Seeking satisfaction

Statis Dermatitis is my self-diagnosed health problem. This has been a months-long pain that I attributed to “too much sitting at the computer.”  Today I did a Google search, asking questions, and found several articles. It would appear “too much sitting…”  was a contributing factor and I may have unwittingly caused a serious health problem.

More than one month ago, I made an appointment with a local doctor. I’ve avoided allopathic doctors like the plague!! I’ve practiced holistic health. Due to the Coronavirus, I haven’t ventured far from home, and have not seen an eye doctor or dentist. Regarding a doctor’s appointment: I still have to wait for another six weeks. Today, I couldn’t wait any longer, I want(ed) an answer. “Dr. Google” to my rescue?!

The coronavirus (man-made in China) has created health problems beyond the virus itself. OMG, the emotional toll it has caused!! The TV news tells the stories.


Postscript at 10:30 AM: I ignored my self-diagnoses and continued at the computer. Mysteriously (out of the blue?), I decided to compare the surnames Frantz and Frontz. Yes, some of the individuals appear in the records as “Frontz” when their lineage is “Frantz.” This will be a BIG job to check each “Frontz” and correct the information!!

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