to stop and ask directions. I’m talking about 2007 and Heritage USA was a shabby, neglected piece of real estate. But my guest knew it very well. She directed me into an adjacent subdivision and pointed out homes of “brother John” and “sister Sue” (individuals involved in the “Praise the Lord” ministry). She had been a frequent visitor and possibly one of the thousands who “bought” a lifetime membership to the Christian theme park, and hotel. We wandered the halls of the nearly abandoned once-magnificent building. MorningStar (according to a Google search) appears to own the property now and pictures are attractive.

Just another musing of “the old lady”  who traveled extensively, and enjoyed unique experiences. Through it all, a strong faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. An assurance that my Heavenly Father was (and is) directing my path and His love isn’t tarnished by scandal.


Temperatures going down, down…

This message will continue throughout the day. Extremely windy as I prepare this at 7:50 Saturday morning. (Sustained, 20 MPH, “gusting” to 40 MPH.) Planters in the front yard are uncovered while their “covers” are violently flapping in the wind.


Something to crow about: Furnace Functioning Faultlessly. Furthermore: Covers are still attached; they didn’t blow into an adjoining yard.




Just before 8:00 PM, I dashed into the night to cover planters BUT too windy and I made a hasty retreat. The wind destroyed my Thursday and Friday labors.

Goof up !!

As I prepared to drive into Livingston (10:00 AM) for necessary business, discovered the cell phone was dead. To paraphrase a TV commercial (American Express) “Don’t leave home without it.”  So-o-o (while phone is charging), I’m back on the computer to comment on a couple of interesting things. (1) An email message from Ancestry.com indicated a comment posted on one of my ancestors. The individual challenged my data. So I explored further and found my “sources” were wrong. Actually, “sources” were correct but attached to the wrong person. I’m obsessive-compulsive about sources, and accuracy!! So, I must be even more diligent!! (2) Interesting segment on the NBC-Today Show about It’s in the Genes (click inside link to view video). (3) Valuable information about Sore Back Solutions. (“Sore Back Solutions” grabbed my attention because it accurately described my relationship to the computer.) To repeat something I wrote in an earlier blog; I don’t sit and watch TV, I listen while working at the computer. I confess to turning my chair to “watch” a segment that grabs my attention. ~~ Weather is “pleasant” but severe cold predicted for the weekend.

Productive Thursday afternoon

Went to Livingston and (thankfully) able to mark some “must do”  off the “to do”  list. New battery in my watch–but no haircut. Arrived home about 2:40 and quickly took the picture of indoor and outdoor temperature. I was rushing to cover the plants while so delightfully warm and pleasant. Difficult to comprehend the predicted drop in temperature Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. >>>> Check my blog message for 17 January 2018. That deep freeze killed half my plants. So soon after eviction from the Escapees CARE Center, I was ill prepared to provide plant protection.

Four my amusement !!

“No”  not a spelling error; intentional use of number “four.” For my amusement, four squirrels alternating between the six bird feeders just outside my front door (patio area). One squirrel on the “twister” (front yard) but the corn has been consumed so he’s frustrated.