Burr, it’s cold outside !!

Additional hose connectons.

Closeup for additional hose connections.

Two shorter hose from longer one.The weather might prevent me from working outside but it didn’t keep me from working on a garden project.  Believe it or not, the only cost was the brass 4-port manifold and hose repair kit (totaling $21.91). I’ve had the Christmas tree stand for many months; the blue garden hose is (was) a travel trailer essential (but I have another one). Likewise, I’ve had the 2×4’s for years!!  Less than twenty-one hours ago, I didn’t know how I was going to attach the manifold but I had some tentative ideas.  ~~ Container garden.In the bitter cold, in the middle of the night, I checked the area behind the storage room (where I’ve stored miscellaneous for “that future project”) and “yes” I still had a Christmas tree stand.  In my minds-eye I thought about shopping for a short 4×4 at Lowe’s. Likewise, in the bitter cold, in the middle of the night, I checked the storage room and “yes” I had two 2×4’s.  This morning I secured the two 2×4’s, and attached the manifold.  This afternoon I cut the hose and attached new fittings on each bare end.  ~~  Why am I doing this?  In the Spring I want to hang a “mister” in the area of the Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato plants and the container garden.  I have my eye on an attractive garden fountain (for the birds and squirrels, LOL) but haven’t succumbed to the expense yet.  So I need a hose connection (and electric connection) for the garden fountain.  Furthermore, the “mister” will need a connection.  And I need the fifty foot hose so I can fill the galvanized tub (at the edge of the woods) with water for the deer (and other critters).  The fifty footer will also water the Honeysuckle, Sweet Peas, and Cypress Vine.  ~~  I had all the bolts, screws, etc., etc., from my private little hardware store.

I believe the weatherman said “twenty-one degrees” last night.  I’ve been covering the Honeysuckle, Phlox, and Salvia with commercial covers called Guard & Fleece.  I bring in the hanging baskets with Petunias.  We have bright sunshine right now (2:30 PM) but it is still too cold (for me) to work in the yard.  It will be equally as cold tonight and tomorrow.  The weather didn’t stop me from working for the garden.

Wrought-iron stand.I went shopping yesterday.  I was almost out of groceries!!  At Goodwill, I made a remarkable purchase.  For $1.99, I purchased this attractive wrought-iron end table.  The glass top is missing **BUT** I don’t mind!!  Another “planter stand”!!  Remember, I paid $5. or $6. for the rusty old wrought-iron chair?  This stand hasn’t a blemish on it!! Yesterday, at Tuesday Morning (discount retail store) something very similar–with a glass top–was $100.  (Maybe I should keep the stand indoors??)  At this moment I encourage you to envision the stand with the several elevation of planters (picture above; specifically on the right with yet to be determined planter).  ~~  I believe I mentioned in an earlier blog that I could not (would not) allow myself to pay $12. to $20. for a simple wrought-iron planter stand at Garden Ridge, Lowe’s or Home Depot.  With patience, I have acquired satisfactory stands from Goodwill.  For the record: I think I am finished purchasing planters for the back, and front, yards.  (Time to save those surplus dollars to pay the extra taxes that will be imposed from the “financial cliff” we’ll experience in less than two days.)

"Altered wrought-iron stand."

Postscript, 6:00 PM: “How can I modify the wrought-iron stand??”  I was wrapped up in a blanket watching a PBS program–but was considering options.  Without spending a penny, I created another “black” item that is compatible with the container garden theme I envisioned.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them so you can see… in greater detail.

Try, try again !!

Wrought-iron stand.

"Altered wrought-iron stand."

A different top.

Use this planter?

Use this planter?

Remember the old saying: “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”? I kept “trying” until the planter stand looks the way I want!!  “Yes, I already had the chrome rack.”   I have numerous planters but uncertain which one I’ll use.

FYI: Actually prepared Dec. 31st, 11:00 AM.  ~~  Now you have seen the hall just inside the front door.  The best I could do on very cold Winter days.

“I’m dreaming of….”

Anxious for Spring!!I’m not dreaming of a “white” Christmas!!  I’m dreaming of Spring!! The large planters are positioned: Phlox in one, Salvia in another.  I plan to have Nasturtiums in the tallest, and Calibrachoa in next tallest (both are “trailing” plants).  See the white PVC pipe near the white drain pipe??  I’ll have Scarlet Runner Bean climbing on that trellis. (Later I will lace twine from lower PVC pipe to upper.)  The two Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato planters are in position ready for plants. For all my planning, I don’t have plants in mind (yet) for the planter with Winter Pansies (at the base of the Bluebird house).  Over the next few weeks I’ll continue to research for the best plants to attract Hummingbirds.  ~~ Click on the picture to enlarge it for better viewing.

Three Quarters and Counting !!

After days of frustration (in December 2011) with Google’s Blogspot, I was forced to search the Internet for another venue.  I had  a lot to learn because WordPress appeared new and different–and “yours truly” is “three-quarters and counting.” ~~ Two years of earlier blog information can be found at TabTeardropTravels. ~~  Now I have a brand-new laptop computer–with Windows-7–and there’s ample hard drive space for pictures and additional creative projects.  (Maybe I’ll revisit my former passion for family history?!) Some of you will remember that I had Windows-8, briefly, and it was a “crazy maker.”