One of my three sons posted this on his Facebook page. Perhaps I’m “too analytical” but I question “what”  and “why”  he felt the need to post that message. Personally, yours truly is a “prisoner of [her] past.”

Why did the husband, and father, desert the family?

What motivates three sons to reject their mother? (More than fifteen years have lapsed.)

Why do “Christians” stab other Christians in the back?

FREE, free, free !!

People are quick to pick up things from the two areas with “free”  items. I considered a sign that says “Free with purchase.”  Considered… but not executed. It’s OK; I’m glad to have “clutter”  hauled away.

Started this message yesterday; thought I’d add more (but didn’t). It was a “social” time as I visited with visitors. Few sales but “it’s OK.”

Three dollars here, three dollars there !!

I expect my landlady-neighbor is going to curse at me because my “customers” are parking in her driveway. “They” (landlady and her step-son) had plenty of advance notice so their things could be on display too. “Just didn’t get around to it”  (ad in the paper, and set up).

Changing the subject: **If** I had more expertise, I would have done an overlay to place a Smiley Face in the three dollar bill.

Duh !!

Twice, I’ve had customers looking for “bottle bush”  plant.  I tell them I don’t have any bottle bush plants. “But it’s in the ad.”  OMG!! The readers thought “bush” when I meant “bottle” bush.


Friday “fizzle” &/or “flop” ?!

Ten dollars, all day!! Furthermore, the single “buyers” walked away with an armload of “free” items!! Hopefully, this weekend will bring out more customers?? Remember, I did my research and my prices are half the price at Lowe’s and Internet nurseries. C’est la vie!!

Oh, what a beautiful day !!

Was it the musical “Oklahoma” where we heard the song “Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day” ? It seems like months since we enjoyed such perfect weather. No humidity; pleasant temperature. “Green” is bustin’ out all over. Yesterday afternoon, I sat in my rocking lawn chair, in the sunshine, and felt utter peace, and joy. ~~ Let the customers begin.

Early to bed, early to rise…

Very tired so “early to bed”; potential customers so “early to rise.”  Then (as the saying goes) “healthy, wealthy, and wise.”  Working outdoors is definitely “healthy”!! “Wealthy” and “wise” never!!

Correction: If we have our health, we have wealth (imho).

“You’re an artist”

Those kind words from a customer yesterday. I took some “wire” objects from “free stuff” and matched them to some “free” bottles and vases. No, they didn’t go together like “hand in glove”; it required some “tweaking.” ~~ I already miss my garden and it’s still in plain sight.


It’s chilly in the heavily shaded yard. A very pleasant day according to TV meteorologist. Below: pictures of plants in my yard, in late afternoon sunshine.


Ready, set, “go” !!

Everything is priced; the yard is attractive (inviting?) Leaves, and small limbs, burned in fire barrel. Curious situation: I saw a strange item at the base of the barrel. “What’s that?”  I raked it away… and discovered it was (is) my little badge. “Where’s the magnet?”  Soon, I found the magnet. They popped off the sweater while I was raking leaves and depositing them into the fire barrel. So shame, shame, Lorraine still in operation.

Shame, shame, Lorraine !!

Hey, this is my “journal”  and the place I document my activities. I’m wearing my little badge which states Evicted from CARE Center.”  This is the week of the big fund-raiser for CARE so a lot of extra activity at Rainbow’s End RV Park. “Shame, shame, Lorraine”  because I’m “stirring the manure pile.” ~~ **If** a yard sale customer asks about the badge, I’ll explain. If they don’t ask “I don’t tell.”  Furthermore, this is an opportunity to talk about the cell-phone tower we don’t want in our backyard!!