Lorraine’s Believe It Or Not

It has been more than six years since I used an oven!! Ovens have been another “storage” area. Today I am so hungry for “comfort food,” I’m enjoying a Pizza that clearly is not vegetarian. The neighbor brought a liter bottle of Coke, too, so I am “dining in.” I never drink Coke. But I gotta be honest: This Supreme Pizza and Coke taste delicious (at 12:12 on 4/4)!


Changing the subject: There are ten (10) blog messages prepared and scheduled.  Check back frequently to see more Maxine and a few jokes.

What’s your “believe it or not” ??

‘Fess up. It’s your turn to comment about an unusual recent experience. During “isolation” I have been searching the Internet for clipart, and jokes, and Maxine. There are dozens of things I “should” be doing but I’m having fun. Are you finding ways to entertain yourself? ~~ It’s cold outdoors and not-too-warm indoors. I’m still in my pajamas and warm robe because “it’s comfortable” and nobody’s gonna see me! I haven’t combed my hair either.

Weary of my blog messages ??

Here’s a message that could have been published on Wednesday, April 2nd. As events happen, as I take pictures, there is an inclination to share the details. I respect that you are weary of my blog messages. I hadn’t heard the remark when I started the Wednesday afternoon project. “Rain” drove me indoors and I was watching Dr. Phil’s program. At 3:57 PM, he said: “Be creative while in this (Coronavirus) situation.”  I found that comment so reassuring because working with “bottle trees” is being creative!!

I had been “up-to-speed,” I would have purchased organic planter soil for the Garden Tower(s). I could be raising lettuce (and other greens) to satisfy my “green salad” habit. **If** I had known… I would have purchased more groceries at the end of February. ~~ Dear Friend, tell me what you are doing to “be creative.”