Small Business Saturday !!




It would have been easy to stay home and work on projects.  I didn’t “need” a single thing!!  **BUT** I wanted to support my favorite “small business”: Backyard Wild in Matthews, North Carolina.  I was in the store for one-and-one-half hours; I spent $167.40.  Obviously, all for my backyard wildlife.  ~~  I learned my Bluebirds will practically “eat out of my hand” if I provide live Mealworms.  I’ve been serving dried (re-hydrated) for nine months.  Had I known… my Bluebirds would have enjoyed live!!  ~~   I bought several garden flags; I can’t leave the “Home Tweet Home” flag out all year.  ~~  Then I succumbed to a big business store, Home Depot, where I purchased Daffodil bulbs and Nasturtium seeds.  (My harvested Nasturtium seeds may not germinate so I’m ahead… by having new seeds.)  ~~  Did you shop at a small business??

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