Caged animal !!

Too little sleep followed by (first thing this morning) email message from Ancestry with a “hint.” It was a “hint” for someone I unsuccessfully searched yesterday. Sowithout coffee or breakfastI was following new information and documenting sources. I was roaring mad yesterday because so many subscribers list their information as “private.” I was equally roaring mad today because the information is “out there” if we have the correct name and date. I’m “roaring mad” because so many Ancestry  subscribers are so careless with information!! ~~ It took all morning but I accurately documented a branch of the family tree. (My Christmas gift to others who may eventually search that family.)

I could not fall asleep in my bed so (about 2:00) I moved to the glider and wrapped up in the Slanket. I closed the blinds so I didn’t have “light” from Christmas lights. ~~ With all the negative news about the Coronavirus, I am a “caged animal” in my home. Gratefully, I have a fascinating hobby that holds my attention. My hobby is so fascinating, I usually have that (proverbial) “tiger by the tail and can’t let go.”  It’s 1:45 PM and I’m at a stopping point so I’ll fix a combination breakfast and lunch.


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