“Resolve” flew out the window !!

Last night, I was in such pain because about twelve hours sitting at the computer. “Pain in the neck,” ha! I planned to devote time (today) to other projects. However, I was greeted with an email Ancestry mystery. Before my first sip of coffee, I was “climbing the family tree.”


Six hours later… and I’ve been traveling far and wide. Today’s research revealed immigrants from Ireland and Scotland. (That’s a big surprise.) I’ve been in Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois. I “stumbled” on another “Frantz” wife and mother (“yes” another cousin). For the record: The folks from Ireland and Scotland married into the families of the Old German Baptist Brethren (primarily German and Swiss ancestors). Furthermore (for the record), I’m three feet from the space heater and I’m enjoying hot soup. I’m wearing sweat pants, a T-shirt, a sweater, thick socks, and warm slippers. I have been cold all morning. The mystery was solved but it inspired a second and third “look” at the family members. Never a stopping point.

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