Hurricane preparedness !!

Hurricane preparationRecently, the director of the CARE Center handed out a list of things “they” want the residents to do in preparation for a hurricane. On a day when too beastly hot to be outdoors, I assembled emergency radio, flashlights (and batteries), blanket, pillow, towel, toiletries, clothes, water, etc. If we are evacuated, it could be several days before we return home. Depending upon the weather, a change of clothes may be needed?! Frankly, I’m proactive because I have multiple items so I can share with resident-neighbors who may have failed to pack a bag. 

Keep it simple and smart

Blanket, pillow, towel, etc.

Suitcase all zipped up

Smaller bag addedI’m fond of saying “Keep It Simple Senior” (KISS). Today (prior to my trip to Lowe’s), I visited my storage unit (down the highway) and retrieved my large suitcase and companion “carry on” bag. **If** we have to evacuate, I’d rather travel with “wheels” rather than struggle with four bags!! I’ve shifted the contents from the four bags to two. Frankly, my personal items take less than half the space; paper towels, toilet tissue, Handi-wipes, zip lock bags, etc., are bulky items.

(Originally published on 8/11/16; updated and re-published 8/12/16.)

Keep it simple

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