“Little things mean a lot”

I went to bed but couldn’t go to sleep!! The computer was begging for attention. Quite unexpectedly, I found the “George Grisso Story” as a “source” and I’m delighted that “taggartclan” added it to Ancestry.com.


Postscript @ 2:55 AM: “Published” at 12:55 AM and that discovery led to two more hours documenting the Grisso family related to “taggartclan.” ~~ Now I’m heading to bed because I ran out of information. I speculate the owner of “taggartclan” is my sixth cousin one-time removed.

Detective at work

The following narrative was titled “Unraveling tangled relationships”  and was attached to the individuals in my Ancestry family tree. Many individuals were researched before the “tangled relationships” were outlined on scratch paperand later documented for the benefit of future researchers.

This is an interesting observation by an astute Frantz-family researcher. The name “Rachel Bull” was first observed while documenting George Grisso in the 1870 Federal Census. No relationship listed for Rachel (while looking at George Grisso’s record). Later, it was noted that Rachel Huffman Bull was the sister of George Grisso’s first wife Eve Huffman (1815-1866). In the transcribed record for the 1870 Federal Census, Rachel is listed as “domestic servant.” More specifically, Rachel was George Grisso’s sister-in-law. Rachel’s daughter Esther J Bull (1850-  ) is listed as a “domestic servant” in the 1870 Federal Census, in the home of Catherine Huffman Mellinger but Esther J. Bull is the niece of Catherine Huffman.

Hours of research did not reveal additional information for Emma Bull. Here are the “comments” listed with Emma.

The 1870 Federal Census lists her age as “two.” George Bull died in 1851. Perhaps Emma Bull was a granddaughter? ~~ (Lorraine Frantz Edwards researching on 20 Sep 2021) ~~ ADDITIONS & CORRECTIONS WELCOME ~~

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Speculation: Perhaps Esther J. Bull (1850- ) was her mother and not her sister. Speculation: Emma was with her grandmother for the 1870 Federal Census while Esther J. Bull was a “domestic servant” in another home. ~~ (Lorraine Frantz Edwards, 20 Sep 2021) ~~
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Postscript at 5:30 PM: Information was searchedand documentedand images were prepared. Many of my questions remain unanswered. When I can’t locate information In Ancestry, I turn to FamilySearch. Today, FamilySearch was a disappointment.


“September to remember?” Adversely!!

Adversely!! (See my earlier message.) It’s been said, “We had a mild summer.”  If that’s the case, I don’t want to experience an extreme summer!! I’m a Texas resident and I may seeand hearnews that doesn’t reach other states. “Extreme”  conditions along the Texas border!! Have you seen the pictures of thousands of migrants, in this heat, without sanitation, food, and water? One can only imagine the hardships of the long walk just to get to the United States. I can’tand won’tcomplain about my situation. It’s six in the morning and I’m sitting in my air-conditioned living room, after a night in a comfortable bed. I have food and water–and clean clothes. Imagine migrants with only the clothes on their back.

I’ll be honest: When I started this message, I was about to “complain” about my health problems. However, my kind, loving Heavenly Father (God) reminded me of my immeasurable blessings “pressed down, overflowing.”

Sending “happy thoughts” to my readers.

Wish I could do more !!

There was a time when I was “a volunteer” at several organizations (one at a time 🙂 ). I gladly shared my time and talent. Now, the Coronavirus, isolation, and old age keep me at home. I pray my passion for genealogy is a gift “that keeps on giving.” ~~ Remember my project earlier this year? I regularly revisit that “tree” looking for the valuable information that supports the identity of a great-grandfather. ~~ Every week I answer questions from other subscribers to Ancestry.com. I’m an editor, and contributor, to other Ancestry trees, and that documentation (those numbers) are not reflected when I publish my milestones. Having said all that, I feel like “my arms are too short.” I wish I could do more to help victims of fires, hurricanes, flooding…  I was trained by Samaritan’s Purse for disaster relief; I had my bag packed, ready to go… Also: Volunteer with Habitat For Humanity.


Constantly adding…

Overly zealous? I missed the round number. I was documenting another obituary and there were childrenand siblingsand nieces and nephews. OMG: One thousand individuals added in two weeks!! I “gotta git ‘er done”  before someone writes my obituary.



Postscript: Thirteen hours later. Besides one hundred new individuals, “sources” were added to dozens of folks already in my “tree.”

Precious memories !!

“Precious memories, how they linger, How they ever flood my soul…”    (A beautiful song.)

Yesterday, while “downsizing,” I was reminded of a dear friend named George Bowden. Both of us were residents at the Escapees RV Club facility called “CARE” (Continuing Assistance Retired Escapees). Originally we were volunteers and later chose to make it “our forever home.” George was “an intellectual,” a “deep thinker.” (So much to be said; a paragraph of information could be shared.) Suddenly, unexpectedly, George was gone. I have the sheaf of papers we received when we attended his Memorial Service (April 2017). This touched my soul:


What is a photograph
but a footprint of a moment?
Not the moment itself,
but a dim, partial voice left behind,
mute and motionless,
pointing silently toward the past,
only hinting at the richness
of the living narratives of human experience.
Flipping through the pages of the scrapbooks of my life,
I see the old photographs–
those faded footprints–and I remember.
Ghosts of friends and family,
captured in moments of time,
come to life again.
My joy, my desire, my sorrow and dreams, my love,
my stories are once more given bright, fiery substance
by the sheer force of memory.
When I am gone and you open this book
and look upon these pictures from my life
without my memories,
what will these silent sentinels reveal?
They will be gone, yet you will still see me,
captured in a series of moments
across dog-eared pages for you to remember
as you continue to shape your own journey,
as you leave behind your own footprints.