Perfect weather !!

My jacket came off before 10:30. “T-shirt” weather. All morning in the yard. First: A fire in the burn barrel (and I stood guard with the garden hose). I “blew” the leaves off patio, carport, and driveway. ~~ Visitors all afternoon (but no sales). Really, really enjoyable conversations!!!!

Good October Friday

Here’s a “funny ha-ha”: I thought I avoided confusion when I put “Bottle”  in quotation marks and indicated “hundreds of decorative bottles.”  However, a customer arrived (yesterday) looking for the Bottlebrush shrub. The couple was a God-sent blessing!! Extremely valuable information shared with me and I’ll share with the reader at a later date.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

10:30: Lots of “lookers”; I haven’t received enough money to pay for the advertisement.


Good October Friday afternoon

Armloads of free stuff leaving my yard. Second day of the sale and I haven’t earned enough to pay for the ad. I speculate that the local Habitat for Humanity resale store will be the recipient of a truckload of stuff. “A truckload of stuff”  if they come and pick it up. I have no way of delivering “big and heavy” to them. ~~ Today, I have enjoyed interesting conversations with many visitors. ~~ Today, I moved “my hardware store” of miscellaneous to the yard sale area: Nails, screws, zip ties, wire, twine, duct tape, etc., etc. I’m praying for the day when I am “maintenance-free.”




“Ready or not, here I come.”  Remember that statement when we played Hide & Seek?? “Ready or not” I’ll be outdoors to greet customers.

First sale, $7.00, before eight.

Another $5.00, before ten (small stuff). Hey, I want the big, tall, heavy, bulky stuff to find a new home!!

Four-forty-four report

Numerous “lookers”; few buyers. I gave away a lot of items (and I’m OK with that).

I’m exhausted!! I’d sit down “for a minute” but see something else I thought I should do. Weather-wise, very pleasant. However, I wore a jacket the entire day. ~~ I’m “too tired” to fix supper. Too bad we don’t have “door dash” in Livingston (lol).