Cyber Monday expense “almost” but not quite !!

The morning was spent searching the best buy for OCR software. Savings are “out there” but I’m taking time to read reviews. (I failed to read reviews [to my chagrin] about the recent-purchase “Feeding Station.”) Hey, it isn’t a bargain if I spend my limited dollars on a faulty product!!

Family TreeBecause I can’t work in the yard during cold wintry days, I can update my family history?? (Yes, that’s a question.) There is so much more I would like to add to Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. I’d like to scan the information in many boxes of genealogy–and toss all the “hard copies.” (Downsizing!!)

Winter is such a bore !!

Planning forecastBurr it's coldFive o’clock PM, fifty degrees outdoors, dark and gloomy!! I’ve spent hours on the Internet looking at gardening items–planning for Spring. ~~ I can’t seem to get the trailer toasty warm; I’m wearing a sweater.


Christmas CactusMy delight: Christmas Cactus. I moved it from my garden to the CARE dining room and it is beginning to bloom. “We” are rewarded after my several months giving it tender loving care (and one disaster).Christmas Cactus


Big leap !!

Woman leaping over barrierTime will tell?! Microsoft was offering “free” upgrade to Windows 10–so I took the leap. Several years ago I purchased a laptop computer with Windows 8–and hated Windows 8. I took the computer back and bought one with Windows 7. Frankly, I’ve been very happy with Windows 7. 

Last night, I was thinking I should probably move up technically–so succumbed to Microsoft’s “limited offer.” (Technically, I’m in the dark ages: I don’t have a “smart phone”; I don’t have a Kindle; etc., etc.) This morning, I’ve had to search for my Picasa pictures.


Pulling hair out Postscript, 11:40: Pulling my hair out!! I’m a lot more computer “savvy” than many seniors my age. However, Google is really making it hard for me to get to my accounts. Their “security” is so secure, I can’t get in!! Furthermore, I’m supposed to use my security to ask questions of Cortana (Windows 10: “I’m Cortana. Ask me anything.”) and I can’t get to Cortana. Yippes!!!!!

Postscript, Monday, November 30, 2015, 1:30 PM: A concerned individual informed me that, in-the-long-run, I’d be much happier if I return to my tried-and-true Windows 7. Moments ago, I followed the instructions from this web link and, in less than eighteen minutes, I was maneuvering comfortably around Windows 7.

Garden Tower

Garden Tower Season's Greetings


Five o’clock PM on a very, very gloomy day. Unable to spend time in the yard, I checked gardening sites–after receiving the above email greeting from Garden Tower Project. The message rekindled my desire to purchase the item. I wrote about my interest in earlier blog messages: 1) Composting, 2) Here’s more, 3) I would… if I could, 4) Saturday Schedule.

I won’t complain about the meals served at CARE. From several sources, the food has adequate nutrition. However, I’ve followed a holistic lifestyle for over thirty-five years. I crave more naturally grown vegetables. 

Granted, I could buy a lot of organic veggies for the price of the unique Garden Tower. Confession: 1) I don’t want to drive into Livingston a couple of times a week, 2) my RV refrigerator isn’t large enough to store a variety. Observation: What could be better than fresh picked salad greens? Furthermore, faithful followers (of my blog) know how much pleasure I receive from my garden.

Amazon has a good price, too (but consider cost of shipping).

Personally, I’ve ordered from Garden Tower Project, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Pretty poster.

Next Spring, I’ll order worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. ~~ Last year I purchased from… (and “raised”) mealworms for my Bluebirds

Depression interruption !!

Every weekday, at one o’clock, I sit down to watch Dr. Oz on TV. My phone rang (but I almost never receive a phone call). The receptionist, at CARE, was calling to ask if I might like some “cuttings.” I hesitated (because I already have so many plants). I agreed to meet with a lady eager to share….

First, I showed her my garden–and shelter–so she knew she was talking to “a plant person.” Second, she introduced me to “Money Moss.” I had **never** heard of it. There’s an interesting story that accompanies the cuttings. You can’t buy it in any store; it travels from person to person, state to state, via cuttings. The plant doesn’t get very large and (reportedly) needs an occasional trimming. The trimmings are (reportedly) easily propagated by laying them on top of soil and lightly watering. They easily root and an interesting new plant has been added to the garden. They thrive in shade, and need protection from freezing (I’m prepared). I’m advised that the “money moss” does not assure wealth; it just means we won’t be destitute.

I planted the cuttings (and took pictures). I already had soil–and planters–so the project didn’t take long. Intrigued, I began to search the Internet for additional information. Nothing!! I’ll keep searching… but at four o’clock (as I publish this) I only have the story from a brand-new acquaintance.


Just received money moss

Six containers of Money Moss


Seven containers with Money Moss

Time, temperature and Money Moss


How can I be depressed when an interesting garden project drops in my lap?? ~~ Here’s my plan: I’ll cultivate the Money Moss, and trim them, and plant more. We’ll sell them in the Thrift and Gift Shop (along with my little Christmas Cactus and Aloe Vera).

Planting pieces of Christmas Cactus

Many small containers of Christmas Cactus


Christmas Cactus in one convenient place

Money moss and Christmas Cactus

Money Moss close up


Money MossPostscript, Saturday, December 5, 2015: Belated picture of the “parent” plants.