Testing, testing, testing !!

The old lady is choosing to believe a “guardian angel” repaired her furnace. Last Winter, hours (and dollars) spent in an effort to get furnace to work.  I had to rely on the “heat strip” for heat and it was less satisfactory and more expensive (electricity). Recently, almost one-thousand dollars for new, large propane tank, and one-hundred-twenty gallons of propane. Before severely cold weather, I wanted to “test” the furnace–in case I need to contact repairmen. It appears to be working fine, Praise the Lord!! ~~ Furthermore, the RV refrigerator is “working”–but not extremely cold. An angel repair?? Perhaps the extreme heat took a toll on the refrigerator like it took a toll on the old lady??

Back again ?!

Another day devoted to activities other than Ancestry.com. I didn’t “watch”  but I did “listen”  to several TV programs while “doing”….   On the 700 Club,”  Pat Robertson was interviewing Tucker Carlson. Mr. Carlson’s book is titled Ship of Fools and reportedly is an “eye opener.”  They really captured my attention and I watched/listened in disbelief. No, I’m not doubting what Mr. Carlson wrote; I’m astonished by the truth of the message. I intend to purchase, and read!!

Ten Ten Terrifically Tired Texas Tenant

The old lady couldn’t let go of an individual on her Ancestry.com family tree. Night before last, losing sleep mulling information around in her mind. “Up” before five o’clock and fourteen hours spent on that person and his parents and grandparents. I’ve found it’s valuable to document their relatives, too, because (like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle) date here, location there. For Today, the “puzzle” is complete but I’m “Tentative” about some of the pieces. I’m “Tenacious” and will revisit him occasionally for additional “Tidbits.”