Three Quarters and Counting !!

After days of frustration (in December 2011) with Google’s Blogspot, I was forced to search the Internet for another venue.  I had  a lot to learn because WordPress appeared new and different–and “yours truly” is “three-quarters and counting.” ~~ Two years of earlier blog information can be found at TabTeardropTravels. ~~  Now I have a brand-new laptop computer–with Windows-7–and there’s ample hard drive space for pictures and additional creative projects.  (Maybe I’ll revisit my former passion for family history?!) Some of you will remember that I had Windows-8, briefly, and it was a “crazy maker.”

2 comments on “Three Quarters and Counting !!

  1. Deb says:

    I don’t know an iota of what you do about searching family history, but from the itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny little bit I’ve tried, it’s like being a detective…a lot of fun. It seems like it would be very good for the mind…I’ve read where doing crossword puzzles and such are good to exercise a retired, older type brain. Seems to me that the kind of research you do would be exponentially better than just the daily crossword. Besides just being satisfying and fun.

  2. Debbie, for over a decade, I was very involved pursuing family history. I found that there was already substantial information regarding SHOWALTER (my mother’s maiden name). There were volumes of information regarding COFFIN (my greatgrandmother’s maiden name). I couldn’t find anything on my maiden name: FRANTZ. My father never talked about his family—and I grew up never knowing grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

    I started my FRANTZ research at the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. Then to the library in that community. I met a lady who provided valuable information about research techniques. She had started to document the cemetery where my grandparents are buried but she was in poor health and didn’t have computer skills. So my first big project was reading every tombstone (over 3000) and entering the details in my computer. I self-published because I couldn’t afford to send the material to a commercial publisher. The book: LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions. Link to info re: the book:

    I was extremely blessed to make valuable contacts and eventually documented over 40,000 “cousins” and collateral lines. The material was self-published as Frantz Families–Kith & Kin . With 3,180 total pages, it would have cost a fortune to use a commercial publisher. Link to FF–KK:

    Many of my experiences were documented and published in numerous genealogical publications. ~~ It was a very enjoyable, very challenging time of my life (1986-1996). I maintained backup computer copies but in 1996 I had a unique experience and lost the computer database. I didn’t have the heart to start over!!! (Now I’m considering starting over–and revise and update Frantz Families–Kith & Kin.)

    I traveled widely–doing research–and spent time in the homes of “cousins.” Genealogy was a passion!! I have a tendency to be obsessive-compulsive about projects!! Now it is my backyard!! I had a small fiberglass Trillium travel trailer so I didn’t have motel expense when doing research in California or Utah (LDS Family History Library). When I flew to Indiana or Ohio, I was the guest of cousins.

    Debbie, I have never had a desire to do crossword puzzles. “Climbing the family tree” is a challenge that gets “in our blood” and we never really abandon the search.

    Reader: I had hoped to provide a link to LaVerne Evergreen Tombstone Inscriptions, and Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. This area (comments) originally didn’t accept a “live” link. With experimenting, I was able to return and edit this message (this comment) and add links. If you are interested… do a search on the Internet. There are many references; some better than others.

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