Lorraine’s Omicron symptoms

Gratefully, three times in two days, I enjoyed “sleep” in my bed. Then I would awaken and start coughing. It feels like the cough starts in my stomach and ripples, painfully, all the way to my mouth. With the cough, a gob of phlegm. Paired with the cough, the need to blow my nose. There seems to be an endless amount of mucus.

I am so tired (even after several hours of sleep) so I move to my comfortable glider and wrap up in the Slanket (blanket with sleeves). Sometimes, I cough for two hours. Cough drops don’t seem to help.

I called the ownermanager of this RV Park to ask if he is OK. He isand nobody is sick. “Did you get a test?”  was his question. Under the best of conditions, I hate to drive in the terrible Waco traffic. This sick old lady is in no condition to drive to a testing site. (TV news shows hundreds of cars lined up waiting for the test. Furthermore, the TV news says tests are depleted in many locations.)

My throat is raw and I pamper it was applesauce and soft food. Honestly, I have no appetite. I’ve been drinking “Boost”  for some nutrition. My head, and eyes, ache

I “caught” this at one of two recent activities here in the RV Park. (I haven’t been off the property for several weeks.) We had waffles on Friday and Christmas potluck lunch on Saturday. Today is “day four” of being unproductive (no climbing the family tree). This message may be my only accomplishment (prepared a little at a time).

On a positive note: Dr. Ben Carson was on a FOX NEWS program and said (paraphrased) that Omicron is a blessing in disguise. It may cause antibodies to combat Covid-19 and the Delta variant.

Lost week

Google is a good source of information. I wanted verification that my symptoms are Omicron. “Yup,” and “the old lady”  spends her day wrapped up in the Slanket, sitting in the glider. Can’t spend time in bed because coughing is significantly worse laying down.


It doesn’t seem to take long for symptoms of COVID’s latest variant, Omicron, to start showing up.

While it’s taken around four or five days for coughs, headaches, and fevers to manifest when infected with previous COVID strains, it looks as if the incubation timetable for Omicron is even more abbreviated.

Data is still limited on COVID’s latest variant, which was first detected in Botswana and South Africa in mid-November, but a recent study in Norway indicates a median three-day window between exposure to the Omicron variant and symptoms—meaning that Omicron is able to spread more quickly.

That’s certainly playing out in the test results. A mere two weeks after the first Omicron case was identified at the beginning of this month, positive COVID cases are at their highest levels since late summer. There were 189,714 new reported cases in the U.S. on Sunday, according to the New York Times COVID database. New cases are up 83% over two weeks. And chains such as CVS and Walgreens are selling out of in-home tests as consumers scramble to detect the virus before holiday gatherings.

Cold-like symptoms

Omicron is still new, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is still working with partners to gather data on the variant’s characteristics. Early research conducted in London suggests that a runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, and a sore throat are the most common symptoms.

It’s a good idea to stay on the lookout for the symptoms synonymous with earlier strains, which include the following, per the CDC:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Muscle or body aches
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Congestion
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

People who are fully vaccinated can still be infected, and some studies indicate that vaccines aren’t as successful at preventing Omicron infection as they have been with previous variants. However, vaccines are still highly effective in preventing severe cases of COVID, and boosters help. Those who are unvaccinated, the elderly, or people with preexisting conditions are still the most at risk.

Praying for restoration !

At this writing, no interest in Ancestry, and no interest in TV (not even a Hallmark movie). There’s a “Meet & greet” at the Clubhouse but I’m not going. I’m totally inactive but praying for “restoration” to better health.

Old dog, new tricks !?

I get so irritated (to put it mildly) with misinformation on Ancestry. I believe subscribers attach folks because the name, dates, and location “fit” into their tree. Limited documentationand sometimes conflicting informationbut they “save” to their tree. It’s a good thing I don’t pull my hair every time I find these inconsistencies because I’d be bald by now. ~~ Yes, I researched “Sophia” after I saw her name, and she is still a mystery. ~~ Yup, “new tricks” are learned (in Ancestry) almost every day but that doesn’t always provide “old dog” with the answers she is looking for.

Just a cold ?

I hasten to say “This is my journal.”

I have all the symptoms of a bad cold. (“Bad cold,” no explanation needed.) Do I have the Omicron virus? (Look how paranoid I am. I’ve been so cautious for twenty-two months.)

We have had “yoyo” weather: Extreme temperatures in the span of a week. Infrequently, I have spent time (hot and cold) riding my three-wheel bike and/or puttering in the yard. Did I “catch a cold”?

It’s 4:20 AM, Monday morning, as I prepare this message (couldn’t sleep). I’ll “schedule” the publication for later in the day. Keeping my fingers crossedand praying“It’s just a cold.”


A marvelous gift arrived in my email. A cousinpublisher of Mennonite Family Historywas reading my blog and chose to publish “Caged animal” in the April issue of Mennonite Family History. “Cousin” sent an image of the formatted story as it will appear in the magazine. This has been a “miracle drug” for me; suddenly, my symptoms disappeared!!

Waco has record-breaking day !!

Shoulda spent some time outdoors getting fresh air and sunshine. Today’s high temperature broke all records for Central Texas. Believe it or not, no local news at 5:30 and 6:00 PM. They did a “year in review” and no news about the weather. We have to rely on this image from yesterday.




Another history-making day; a bit of interesting information. Record hot weather.

“Record-breaking”  day, also, because Lorraine didn’t spend any time documenting folks in her family tree.

Caring in sharing !!

“Sharing” is caring and I am so grateful for the thoughtful gifts from a dear friend. Her letter comments on my neglect of meal preparation (“neglect” is my word, not hers). Lots of easy meals with some recipe suggestions. My comfortable chair (the picture background) was not large enough for all the items. I spread my “Slanket”  on the bed so everything could be seen (with another neutral background). Look, see the two magnifiers because she knows I’m losing my vision.  An “Energizer”  band because I lack energy. And Deb must be psychic because four new pens since my decadesold collection of pens are exhausted. (I scribble a lot of helpful notes when I’m researching.) There is a lampand batteriesif we lose power this winter. There are so many “goodies” that I would not buy for myselflike cashews–because “too expensive.” SINCERE  THANKS  DEB!!


Postscript @ 6:00 PM: A little investigation and I figured out the “Energizer”  item isn’t for energy. Now I need to figure out how to take advantage of the gift. Read a book by lamplight? Explore a cave?


Postscript @ 6:45 PM: This cute little light reminds me of my RVing experiences. With my tiny teardrop trailer, I had to keep things smalland useful. I met “Deb” in Exeter, New Hampshire, in 2010. She has been a dear friend all these years–and is so generous with Christmas gifts!!