Ready, set, “go” !!

Everything is priced; the yard is attractive (inviting?) Leaves, and small limbs, burned in fire barrel. Curious situation: I saw a strange item at the base of the barrel. “What’s that?”  I raked it away… and discovered it was (is) my little badge. “Where’s the magnet?”  Soon, I found the magnet. They popped off the sweater while I was raking leaves and depositing them into the fire barrel. So shame, shame, Lorraine still in operation.

2 comments on “Ready, set, “go” !!

  1. Jimmie says:

    Maybe that’s a hint from above Lorraine, time to move on and leave the past behind…

    • Jimmie, I am and I have. I’ve been in the CARE Center three times this past month. I went to a Memorial Service of a friend; support for his widow. I went on Monday for the medical services for CARE Health Fair. Sunday evening, I went to the “Soup Fest”–a fund-raiser for the CARE Health Fair. Oh yes, I went down on Thursday for a hair cut by Joe. For years, Joe and his wife set up in the back room and cut hair for CARE residents, & Park residents, too. Joe does a wonderful job with my hair and I hadn’t had a good hair cut for more than a year.

      The weather is spectacularly beautiful. I enjoy sitting in the yard, rocking in the yard chair. Friday and Saturday will be nice. Sunday brings a cold . Eighty degrees on Saturday, sixty degrees on Sunday. Monday, cloudy and chilly–per TV meteorologist (just now).~~~~ Something weird happening with my formatting. Above, it should read “cold front.” I’ve explored “formatting” and haven’t found the answer (yet).

      SKP hugs from Lorraine

      P.S. If so inclined, please take a few minutes to visit my blog at Three Quarters And Counting.

      *P.S. If so inclined, please take a few minutes to visit my blog at *Three Quarters And Counting *.*

      On Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 11:51 AM Three Quarters & Counting wrote:


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