Three “D’s”

Donate, discard, downsize.

Yesterday, a resident here at Rainbow’s End RV Park helped with my “new tune in June”  theme.

Hours later (5:30 AM), I am still “weepy.” I love my plants and garden paraphernalia. In a manner of speaking, they are my family. However, every day it is more evident that I need to find my “Intentional Community”  and move away from this stressful environment.

“Thanks for the memories” !!


In an earlier message, I commented about the loss of a dear friend-cousin. True to that earlier promise, I documented all their ancestors (in the United States) and most of the ancestor siblings and their children. Years ago (1989, at “Annual Meeting”) when I was introduced to the Old Geman Baptist Brethren community, I was told, “you are related to most of these (4,000) people.”  This precious lady graciously shared her vast library of information with me. With my computer skills, I entered the data into a genealogy software program and later (1996) published Frantz Families–Kith & Kin.  Building my database (the past two weeks) recognized these two but also crocheted numerous other families together.

Deceptive misspelling

An uphill battle!! Exchanging two little vowels makes a world of difference. My “cousin” lady-friend has the maiden name “Landes.”  More times than I can count, I found the surname spelled “Landis,”  In our huge family tree, we have another surname debacle: “Flora” and “Flory.”  I have to search for sources using alternate surnames. Personally, I love the challenge because I consider it “mental gymnastics.” (I hope to keep my brain free of Alzheimer’s and dementia.)

Bad news and good news ?!

Bad news: The RV repair shop called with information about the cost to repair my RV refrigerator. Perhaps $1500.00. I said, “let me sleep on it.”

Good news: The water line that I uncovered looks so beautiful (imho). I may be the only person who admires my hard work but I’m claiming “bragging rights.”



Fixing “brunch” before I work with the boxes of books, etc., in the shade of the patio. I have a new resolve to “donate” and “discard” so I’m two steps closer to a move when I find my “Intentional Community.”  (I’m so eager to find a place where I can love and be loved.)

Domino effect ?!

This frustrated old lady would like to show you a close-up picture of the plumbing mess in landlady’s carport. However, I’m cautious about my trips across the driveway. I usually “go” when someone else arrives because of “safety in numbers.” (Landlady always has some nasty remark!! She’s “nasty” to everyone!)

My “inside my trailer home” refrigerator has not been repaired. RV repairmen have been here three (3) times and still “don’t know” (or “don’t care”?). Yesterday–going to the refrigerator in the laundry room–I discovered the floor was covered with water. I grabbed old sheets and mattress covers to soak up the water (covers used over plants when we have freezing weather). Early this morning (because I couldn’t sleep due to concern about plumbing problems) I explored the laundry room for “shut off” for the water heater. Explanation (as I see the situation): Water is constantly leaking so water is constantly entering the tank. The electric element is constantly “working” to heat the water. I surmise that will affect my electric bill. The electric panel does not have a breaker for the water heater so I “flipped the switch” for the washer. I’ll check frequently to see if the water tank continues to be blistering-hot to the touch.

A Rainbow’s End RV Park “old timer” told me these places were built by the owners (and/or their friends/neighbors) and nothing “to code.” It’s ludicrous (to me) that shut-offs were not installed when plumbing (and water heaters) went in. Goodness knows how old this water heater is and (I speculate) it just couldn’t handle the water pressure when water was turned off, and on, several times. “Domino effect.”

Yesterday, I soaked the ground in the areas where I think I’ll find the main plumbing line. I’ll dig for awhile this (early) morning while reasonably cool. If need be, I’ll hire a professional plumber to put in a water shut-off to this property.