Chief cook and bottle washer !!

Very unexpected, I walked into the opportunity to start another “yard sale” project. Two days ago, I dismantled a “bottle tree.” The bottles and vases were extremely dirty (two years accumulation) and I planned to wash them before offered for sale. “Unexpected opportunity”  because the neighbor was doing laundry when I went to the refrigerator/freezer. (Left-overs and “too spicy” to add to kettle of beans being prepared for this “winter week.”) As the washer discharged, I was able to “wash” bottles and vases in warm soapy water. (Otherwise, only cold water to that sink.) I feel rather smug about completing another project on a chilly day in the comfort of the laundry room!! ~~ Sixty-five degrees outdoors as I publish this at 1:40 PM.


Outdoor afternoon

 In-the-ground plants getting ready to bloom. Happy to see first Azalea. 



Raked more leaves; poisoned many ant hills. Visited with neighbors….


All the ingredients mixed (but not cooked). The broth is still “spicy” but somewhat diluted. Months ago, I bought “medium salsa” but it was “too hot” for this old lady. Hopefully “just right” when beans are cooked?!

Best of intentions…

Seriously, I was going to get some exercise–and accomplish another task. Not evident while looking out the window, but outdoors I determined too windy to burn leaves, limbs, and old income tax records. Earlier I was “sifting” but not ashes!! Sifting through records on Question: Am I the only person who cares about accurate documentation? So much “mis-information”!! (Hey, the “sources” are out there [on Ancestry]; it just requires some research.)

Between nine and two….

Sandwiched between nine and two, before I was too weary to travel, I drove into Livingston for some much-needed groceries. Also a stop at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a ceiling fan. My nasty landlady accused me of “stealing the light” in the laundry room. “No,”  I hired a man to repair the fan and he never completed the task. Hence, a replacement fixture. Landlady’s son-in-law said he would install if I purchased another….




“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not on your own understanding….” My Heavenly Father is so good to me!! A new/used garden hose at my doorstep when I arrived home. Only yesterday, the old garden hose disintegrated where attached to the faucet. Facing a move, and selling all my lawn and garden… I didn’t want to buy a new hose. Miraculously, a replacement!!

A very dear lady-friend, former neighbor (before I was evicted from the CARE Center) is now in a convalescent home. Her family requested I retrieve the “bottle tree”  I set up in her yard (facing the heavily traveled street). She loved it–especially at Christmas!! No imposition.


If I weren’t so very tired…

…I’d drive into Livingston for some “comfort food.”

I’m pushing myself to get lots of things done while we have nice weather. Another cold, rainy, week predicted. Today I raked leaves, swept patio and carport, and hosed patio and carport. Always “shifting” items to the yard sale area. There are two areas with lots of free items