Progress with a capital “P”

Many, many months ago, an HEB employee generously gave me many boxes that he had emptied and flattened. I recognized that the size was better than the boxes I purchased at Walmart. I have books to pack and mailand lifting heavy boxes is almost impossible. Using Gorilla tape, I assembled four boxes.

Horray, I’m on my waywith a few more baby steps. (No climbing the family tree.)


Nothing was transferred to the car to join donations. I juggled things around and put things in different containers (and stashed them in the bedroom). Also did a load of laundry because some of the clothing items will join donations. A few more small steps in my downsizing project. Much cooler today and an “indoor projects” kind of day.

The journey of a thousand miles…

…begins with a few faltering steps. At the Saturday Big Breakfast, Mr. Red seriously declared it is time for “Spring Cleaning” and the residents need to “get rid of the clutter in their carports.” Ouch, that’s aimed at me!! This afternoon I made some headway. Tomorrow I’ll do even more?

In addition, I dumped a container of “stuff” in the Park dumpster. So, today I took some baby steps toward the absolutely necessary downsizing.

Gold mine of information

Perhaps the reader is not addicted to the documentation of their family history in Here is an example that illustrates my statement that “obituaries are a gold mine of information.”  A cousin sent the obituary last night and I’m documenting it this morning. Russell is my fourth cousin one-time-removed. I look forward to visiting with him in Heaven.


From a friend, a blog message with details regarding the passing of a loved one.


Charity begins at home?

Isn’t there an old saying regarding “charity begins at home”? After my shopping trip, after purchasing several packages of cookies, I prepared a basket of goodies (Tuesday, Feb 28). I placed the cookies next to the coffee pot in the clubhouse of our RV Park. On Saturday morning twenty residents gathered for the monthly “Big Breakfast.”

True story: I don’t buy cookies (or candy) for myself. I thought cookies would be easier to serve than a cakeand I wanted to share birthday goodies with my neighbors.


This afternoon, I took a small bag of indoor trash and a large container of yard debris to the RV Park dumpster. Then I checked the clubhouse thinking I might find an empty pink basket. Perhaps I’m overreacting but I feel I am being rejected. So-o-o, I brought the cookies home and I’ll enjoy Oreo cookies and “Texas Best Homestyle Vanilla Waffers.”

Sincere thanks…

…for the birthday present.


Reading my blog message about Springing into action, my dear friend, Deb, noted I was using scissors to trim small limbs. The scissors were adequate but these clippers are much better. So considerate of her to help me with my “yarden.”

Here is a picture of the mail in my mailbox on March 3rd. Surprise birthday gifts.