“Frittering” away the minutes !!

Electric candles“Yours truly” had no desire to attend the CARE Halloween party at 2:00 PM. Instead, the old lady sat on the white step stool and systematically removed the electronics from the candle. The candles were destined for “the dump” after the CARE Thrift ‘n Gift yard sale a week ago. I rescued them, and boxed them neatly. Surely they would be appreciated by a local craftsman? Coincidentally, providentially, the man (craftsman) was at the CARE Center early this morning and I told him I had a treasure for him. Come to find out, he donated them because they don’t work. So-o-o-o, in the interest of salvaging them, I took them apart, discarded the electronics, and will add the small plastic pieces to my pebbles for planters.” Such a waste of my precious time?!

Waste of my time

Into the trash

Bye bye Elephant Ear

Bye bye Elephant Ear

Y’all know I’m fond of my plants?! However, it is increasingly difficult (for this old lady) to keep up with all of them. There’s an old saying “Be careful what you wish for.” Today, I posted an email message on the forum for our RV Park and CARE Center soliciting a new home for several plants. Almost immediately, there was a request for the Boston Fern, Elephant Ear and Christmas Cactus.

They went to a good home!!

Hours in the “yarden” !!

Two little figs developing

Evacuation preparedness

Lettuce and kale

Homegrown tomatoes and peppers


No, I’m not schizophrenic!! There are many projects to work on and I shift from watering, harvesting, organizing, etc. Evacuation preparedness returned to back of the KIA (best place to “store”). To my delight, the CARE maintenance man, James, bent four “branches” on the wire rack–and will return, after hours, to bend the other branches. For emphasis, I grabbed the sweater (worn this morning) for background.

Bent branches on wire rack

Bent branches with bottles

Vases and Christmas lightsI’m so eager to create a bottle tree Christmas tree. I have strings of small lights that I’ll weave around the “tree” and insert into some clear glass vases.

Red, white & blue

Red, white and blue bottles (1)

Red, white and blue (2)

Red, white and blue bottle close upEach picture has charm (imho)–and I couldn’t decide which I preferred. Therefore, all three recent pictures are posted. Shortly after I rearranged the bottles, simultaneous with admiration and picture-taking, a friend arrived with two more blue beer bottles. She didn’t know whether I’d want them but “she thought they were pretty.” She didn’t know that I’m lusting after empty blue beer bottles.flag-bible-and-cross

No labels on beer bottles


Bottle tree insanity ????

Broad view of two new bottle trees

Close up of wire arms

Curious how events play out!! Dozens of items came out of the back of the KIA so James could vacuum and detail. Things have not been returned because I’m “being selective” (sorting for discards and donations). Today, the back of the KIA was empty and available to haul two wire racks from the SPCA Thrift Shop “tent sale.” (A major effort to “downsize.”)

The SPCA of Polk County is having a Giant Tent Sale & Adoption Event today from 9- 3 to raise money to help subsidize adoption fees for the organizations long-term residents (both cats & dogs). Adoption fees for long-term residents will be reduced to $25 and include micro-chipping, all shots & a spay / neuter voucher.

Come on down to 802 S Houston Ave for great deals from the SPCA resale shop. While there, adopt one of their long-term residents for only $25.

Bottle tree close upBecause of the advertised “tent sale,” I was there to shop for vases and bottles. Yes, I found several… and spotted a neglected wire rack and asked if it was for sale. “Yes, $5.00.” At that bargain price, how could I refuse?! Moments later (as I continued to shop), the lady returned and asked if I’d like another identical rack–for $5.00.  How could I refuse? I do not need to shop “bottle tree” or “bottle bush” again!! Now I have seventy (70) new branches for bottles and vases. ~~ FYI: I’ll need help from my “handymen” to bend the arms. I believe it is a “two-man” project: One person holding vice-grips at the site for the bend while second person bends to approximate forty-five degree angle.

exclamation-mark-red-and-smallrejoiceWhen I visited the Internet, researching “bottle trees,” I was shocked by the prices!! As I recall, one “tree” was $140.00. Rejoice with me because of my bargain?!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This website shares interesting information. Maybe my fascination with bottles isn’t unique?? 


Blue beer bottles

Blue beer bottlesThis morning, one of the CARE volunteers gave me two blue beer bottles. She is aware of my “bottle mania.” Those are so pretty (imho). Honestly, I didn’t know about blue beer bottles!! I plan to send an email to our RV Park forum requesting their blue discards. I’m eager to prepare a red, white and blue bottles patriotic display.

smiley-face-sadNothing accomplished today; a totally wasted day!!

Sad news (just reached me @ 6:00 PM): A “genealogy cousin” and “shirt tail relative” was killed recently in an auto accident. He was a very valuable member of society in so many areas.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, October 29, 2016: Are you kidding?? Four dollars for an empty bottle plus shipping!! ~~ Checked… and no shortage of blue bottles on the Internet.

KIA Spectra gets a makeover !!

All day, “yours truly” worked on storage building and patio projects–but no pictures. Reorganized some…, discarded a lot; cleaned dirty stuff. In a day or two, I’ll carry numerous items to Thrift ‘n Gift (a donation).

James cleaning the KIA (1)Yesterday, after hours, one of our maintenance men was washing and waxing a neighbor’s car. I said: “Mine could use a thorough cleaning.” James just smiled. I said: “Seriously; at your convenience.” To my delight, James was on the project shortly after five. The KIA looks beautiful!! (James wouldn’t quote a price; I was generous.)

The back of my SUV has served as a pickup truck!! I’d lost track of all the stuff stored behind the front seat. Furthermore, those several emergency evacuation bags. Everything came out and I’ll evaluate what goes back into the KIA.

The name of the game: Downsizing!!

James cleaning the KIA (2)

James cleaning the KIA (3)

James cleaning the KIA (4)

James cleaning the KIA (5)

The Lady Palm

Pathetic PalmHow opportune: Today I received the Plant Care Today message about The Lady Palm. That is one of two plants received yesterday. Now I will be informed about how to nurture it. 

New screen door latchThis morning, a trip into Livingston for the screen door latch. It took about two minutes to remove old (for a sample), and five minutes to get the new one out of the box and installed. Twenty bucks!!

American Ideals (1970)

Are you familiar with the Ideals publications? I have a box full (buried deep in the on-site storage building). Sometime during the last three years, I picked up another issue (from a thrift shop). This one is all “patriotic.” During the shuffle of boxes, yesterday, I found it tucked safely (waiting to join the others). First poem I read: The Common Road by Silas H. Perkins.

I want to travel the common road

With the great crowd surging by,

Where there’s many a laugh and many a load,

And many a smile and sign.


I want to be on the common way

With its endless tramping feet,

In the summer bright and winter gray,

In the noonday sun and heat.


In the cool of evening with shadows nigh,

At dawn, when the sun breaks clear,

I want the great crowd passing by

To ken what they see and hear.


I want to be one of the common herd,

Not live in a sheltered way,

Want to be thrilled, want to be stirred

By the great crowd day by day.


To glimpse the restful valleys deep,

To toil up the rugged hill,

To see the brooks which shyly creep,

To have the torrents thrill.


I want to laugh with the common man

Wherever he may chance to be,

I want to aid him when I can

Whenever there’s need of me.


I want to lend a helping hand

Over the rough and steep

To a child too young to understand,

To comfort those who weep.


I want to live and work and plan

With the great crowd surging by,

To mingle with the common man,

No better or worse than I.


Browse Amazon for a list of publications.

I won’t bore you with an analysis of my train-of-thought. Just accept the fact that this old lady loves poetry as much as she loves her garden and the birds. Stanchly patriotic, too!!