Monopoly ?!

“Go to jail, do not pass ‘go’; do not collect $200.00.”  This afternoon, my landlady ordered me to get my things out of the laundry room. The washing machine was returning, after repairs, and she will be locking the laundry room door. My original lease agreement extended the privilege of using the washer and dryer. However, my landlady is “hell-bent” on getting me off the property. Gratefully, the repairman used his heavy-duty hand-truck to move my refrigerator to the patio. Before the repairman arrived, I removed the rolling shelves and things sitting on top of the refrigerator.

Angel intervention ?!

This old lady ****almost**** fell but she firmly believes an angel caught her and spared her a broken hip or broken leg. Gratefully, IcyHot soothes the pain from a twisted leg and swiveled hip!!! ~~~~ What? How? The old lady missed a step!!