Range of emotions ?!

Terror had dominion as “the hermit” drove several miles to drop off her “absentee ballot” at Waco’s primary office location. (The traffic is terrible.) The ballot will be counted because a young lady saw my driver’s license and documented the code numbers associated with my name and address. Elation experienced now that the task was accomplished. Then, almost three hours in the enormous H.E.B. supermarket. Satisfaction describes the feeling as I drove home with a trunk full of groceries. Fatigue at 4:15 because very little sleep last night and I’ve been “up” for twelve hours!!

“Resolve” flew out the window !!

Last night, I was in such pain because about twelve hours sitting at the computer. “Pain in the neck,” ha! I planned to devote time (today) to other projects. However, I was greeted with an email Ancestry mystery. Before my first sip of coffee, I was “climbing the family tree.”


Six hours later… and I’ve been traveling far and wide. Today’s research revealed immigrants from Ireland and Scotland. (That’s a big surprise.) I’ve been in Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois. I “stumbled” on another “Frantz” wife and mother (“yes” another cousin). For the record: The folks from Ireland and Scotland married into the families of the Old German Baptist Brethren (primarily German and Swiss ancestors). Furthermore (for the record), I’m three feet from the space heater and I’m enjoying hot soup. I’m wearing sweat pants, a T-shirt, a sweater, thick socks, and warm slippers. I have been cold all morning. The mystery was solved but it inspired a second and third “look” at the family members. Never a stopping point.

Serindipity !!

This dear lady was so kind, thoughtful, generous, and loving as I was introduced into the Old German Baptist Brethren community (1989). She embraced me because of my maiden name (Frantz) and my Frantz ancestry. Today I learned of our “circuitous cousin” connection. (Sometimes it’s so confusing, I can’t figure it out.) Her husband was distinctly my fourth-cousin-one-time-removed.


Another Boyd-Frantz connect-ion!!


Barbara Frantz is my first cousin-four-times-removed.


Fourteen hours later and “resolve” really did “fly out the window.” Seriously, there isn’t a stopping point!!

Detective work !!

Truthfully, I evaluate each record to determine if the location is correct, accurate dates, etc. Today, “Henry Brubaker” captured my full attention. I made the mistake of following the example of other individuals with Member Family Trees. I didn’t “copy” but “hints” suggested his parents and siblings. Frankly, I questioned a span of thirty years between siblings. Was there another mother? At this time, I stand alone in my assessment that Henry and his wife and children were living with his elderly father and mother. Isn’t it obvious? Why haven’t others made the same observation?

Three obituaries are lined up waiting for my time and attention. I need to be four people!


Couldn’t stop!! Information spreads in front of me and “begs” to be included with the other family details.

Wacky woman in Waco weather & waffle

Not complaining about cold and rain in Texas. Fierce fires in California and hurricane damage in Louisiana.



The RV Park ownermanager serves waffles on Friday mornings.  On the 23rd, he coaxed “the hermit” (tree-climber) to attend and served her a waffle swimming with syrup, blueberries, and whipped cream. “Hermit” didn’t protest she hasn’t had whipped cream for years and limits sugary syrup. “Healthy eating” a thing-of-the-past due to limited grocery shopping. (Healthy woman a thing-of-the-past?)



To watch or not to watch…

…that is the question.

I’m so depressed by the TV news. I turn the television on for “companionship.” I bury myself in computer genealogy to escape from Coronavirus “stay at home” life. Many tasks await time and attention but I haven’t the energyor incentiveto tackle them. I’m a mess!! Sometimes (like today) I don’t get out of my pajamas. Why bother? Today is another cold rainy day and I won’t be going outdoors. Nobody will see me so I’ll stay in warm pajamas, a warm robe, and warm slippers. ~~ Not a pleasant blog message but this is my journal and I’m documenting the “funk” I’m in. ~~~ Question: Why is “funk” associated with negativity? I have an ancestry connection to the “Funk” family (Christian Funk, my fifth-great-grandfather). So I went to Google and looked it up.

If you’re in a funk, it means that you’ve been feeling sad. You might be in a serious funk after your best friend moves across the country. One way to use funk is to mean “blues” or “depression.” Everyone’s in a funk sometimes — for some people, the shorter, darker winter days automatically put them in a bit of a funk.

Cross my heart…

…it’s not a lie! Out of the blue, I “stumbled across” another “Frantz wife” and mother. I make reference, frequently, about an unexpected “Frantz” wife. Here is the perfect illustration. Note that the relationship changed from “father-in-law of brother-in-law of fifth-cousin” to my “third-cousin-two-times-removed.” ~~~ I love, love, love “climbing the family tree.”

Feels like winter !!

A cold, rainy day and, ALL  DAY, I’ve been sitting in front of one space heater and two computers. It seemsin one week’s timewe’ve gone from summer miserable heat and humidity to winter cold.


Many hours later (11:00 PM) and no stopping point. “Cousin Charles” is well documented.