Octoberfest at Rainbow’s End RV Park


For your amusement, I direct you to a blog message written four years ago (about Octoberfest).


When I walked down to the Activity Center, I was very glad I grabbed a sweater when I left my trailer home!! First really cool morning since last Spring!!


worked in my “yarden.” However, I wanted to check activities for Octoberfest so walked to the Activity Center. I’m disappointed: No “Marketplace” this year. Later today, I have a volunteer responsibility at the event.

Family History Month

“Yours truly” has too many irons in the fire; too many projects. Gratefully, I receive messages that inform me of events I would (otherwise) not know about. Here is a link to a message about Family History Month. ~~~~ Celebrate National Family History Month. ~~~~ No guarantee that you can access the information BUT  here is a link to my family tree.*

*I said that because you might be asked to join Ancestry.com. Almost every time I want to look at a record on the Internet I’m asked for my credit card. The site is “free”  for one month BUT  I can’t see the information without opening a subscription. “They” hope we forget to go back and unsubscribe before the month expires?! I’ve (occasionally) wanted to look at newspaper obituaries but that requires an annual commitment. (I appreciate all the “free” websites documented… and posted on my recent blog Suggestions for free genealogy research.) Furthermore, “NO” I don’t whip out my credit card; I don’t “need” the information bad enough to subscribe, and unsubscribe!!

Lorraine’s DNA with Ancestry kit


The kit went out in the morning mail August 15, 2017. I read the “fine print” of the informed consent form.

As I processed through the “activation” information, I was asked to take some tests that, in reality. are surveys. 1) Family Details, 2) Hobbies & Interests, 3) Personality Profile, 4) Fun & Entertainment, 5) Travel & Culture, 6) Life Story, 7) Traits & Characteristics, 8) Lifestyle & Behavior. The questions are interesting and I’m curious about how they apply to my DNA. I may never have an answer for my curiosity but something to think about?!

Individually, click the three pictures (below) to enlarge. They are an image of the email notification, from Ancestry, saying my DNA sample received.


Below: The results arrived via an email message on September 6, 2017.

Two separate tests, two different organizations; I’ve wanted to “make comparisons.” So far, very few “cousin” connections. (Because they aren’t interested in family history?) See Lorraine’s DNA with MyHeritage.

DNA true story

DNA True Story

Pearl Olma Showalter Frantz rejected her baby daughter shortly after birth (1935). She believed the hospital “mixed up the babies” and she took home “the wrong baby.” The daughter was raised by her mother (and father) but there was no affection. Eager to get the girl out of the home, she was married off (age fifteen) to an illiterate legally blind young man. The fifteen year old was ill-prepared for marriage and suffered an emotional breakdown. After a few months, the marriage was annulled. Decades later, when the woman received the results from her Ancestry DNA test, the very first “cousin” listed was a Showalter first-cousin. The woman never doubted her Showalter/Frantz ancestry; DNA confirmed it.

Suggestions for “free” genealogy research

Recently, I wrote about the expense to participate in family history on MyHeritage. Here are a series of blog messages that direct the reader to “free” information. I hasten to say, “Research and publication by another individual; I’m just the ‘pipeline’ for information.”

Day 1: Family Search

Day 2: National Archives

Day 3: Seeking Michigan

Day 4: WikiTree

Day 5: West Virginia Division of Culture and History

Day 6: Central Michigan University Digital Collection

Day 7: Find A Grave

Day 8: Missouri Digital Heritage

Day 9: Winthrop Society

Day 10: American Ancestors

Day 11: Google Search

Day 12: Facebook pages and groups

Day 13: General Society of Mayflower Descendants

Day 14: Soule Kindred in America

Family Search offers free online United States and Canada Genealogy Research Seminar

Day 15: Black Sheep Ancestors

Google Search tips  for Better Results

Day 16: Germanna Foundation, First Colony and Second Colony

Meyersgaz Update Gives German Researchers New Search Tool Family History

Day 17: Wing Family of America

William Hunter Cavendish Revolutionary War Soldier

Selfishly, let me add my “free” websites: Digitized Library of Family History and Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. On my Digitized Library of Family History, I list many resources valuable to Brethren, Old German Baptist Brethren and Mennonite researchers.

Extremely useful: Cyndi’s List