Redundant ?!


The thermometers disagree–by one degree–about the indoors temperature. (Insignificant.) The new instrument is listing Eastern time and not Central time. I’ll need to correct that. ~~~~ I titled the message “redundant” because I considered “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.”  I’m heading outdoors for a bike ride followed by projects in the carport and storage building.


Postscript: After productive time spent in the yard, it’s time for lunch.

Excellent neighbors !!


Old age creeps up on us. Here is one old lady!! Yesterday, the old PVC pipe failed and “water, water, everywhere.” I’ve suspected my old, old Canon camera was going to fail any day. I suspected I’d need to buy a new camera (because I love to take pictures for my blog). Moments ago, a neighbor stopped by to give me their Nikon camera. They say they don’t use and won’t use. I am so blessed with excellent neighbors!!

Good neighbors !!

Water, water, everywhere. Questions: Is my hearing so impaired, I did not hear the geyser of water???? I did not “see” the water when I arrived home about 1:30 and made many trips into the trailercarrying groceries. All this water in less than four hours????


Shopping trip

Inflation?? More than $300.00 and no alcoholic beverages, candy, chips, Dr. Pepper, ice-cream, meat, or yum-yum snack foods. I hate Walmart but I shopped there because it is close to the Post Office. Imagine this: There were things on my shopping list that I did not find at Walmart!

The Post Office was the destination for the outing. The BigYDNA test is so valuable (in my humble opinion), I didn’t want to trust putting it in my mailbox (with the flag up). I drove to the P.O., parked, and walked indoors to drop the package in the slot.

Second best ?

Walmart had a very limited selection of IndoorOutdoor thermometers. I had to settle for a less satisfactory model (in my humble opinion). The “old-fashioned” is satisfactory but I like the sophisticated instrument(s).

Major transgression ?

Major documentation transaction!!

Yesterday, I was certain of this “cousin marriage.” However, I had a nagging feeling the individuals required a lot more research and documentation. Today, it required hours of intensive research (and documentation) and it was NOT a cousin marriage. Personally, I do not “cut corners” (and copy from another Ancestry member’s family tree). Those who do… complicate things for those of us who don’t.

More than one-hundred folks added… while correcting the misinformation. Note that my database now has fifty-thousand individuals.


A taste of summer…

…and not watermelon.

My trailer home was miserably HOT and I was forced to turn on the air-conditioner. So I am “sick and tired” and hot!! I’ve made a doctor’s appointment but the only one available is weeks away. (I’m not complaining. To mimic Jack Webb of Dragnet TV programming “Just the facts, Ma’am, just the facts.”)

Cutting corners ?

Not in my family tree!! Other folks with Ancestry family trees copy from someone else and they only have one or two sources. I exhaust every resource for additional information. For that reason, I spend long hours documenting… and it is exhausting!!

I take it so seriously, I ordered the Big-Y-DNA kit for my friend, owner-manager of this RV Park. His ancestors are unknown while my ancestors are easy to locate and well documented. “Big-Y” follows the male lineage so I look forward to documenting (eventually) Tiner ancestry.

Apology !!

“The old lady” is “sick and tired.”  I’m like a hamster running on the wheel and getting nowhere. We had another rainstorm and things got wet again!! Items were “airing out” (drying) on the porch when they should have been in a dryer location. I can’t have “everything” inside my trailer home!! Too many things… at the present time.