Impromptu Christmas dinner

Before two, folks were heading home but I told the remaining couple that I had “lead in my butt” and didn’t want to move because I was enjoying the fellowship. However, I was wearing the red dress that is ideal for cold weather but “too warm” for an eighty-plus-degree afternoon. ~~ Home againand a quick change.

Why ?

Why am I so extremely tired after eight hours in my bed and in my glider? After I propped the head of my bed even higher, I actually enjoyed several hours of sleep in my bed. I have a breathing problem–when prone.


Humor me? This is my “journal” and I write about the things that are happening in my life.

Why not ?!

On Friday, “Mr. Red,” owner-manager of this RV Park prepares waffles for the residents. Here he is with one of the twin girls who live here. ~~ Two years old twins and ninety-three-year-old veteran.  Just a part of my Waco family.

“Mr. Gil” wanted to sit in Mrs. Claus’s lap but she rejected the suggestion.


Why not spend an hour attempting to get “a perfect image” of Mrs. Claus?

Caged animal !!

Too little sleep followed by (first thing this morning) email message from Ancestry with a “hint.” It was a “hint” for someone I unsuccessfully searched yesterday. Sowithout coffee or breakfastI was following new information and documenting sources. I was roaring mad yesterday because so many subscribers list their information as “private.” I was equally roaring mad today because the information is “out there” if we have the correct name and date. I’m “roaring mad” because so many Ancestry  subscribers are so careless with information!! ~~ It took all morning but I accurately documented a branch of the family tree. (My Christmas gift to others who may eventually search that family.)

I could not fall asleep in my bed so (about 2:00) I moved to the glider and wrapped up in the Slanket. I closed the blinds so I didn’t have “light” from Christmas lights. ~~ With all the negative news about the Coronavirus, I am a “caged animal” in my home. Gratefully, I have a fascinating hobby that holds my attention. My hobby is so fascinating, I usually have that (proverbial) “tiger by the tail and can’t let go.”  It’s 1:45 PM and I’m at a stopping point so I’ll fix a combination breakfast and lunch.


Once upon a time…

in the land of Oz Ohio, there was a Greeterat Walmartwho wore silly hats and costumes. The customers loved it–and “the Greeter” enjoyed the diversification. The red dress did double-duty: Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Against my beliefs about Easter, Walmart management encouraged me to wear a “Bunny” costume at Easter. (Little bunny at the entrance and large bunny in the Photo Department.) Way back in 2004 and 2005, folks had their pictures developed at the Walmart Photo Department. At Christmas, and Easter, customers were encouraged to take their children to the photo department for a picture with Santa or the Bunny. A “sales pitch” (of course) because the parents would buy pictures of their child with Santa or the Bunny.

The “Greeter” often wore this fine jewelry necklace

during non-holiday ordinary days.  😉



Gifts are wholeheartedly received. An additional “gift” is news that the kidnapped missionaries managed to escape their captors.


**If** I had their names, I might make a “cousin” connection. **If** not blood relatives, they are brothers and sisters in our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christand Jesus is the reason for the season.

Right and wrong

Yesterday, I was documenting the “Wright” family (“Wright brothers“)without any known connection to the “Frantz” family. Continuing research, today, I accidentally stumbled on Margaret Wright married to Joseph Frantz. Obviously, indubitably, I had to pursue the two individuals. Here I am, four hours later, and I can display before and after images. First image: Introduction. Second image: Their ancestry. This avid Frantzfamily historian did not find a connection to previously documented Frantzfamily ancestors. Furthermore, no connection to the Wright family in yesterday’s research. This “tree climber” had the “right” incentive but the individuals belong to the “wrong” trees. Correction: Not necessarily the “wrong” treesjust not Lorraine’s forest of trees.